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Friday, February 19, 2016

Poll #2

Our next poll shows gender preferences. Our of 700+ respondents chose their favorite top/bottom genders for stories:

44% favored M/F
36% favored F/F
34% favored F/M
5% favored M/M

I expected M/F to be the favorite but am a bit surprised to see F/F tied with F/M with such high numbers. Looks like I need to write some more F/M stories as those are being neglected.

Alice Learn's Who's in Charge - Part 4 M/F

Ronald looked at the figg thoughtfully. It was a handspan long and thicker than his thumb. Could it be twice as thick? It seemed reminiscnent of a peeled potato but seemed more fibrous. And it had a knobby end that still had remnants of it's original skin while the uneven shaft was peeled as completely as an unusually shaped item could be.