Have been spanked with someone else watching

Friday, March 29, 2013

The Cannery - Part 1 F/F

Back when I was in college I took a year off to work in a remote cannery town. It was a pretty crappy job in a crappy area but I was in a bind. The year before I had gotten a credit card, run it way up and struggled with my student loan payments. Basically I was a typical college kid being irresponsible with money. My parents were in a financial bind themselves due to the economy so I was left to fend for myself. I considered bankruptcy but they cosigned for some loans and would be left with the debt so I decided to take a year off. The cannery job paid really well for a college student and I needed the money so I took it. It was there I learned the joys and pains of spanking.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Wait 'til your father gets home! - M/F

Not my work but one of my favorite stories!

I still blush every time I remember that day. It was a never ending day,
the longest day of my life;  or so it seemed.  After all,  I was twenty
years old, and it was damned embarrassing to have anybody know that Dad
still took a strap to my bare seat.

My parents were southerners from Louisiana, but we lived now in a small
New Jersey town, and like most fathers there, my  Dad believed in strict
discipline. He had told me long ago that he didn't cotton to all that
nonsense about a girl becoming a woman when she was eighteen. He then
added that I could expect to drop my panties for the strap right up
until I was twenty-one; and even beyond that, if I was still living at