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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Quiet Room - Guest fiction followup

An anonymous author has kindly written a followup to the Quiet Room. Guess everyone wants to know if Wendy has what it takes. Read on and enjoy!

As Wendy lifted the strap Mackenzie looked back over her left shoulder and quietly whispered to Wendy " Please don't be too hard " and turned back toward the wall hoping her mother had not heard her plea.

Wendy drew her arm back slightly and flicked her wrist causing the strap to strike Mackenzie's ass at it's reddest point.  Wendy repeated this four times in quick sequence.

Shaking her head Mackenzie's mother stepped over to Wendy saying "this just won't do." "Using your wrist as you were might work for a child or as a warm up but not for a young adult's spanking." " let me show you the correct way to strap a young lady. "

Wendy handed the strap back to her and Mackenzie felt a shiver of dread knowing her mother was about to take over her strapping.

Mackenzie heard her mother move over to stand beside her left hip and then felt the pressure of the leather strap being held against her throbbing bottom cheeks.

"As you can see I have the strap centered on Mackenzie's bottom so that it makes contact squarely with both cheeks and does not wrap around her right hip upon contact." Mackenzie's mother instructed Wendy.  She then raised the strap up to shoulder level and paused.  "you want to start each stroke from this level and make an arc down toward her bottom."  "For maximum effectiveness picture the impact point on the front side or you may slow down as it gets close to hitting her."

Letting the strap back down by her right side she then placed her left hand on Mackenzie's left hip.

As Mackenzie felt her mother's hand on her she tried to think of some way to not react to the humiliation she was feeling knowing what a show she was giving Wendy.  She decided to try to mentally distract her self from what was going on.

Mackenzie's mother continued, "As you can see by the bright red tone of Mackenzie's bottom I have left a lower portion that needs further attention. " She moved her hand down to the area where Mackenzie's legs met her ass.  "This is referred to as the sit spot and is more sensitive to spanking."  She moved her hand around Mackenzie's under swell and upper thighs.  "Spankings applied here will be felt every time they sit down."  "This is the area I want you to concentrate on by giving her 18 smacks with the strap."

"That should be an appropriate punishment for your bad behavior to Wendy."  "do you feel that is right Mackenzie?" her mother asked.

when she got no response to her question Mackenzie's mother applied 2 hard hand spanks to Mackenzie's ass.  One on each red ass cheek causing Mackenzie to  arch her hips forward from the impact.

" I expect you to answer me immediately when I speak to you Mackenzie." she said.

The sudden pain on her throbbing ass brought Mackenzie back to where she really was. She heard her mother say she expected an answer but did not really remember what it was about.  "I am sorry mother I did not hear what you asked."  " Can you  please ask me again ?"

"I asked if you felt 18 strap strokes on your sit spot would be an appropriate punishment for Wendy to give you." her mother said.

Mackenzie was horrified. It was bad enough that Wendy was going to strap her.  But to agree to 18 strokes on her sit spot was the ultimate humiliation.  Mackenzie thought about it for a few seconds knowing that if she said no then her mother would only increase her punishment.  Hesitantly Mackenzie said  "yes Mother if you think that will be enough than I agree."

"Very well " Mackenzie's mother said.  "Here is how it will be done." " Mackenzie will first apologize for her extremely rude behavior to you Wendy and then will request that you use the strap to give her 18 smacks on her bare sit spot and upper legs. "  "She will keep count for you and any that she misses will not count toward the 18." "After each smack she will thank you for it and request that you give her the next one." "After the 18th she will thank you for the entire 18 and say that she deserved each one."  

"Mackenzie you will speak loud enough that I can hear what you are saying or it will not count . " "Should there be to many mistakes we will start over no matter how many  you have already had."

 " Wendy I expect you to utilize what I showed you and also to take time between each stroke for the previous one to sink in. " "After each 6 I want you to pause and run your hand over Mackenzie's ass to evaluate how it is progressing."

 "Do you both understand what you must do ?"

Wendy nodded that she did and indicated that she was ready.

 Mackenzie said she understood and prepared to do as told.  Mackenzie's mother handed the strap back to Wendy and stepped back to watch saying "alright Mackenzie lets get started."

Mackenzie took 2 deep breaths and then said "Wendy I am truly sorry for the terrible way I treated you the other day.  I deserve to be punished for that."  " Would you please use the leather strap to give me 18 strokes on my bare sit spot and upper legs?"

Wendy said she would and reminded Mackenzie she was to count each one then thank her and request the next one.

"May I please have the first one ?" Mackenzie said. 

Wendy raised the strap to shoulder height and brought it down with as much strength as she could get.  The strap landed squarely across Mackenzie's lower ass cheeks with a loud splat.

 Mackenzie yelped in pain and kicked her feet trying to relieve the pain that radiated from her tender under swell. 

 "  ONE"  she said making sure to speak loudly enough for her mother to hear.

"Thank you Wendy, may I please have the next one."

While waiting for a minute for the first smack to radiate thru Wendy saw the red trace where the strap had landed striking both cheeks. 

 Wendy raised the strap again and repeated the previous stroke with the same result.

Mackenzie yelped again as the pain in her tender ass cheeks felt like they were on fire.

 "TWO"  Slowly gathering herself she thanked Wendy and reluctantly asked to receive the next strapping.

"THREE E E "  Again the strap landed across Mackenzie's lower cheeks causing her to arch forward as the pain coursed thru her.  Slowly she returned to her position and thanked Wendy.  Taking a deep breath she said "Wendy please give me the next spank."

Wendy drew back the strap and swung it so that the entire 3 inches of leather hit the back of Mackenzie's legs just below where they met her bottom.  There was the sound of the leather striking bare flesh followed immediately by a loud shriek from Mackenzie.  Wendy paused waiting for Mackenzie to count and request she continue.

"FA-FA-FOUR " Mackenzie finally said thru trembling gasps.  taking her time to continue she finally said "Thank you for that Wendy." "please give me another one."

Wendy drew the strap back and struck once again on Mackenzie's legs.

Mackenzie screamed from the pain radiating from her upper legs and without thinking started to drop her hands down to try to rub away some of the pain.

Thru the pain she heard her mother say "Don't you dare try to rub or protect your ass."  "Get those hands back up now or we will start the count over and after the 18 I will administer an additional strapping as punishment."

Mackenzie quickly returned her hands to the top of her head.  Thru trembling lips she thanked Wendy and requested to be given the next swat.  Suddenly she realized she had forgotten to count the last one.  She quickly said  "FIVE."

"I warned you about making mistakes Mackenzie ." her mother said.  "that last one did not count toward the 18."  "you will count the next one as number 5. " "I would suggest you pay closer attention or this may take a long time to complete."

Wendy applied the next swat back on Mackenzie's lower cheeks.  As the strap struck, Wendy watched how Mackenzie's cheeks wiggled as she returned the strap.

"FIVE"  Mackenzie called out then thanked Wendy and requested the next swat.

With a loud smack Wendy again struck the upper leg area causing Mackenzie to lurch forward and shake her ass trying to alleviate some of the mounting pain.

"SIX" Mackenzie said "thank you for that one .""May I please have another."

Wendy changed the strap to her left hand and turned so her right hand could reach Mackenzie.  Reaching out she placed her hand on Mackenzie's left hip just below her waist.  She then drew her palm slowly down the left cheek until she reached Mackenzie's leg.  Moving her hand across to the right leg she slowly brought her hand up and across Mackenzie's right cheek.  As she did this she felt the warmth and was amazed by the red coloration already present compared to her own hand.

When Mackenzie felt Wendy's hand rest on her left hip she was absolutely horrified.  It was terrible enough knowing she was naked on display and being spanked by Wendy but now she also had to submit to her examination.  As Wendy's hand traveled down one side and back up the other just the pressure was enough to cause flashes of pain in her bottom.

Wendy stepped back into position and took the strap back in her right hand. Raising her arm she delivered the next spank.  This continued for the next 6 swats with them being spread from sit spot  to legs.  As with the first ones Mackenzie continued to count, thank Wendy and request the next one.  By the time that they had done the twelfth one Mackenzie had broken down and was starting to sob from the pain.  She also had been pleading for it to stop as she did not think she could take any more.

Once again Wendy used her hand to examine Mackenzie's bottom.  As she drew her hand down the left cheek and back up the right one she saw Mackenzie flinching with each touch.  It was very obvious that any contact was causing Mackenzie pain and the flesh was now a uniform bright red.

As Wendy turned to deliver the final 6 spanks she was stopped by Mackenzie's mother.

"You are doing a very good job of spanking my daughter." Mackenzie's mother told Wendy.  "However I think we need to make a slight change to how we are doing it for the final 6."

 "Mackenzie get down off the bench ,step back, bend over and place your forearms flat on the seat with you facing the wall." " Arch your back so that your bare bottom and legs are completely available to receive a hard strapping."  Mackenzie did as told realizing that this now presented her naked and vulnerable for anything that was to come.  "you no longer have to count or thank or request the next one Mackenzie."

Wendy I want you to give her the final 6 starting at the top of her bottom and descending down to her legs. "  " Make the strap strike so that the upper edge lands where the bottom of the previous one landed." " I want to see a uniform red across her entire ass." "Do you understand what I mean Wendy ?"

Wendy replied "Yes mam I believe I do"

"excellent give them quickly and hard with minimum hesitation" Mackenzie's mother said. Turning to Mackenzie she said " I expect you to remain in position thru this entire portion with your back arched to present a clear target for the strap."

When Mackenzie's mother had stepped back to observe Wendy moved into position to deliver the final spanks.  Drawing her arm back she delivered the first one near the top of Mackenzie's bottom.  Almost immediately she delivered the next ones with no delay between them.  By the time she had given Mackenzie all 6 Mackenzie was in tears and attempting to subdue the intense pain she felt. Mackenzie's ass was a brilliant red from top to  bottom.

After she felt Wendy's hand leave her burning bottom Mackenzie remembered what she still had to do.  Drawing in a deep breath she said "Thank you for giving me 18 sound strapping's on my bare bottom and legs.  For the way I treated you I deserved each and every one and hope you feel this was enough punishment.

Stepping back over, Mackenzie's mother told Wendy she appreciated her assistance and she could go.  Mackenzie heard the door open and close as she remained bent over on display for her mother.

Reaching down and getting Mackenzie by the ear her mother escorted her over to the wall where she had been placed earlier.  "Mackenzie you are to stand here facing the wall with your spanked ass on display for the next 10 minutes.  I want you to place your hands crossed behind you at the small of your back while  holding  this strap. If you move or drop the strap I will give you another strapping on your obviously tender bottom.  She then handed the strap to Mackenzie as she  got in the ordered position.

After 10 minutes Mackenzie's mother called her over to where she was sitting on the bench.  For the entire 10 minutes she had been watching Mackenzie stand on display.  "Bring your clothes over here." she said.

Mackenzie retrieved her clothes from where they were and stood in front of her mother still teary eyed and looking down.  "You may get dressed" her mother said.

Mackenzie laid her clothing down on the bench and picked up her panties intending to pull them on.  "give me those" her mother said.  "you will not have those to use as protection from the those tight pants you chose to wear. "  Mackenzie handed her panties to her mother and reached for her pants. She bent over and stepped into each leg of her pants and started to bring them up.. As they reached the upper portion of her legs where Wendy had strapped her she felt intense pain and burning.  As she tried to pull them over her reddened bottom the pain was like being strapped again.  She pulled them back down to mid-thigh and said "I don't know how I am going to get these on my bottom is so tender."

Mackenzie's mother gave her a stern look and told her " You should have considered that when you originally wore them."  "Your choice is to either put them on or go out thru the store with your well spanked bare bottom on display."  "I would imagine the people out there seeing your reddened bottom  would understand why you were not wearing them."

Mackenzie knew that her mother was quite serious about the choices she had. Mackenzie grabbed the waist of her pants and pulled hard to get them over her enflamed ass.  As she pulled them over her lower cheeks they caused the flesh to compress and roll.  Suffering thru intense pain she was finally able to get them all the way up but now had to button and zip them  After doing this there was now a constant throb of pain and burning where the coarse material of her pants irritated her bottom flesh.  Tucking her sox in her pockets and slipping into her shoes let her avoid the pain of having to sit down and pull them on.

When her mother got up and started for the door Mackenzie wiped her eyes with her hand to try to hide she had been crying.  As she walked toward the door the movement of her bottom against her pants caused her flashes of pain.   She regretted having chosen tight jeans to wear because they had rough material in direct contact with her burning bottom.

When they got outside of the room they were at the service desk where Mackenzie saw Wendy standing and watching.  Mackenzie's mother spoke to Wendy. "Thank you for the use of the quiet room and the personal assistance you delivered Wendy."

Looking intently at Mackenzie's face Wendy replied "I am glad I could provide what you requested."  "Should you ever need anything again feel free to let me know ."  Wendy had  a knowing smile on her face.

Mackenzie was sure that her face was probably as red as her bottom upon hearing  Wendy.  Was Wend indicating that she wanted another chance to give her another spanking.

Mackenzie's mother said " I will keep that in mind." as she started to leave.  Wendy watched them leave seeing how Mackenzie squirmed with each step as she followed her mother and pictured in her mind what she had just witnessed in the quiet room. She wondered how long it would be before Mackenzie would be able to sit without experiencing pain and quietly laughed.


  1. Please can someone continue this SUPERB story

    1. Glad you liked it. This story is played out for now but I'm working on some new stuff.

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    1. Thanks. Glad you liked it. Right now I'm not putting any pictures relying on my words to paint the picture. Maybe I should change.

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    1. There's a lot that can be done with this storyline. I just need to find some time.