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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Quiet Room - Guest fiction followup

An anonymous author has kindly written a followup to the Quiet Room. Guess everyone wants to know if Wendy has what it takes. Read on and enjoy!

As Wendy lifted the strap Mackenzie looked back over her left shoulder and quietly whispered to Wendy " Please don't be too hard " and turned back toward the wall hoping her mother had not heard her plea.

Wendy drew her arm back slightly and flicked her wrist causing the strap to strike Mackenzie's ass at it's reddest point.  Wendy repeated this four times in quick sequence.

Shaking her head Mackenzie's mother stepped over to Wendy saying "this just won't do." "Using your wrist as you were might work for a child or as a warm up but not for a young adult's spanking." " let me show you the correct way to strap a young lady. "