I was spanked as a child


Brenda - part 1 (M/F, paddle)
Brenda - part 2 (M/F, paddle)
Brenda - part 3 (M/F, paddle)
Margie's Spanking (F/F, hairbrush)
The Test - part 1
The Test - part 2
Amy Learns to Serve
Phi Kappa Psi - Part 1
Phi Kappa Psi - Part 2
Phi Kappa Psi - Part 3
Phi Kappa Psi - Part 4
Wait 'til your father gets home! (M/F, strap)
The Cannery - Part 1 (F/F, tawse)
The Cannery - Part 2 (F/M, tawse)
Shannon's Spankings - Part 1
Shannon's Spankings - Part 2
Shannon's Spankings - Part 3
Shannon's Spankings - Part 4
Liz Gets Hers - Part 1
Liz Gets Hers - Part 2
Liz Gets Hers - Part 3
Liz Gets Another Spanking (or two) - Part 1
Liz Gets Another Spanking (or two) - Part 2
The Quiet Room - (FF/F hand, strap)
The Quiet Room - Guest fiction followup - (FF/F, strap)
Cheyenne's Barn Thrashing (M/F)
Amelia's Induction (FF/F)
Claire's Fantasy Fulfilled (M/F)
Jodie's Bare Bottom Dissertation - Complete
Alice Learns Who's in Charge
Alice Learns Who's in Charge - part 2
Alice Learns Who's In Charge - part 3
Alice Learns Who's In Charge - part 4
Dairy Queen Girl
A Visit to Aunt Alice's (F/Ff, paddle)
The Awakening - Part 1 (M/F, hairbrush)
The Awakening - Part 2 (M/F, belt)
The Future - (F/M, machine)
The Future - part 2 (F/M, machine)
Rachel's Quick Lesson - M/F


  1. I prefer F/m stories, not any listed, why?

    1. Sorry as a personal preference I don't write about minors

  2. I was whipped by my step dad from age 4 on up. It was always referred to as a whipping. My step dad always made me take my pants all the way off and as weird as it may seem, I didn't wear underwear when I was young because my parents didn't see the need to buy me or my brother any.

    The position varried. At first it was my step dad holding my upper arm with 1 hand and swinging the belt in the other. Then it was mostly bending down grabbing my ankles or laying on my back holding my legs, ass and feet up. Sometimes it was standing at attention.

    I'll never forget the time I accidentally shot off a gun in the house when I was around 8. I had to wait for over an hour in my room. As he finally came in my room it seemed like too much of a relief when he didn't have his belt with him as he unplugged the cord from my portable radio like he was going to take it so I couldn't listen to it for a while which was a common grounding. Then be directed me to take my pants off and I found out then that he was about to use the portable radio cord as a whip.

  3. I do prefer F/F spankings the most mostly Aunt to Niece