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Friday, February 19, 2016

Alice Learn's Who's in Charge - Part 4 M/F

Ronald looked at the figg thoughtfully. It was a handspan long and thicker than his thumb. Could it be twice as thick? It seemed reminiscnent of a peeled potato but seemed more fibrous. And it had a knobby end that still had remnants of it's original skin while the uneven shaft was peeled as completely as an unusually shaped item could be.

"I've heard of figgs being used in show horses, to keep their tails up," Ronald said slowly.

Barbara smiled. "Yes sire. There have been rumors of such uses. This is made of ginger root, in case you were not aware. I've kept this and a few specimens wrapped in cloth in the pantry. After a few weeks, they ferment and the effects are greatly increased. When needed, they are peeled and shaped such, to better fit.. the subject."

Ronald nodded and Barbara continued her explanation. "The application of it is a test of sorts." She turned it over so Ronald could continue his inspection and water drops slowly dropped back into the bowl. "You see, many a maid has skirted rules of infidelity. The thinking was that while fornication of the natural sort was cheating, activites in the other area was not. It is said, women of weak nature often allowed men to debase them this way for their entertainment, and yet claimed they had not strayed!" Barbara's voice raised indignantly.

"Buggering," Ronald said plainly with a small smile. Barbara's face colored at the crude description which she had alluded but did not wish to say out loud.

"Certainly." she continued. "I learned this test during my years at the finishing school. By inserting the figg, those that have engaged in such lascivious behavior soon find the fires of hell revealing their place of sin." Barbara's face held a stern visage as she spoke. "Even those with impure thoughts reveal themselves through their discomfort. I urge, you allow me to test Alice." With this she cast her eyes at Alice, rudely positioned over the settee.

Alice, for her part, was already red-faced and humiliated at her position, having endured a thorough spanking at Ronald's hands. She had been listening to Barbara's explanation with increasing horror, as she realized the nature of the test. Surely Ronald would not subject her to such humiliation! She had never had an impure thought in her head from the day she met him. This whole business with the stable boy had been an exaggerated misunderstanding. But given her ridiculous position there was no way she could properly voice her objections.

After a thoughtful pause Ronald nodded and Barbara wasted no time. Setting the bowl down she strode over to the prone Alice with the wet figg in hand. She bent over Alice and whispered loudly, "Now you listen here. It will go easier for you if you relax and allow me to put this in...Trying to clench will only cause you more serious pain if I have to force it!" Barbara worked her free hand under Alice's crotch that lay across the settee. She grabbed a handful of pubic hair and tightened her grip. Alice yelped.

"Don't even think of squirming away. Don't move, don't resist," Barbara whispered fiercly. She used her knee to force Alice's legs apart and slowly started working the figg into Alice's bottom hole.

Alice for her part was crying unabashedly now. She didn't dare move as even the slightest squirm made her pull away from Barbara's hand and hence painfully tugged at her pubic hairs. She laid as still as she could but couldn't resist instinctively clenching her bottom hole as Barbara worked the figg in. But Barbara was insistent and Alice knew it was better to give in so she forced herself to relax. Eventually the figg was forced in all the way, until the knobby end was between her cheeks. It felt large, mainly because she had never had anything in that manner before.

"Now. Place your knees and feet together. And keep them that way," Barbara ordered as she released Alice from the painful grip. She pushed Alice's feet together and stepped away looking at Ronald who had observed all these activies with an amused smile on his face.

Alice now lay across the settee but with her knees and feet together. The figg was firmly in place and with her legs together, the knob could barely be seen as a button between her cheeks.

"Now we wait," Barbara said simply stepped back.

It didn't take long before Alice started feeling some heat from the figg. She shifted slightly. The burning started increasing. Fidgeting didn't help.

"Keep your hands down!" snapped Barbara as Alice's hands ventured towards her backside. "Put your hands on the cushion," Barbara ordered with a triumphant look on her face.

The burning was getting unbearable. Alice fidgeted and rocked but neither provided any relief. Little by little, Alice couldn't help but spread her legs, if just to relieve the burning for just a bit.  Sweat started beading on her face. "Oh no!" she thought. "I have to lay still!" But she couldn't help it. The burning in her bottom hole kept increasing. Soon her legs were indecently splayed and she was squirming desperately to rid herself of the fire.

"See!" exclaimed Barbara triumphantly. She pointed as Alice seemed to be participating in some obscene dance with her rear end, legs apart, ass squirming. "Whether she has been unfaithful or not, it is clear she has had impure thoughts! You can clearly see how she entices men with her movements!"

"No! No!" Alice protested, face half in the settee. She tried to look back but couldn't quite see Ronald's expression. "No dearest, I would never be unfaithful. I swear it!" Tears glistened in her eyes as she was aware of how her arching back and fidgeting bottom were presenting quite a show. But she couldn't help herself with as the figg's burn continued.

Ronald had been mesmerized by Alice's movements but now he roused himself. He half wanted to order Barbara out of the room so he could take Alice in this position but he resisted.

"Clearly this is a serious indiscretion. I had no idea about Alice." Ronald declared while Barbara looked triumphantly on. He strode to his desk and fetched a strap from the drawer. It was a very dark piece of leather, quite long and the ends split in two. It seemed soft and supple but at the same time heavy and forbidding. Soon he was behind the squirming Alice.

"NO! Love! Please no!" Alice wailed. She struggled to regain her feet but Ronald pushed down on the small of her back.

"Stay down Alice!" Ronald ordered. He glanced at Barbara who quickly strode over to replace his hands. Alice struggled but without avail.

"Please, please, Ronald. I swear. I have only thought of you." Alice begged.

Barbara now stood astraddle Alice with Alice's head between Barbara's legs. Leaning forward a bit, Barbara pushed down on Alice's back, preventing her from rising. As a result, Alice's bottom now arched upwward, vulnerable and waiting for Ronald's chastisement. Barbara had a straight view of Ronald and Alice's bottom. What a beautiful position to be in!

There was a pause as Ronald calmed himself. He was upset but at the same time unwilling to believe Alice cheated on him. It was more likely she had merely been tempted. Regardless, he believed in strict discipline. He raised his arm.

The tawse whistled down and cracked across Alice's bottom. She howled and bucked but Barbara was in perfect position to hold her in place. Barbara could see the red stripes crossing Alice's pale skin.

There was another whistling of the strap and then a loud crack as the second stripe landed. Another howl from Alice. And so it continued. Alice was incoherent, howling as stripe after stripe landed across her cheeks. Ronald determinedly continued, landing stripes evenly across Alice's bottom.

Finally it was over and Alice lay sobbing over the settee, completely exhausted. Her bottom was covered in red weals outlined by fiery red halos. The figg had fallen out at some point and lay on the ground.

Meanwhile Barbara had stepped to the side. She had relished every second of the punishment. Besides the pleasure of holding Alice in position, she had a first hand look as the strap marked Alice's hated, beautiful bottom, turning the perfect alabaster skin into a criss cross of welts. Alice's howls had been music to her ears and even watching Ronald in action was a pleasure. Could anything make this better? Even so it was time to make an exit. She tidied the room and retrieved the figg. Bowing she exited to the kitchens with an uncharacteristic smile on her normally stern face.

Meanwhile Ronald had gathered Alice in his arms and was whispering consolations into her ear.

                            *          *          *

Later that day Ronald summoned Barbara back to his office. She arrived to find Alice standing next to him with her head bowed.

"Barbara, it seems clear to me that Alice's sheltered life has not prepared her properly for her duties. As you know, I leave tomorrow for business. While I'm gone I want you educate her like you are the girls." He glanced at Alice who had a shocked look on her face but remained silent.

"Yes sire. As you wish. You mean in matters of decorum and etiquette?" Barbara replied with a careful nondescript look on her face. Inwardly she was exultant.

"Yes. Consider Alice as a student at a Finishing school. She's to obey you in all matters while I am gone and follow your directions exactly. Use whatever methods you deem necessary. I trust you."

Barbara bowed and exited the room. His words echoed in her head. "Use whatever methods you deem necessary."


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    1. Sorry I haven't updated. I've been sooo busy lately. Will try to carve some time out soon.

  2. This is my favourite among all your wonderful stories! Hope to hear more of Alice and co. in the (near) future :)

    1. There's a lot that can be done with this storyline.

  3. You're killing me with your torture of the poor girl.... and now you set her up for more! From that horrid woman??!!! I really want to see Barbara taken down a peg - or 5!

    1. But I suppose I got lost in your story and am remiss in not appropriately congratulating you on work well done. I tip My hat to you, sir. I can't wait for what you come up with next.

  4. Please continue this story!! And let's have Barbra get that ass lit up please xD

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