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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Alice Learn's Who's in Charge (F/F)

I didn't write this but got it from somewhere long ago... enjoy.

"I'm really glad you're going to be our new Mom," said Christie
happily.  "That governess of ours hardly lets us do anything, and she's
really mean.  Do you know she makes us call her 'Miss Barbara'?  And
whenever we break one of her stupid rules, she spanks us just as if we
were little girls.  She even makes me take my panties down and spanks me
on my bare fanny.  She does the same thing to Brenda, and she's seventeen!
 I think we're too old to be spanked."

Alice smiled fondly at the two cute teenagers.  If they only knew
how their father punishes ME, she thought.

"Well, Christie," said Alice, "I'd better not express any opinion
about that.  But I'm sure you and Brenda will behave well enough so that
you won't need to be punished.  I'm really happy I'm going to be your new
Mom, too.  We're all going to have a great time together!"

The stunningly beautiful Alice had married Christie's and Brenda's
father, Ronald, just two weeks earlier.  She and the two girls had become
fast friends during the time she and Ronald had been dating, partly
because Alice was closer to Christie's and Brenda's ages than she was to
Ronald's.  When Alice was alone with the girls, she allowed them much more
freedom than Barbara or Ronald ever did.

Although Brenda and Christie were unaware of it, Alice herself had
often been spanked by their father during their courtship.  Alice had to
admit that there were times when she deserved punishment, and she did love
Ronald so very much!  So Alice had become familiar with the feeling of
lying face down over her lover's lap, her skirt pulled up and her panties
at her knees, feeling the continual slaps of Ronald's stern hand or, even
worse, the back of a hairbrush.  Even while they were on their honeymoon,
Ronald had been forced to spank her one evening after she became a little
tipsy and started making suggestive comments to other men in the hotel

At this point in the conversation Ronald walked in.  "Alice, could
I talk to you in the study, please?" he asked.  His voice was pleasant
enough, but Alice shivered.  Ronald had been using the study as his place
to punish Alice.  The room was set off from the rest of the house, and no
one could hear the sounds of Alice's remorseful weeping or of the stinging
slaps being applied to her bare behind.

Alice looked up at Ronald apprehensively.  His face was
expressionless.  "OK, Ronald, I'll be right there."

A few minutes later Alice was standing before Ronald with her head
bowed as he lectured her.  "You have no right to undermine Barbara's
authority like that!" he told her sternly.  "I hired her as a governess
after Florence's death, and she's done a good job of keeping those girls
in line.  And that's no easy task these days.  Now you've got them
thinking that they can run to you for protection every time they

"I'm sorry, Ronald, I just didn't think about it that way," Alice
said lamely.

"Well, I think we can fix the problem quite easily," said Ronald
with an air of determination.  You can spend the next hour or so writing
out sentences to remind yourself of your unacceptable behavior.  Then I'll
return here and you'll be spanked as you deserve."

Alice sighed.  She had been through this many times in the last 18
months.  Whenever Ronald punished her, the punishment began with Alice
sitting down to write 100 repetitions of a short paragraph explaining why
she was to be spanked.  Alice had to admit that Ronald's technique worked.
 She remembered clearly the exact reason for each spanking she had earned.

She cleared her throat nervously.  "What are my sentences this
time?" she asked.

"OK, repeat after me: I am being spanked today because I was
undermining Miss Barbara's authority over Brenda and Christie."

"I am being spanked today because I was undermining Miss Barbara's
authority over Brenda and Christie," Alice repeated obediently.

"I will not do it again," said Ronald.

"I will not do it again," Alice responded.

"I am ashamed of myself," said Ronald.

Alice reddened and bowed her head.  "I am ashamed of myself," she
admitted in a low voice.

"All right, you know the procedure from here," said Ronald.  "Lift
your skirt and take down your panties."

Alice stared back at him.  She had been through this many times,
but this part always wounded her feelings.  It was so humiliating to have
to pick up her skirt and pull down her pants on his command.  Needless to
say, he had seen her naked many times.  But it was very different when she
was exposing herself as part of her punishment.  With a sigh of
resignation, she grasped the hem of her short, tight, yellow skirt, and
pulled it up to her hips.  Then she slowly pulled her pale pink nylon
panties down to her knees.  She stood facing him, knowing that she was
required to display herself like that until she was instructed to go over
to the desk and begin writing her sentences.

"OK," he said finally.  "You can go over to the desk and write
your sentences.  I'll be back for your spanking at 4:30."

As Ronald left the room, Alice stumbled over to the desk.  Holding
her skirt up out of the way, she sat on the hard wooden chair, placing her
bare bottom directly on the chair as required.  She picked up the pen and
began to write out her sentences, numbering each repetition neatly and
consecutively as Ronald had taught her to do.

Alice had just finished when Ronald returned at 4:30, accompanied
by a stern-looking Barbara.  Alice flushed red.  She was sure that no one
else knew that Ronald spanked her.  Now the hateful Barbara was watching
with satisfaction as Alice sat with her skirt up and her panties down
around her ankles, writing sentences like a naughty child.

"Are you finished with your sentences, Alice?" Ronald demanded.

"Yes, honey, but.....I mean, can't we talk about it some other
time?" Alice's eyes begged, but Ronald was unmoved.

"No, this is exactly the right time, Alice," said Ronald.  "You've
caused a real problem with the girls, and we're going to solve that
problem here and now.  We're going to make it clear to Christie and Brenda
that Barbara is in charge of their discipline, and not you.  So Barbara
will spank you this time, and Christie and Brenda are going to watch.
That way, there will be no questions about who's in charge around here."

"Ronald!  No!  You couldn't possibly - I mean, PLEASE, Ronald!"

"I mean exactly what I said, Alice.  Now let's get you ready for
your punishment, and I'll go call the girls."

"NO!"  Alice stamped her foot like a spoiled child, but
emotionally she had already given in.  She began to sob quietly.  She
already knew what "get you ready for your punishment" meant.  She was to
strip naked except for the panties midway down her thighs, and stand
facing the corner until summoned for her spanking.  Barbara was looking at
her with the most evil, gloating smirk that Alice had ever seen.

"Come here, Alice," said Barbara with exaggerated sweetness.
"I'll get you ready for your spanking."

"Do as you're told, Alice," said Ronald as Alice hesitated.  And
don't forget to thank Miss Barbara when she's finished preparing you."

"Wha - what?" asked Alice in disbelief.  You want me to - "

"You will cooperate with Barbara while she undresses you for your
spanking, Alice.  When she is finished, I want to hear a loud and clear
'Thank you, Miss Barbara' from you, is that clear?"

Alice nearly choked with anger and humiliation.  But she had
already gone down this road the first time she had meekly climbed over
Ronald's lap and presented her bare fanny for a spanking.  Barbara snapped
her fingers impatiently as Alice, hobbled by her panties around her
thighs, came to her with tiny baby steps.

"Now let's get that dress off," said Barbara as she stood to
remove Alice's yellow dress.  Alice had trouble forcing herself to
cooperate, but she knew how much worse her punishment would be if she
tried to fight back.

Now Alice stood before the arrogant governess with nothing but a
lacy pink bra, and the tiny wisp of panty around her thighs.  "Oh, that's
a very sexy bra, Alice," said Barbara mockingly.  "Too bad you'll have to
go without it for awhile."  She grabbed roughly at Alice's bra, unclasped
it, and pulled it unceremoniously from Alice's body.

"What do you say, Alice?" said Barbara haughtily as Alice stood
nude before her.

"Thank you, Miss Barbara," answered Alice miserably.

"Now go to your usual corner and stand there while I get the
girls," Ronald ordered.

Alice walked to the corner, her legs impeded by the panties around
her thighs, and stood facing the wall.  She heard Barbara giggle
delightedly at the spectacle.  Then she heard Ronald open the door and
call, "Brenda!  Christie!  Come to the study, please!"

As soon as they heard their father's voice, Christie and Brenda
stopped what they were doing and went to the study.

They gasped as they walked into the room.  There was Alice, all
but naked, standing in the corner like a penitent child.  Barbara, their
governess, was sitting in a chair in the middle of the room, looking at
them with a triumphant smirk.  "Wh - what's going on?" Christie faltered.

"Alice, turn around and repeat your sentences to the girls,"
Ronald ordered.

Alice slowly turned around from her position in the corner.
Brenda and Christie saw that Alice's face was already tear-streaked.  They
also couldn't help but notice that Alice was a beautiful woman with her
clothes off.  Her breasts were full and firm, and she had a luscious
growth of dark pubic hair which set her pussy off strikingly against her
pure white skin.  Being naked in a room of fully-clothed people seemed to
enhance her attractiveness.

Her head bowed and her face flaming, Alice stumbled through her
lines.  "I am being spanked today because I was undermining Miss Barbara's
authority over Brenda and Christie.  I will not do it again.  I am ashamed
of myself."

"Now you will submit to a spanking from me in front of the entire,
family," said Barbara spitefully.  "Come here."

Somehow Alice had thought things would never get this far.  But
she was actually going to have to do it.  She was going to walk naked over
to this woman, lie over her lap, and be spanked in front of her husband
and these two teenaged girls.  Slowly she walked toward the chair where
Barbara was sitting.  As she got there, Ronald interrupted to say," Before
you lie over Miss Barbara's lap, Alice, I want you to ask her politely to
spank you.  I want you to demonstrate that you accept her authority

"Oh, Ronald - isn't the spanking enough?  I promise to be good,
and - "

"Do as you're told, Alice!  There are to be no questions where the
authority lies in this family."

Alice began to cry again.  She knew she was going to have to do
it.  She looked at the haughty Barbara, bowed her head, and said, " Miss
Barbara, will you please spank me?"

"Why, I'd be glad to spank you, Alice," said Barbara.  Just lay
yourself over my lap like a good girl, and I'll give you a good spanking."

Alice bent over, and miserably lay her nude body over the waiting
lap of the disciplinarian.  Christie and Brenda just stared in horror and
disbelief.  Alice, whom they had hoped was going to save them from all the
strict punishments they had been enduring, was herself going to be
shamefully spanked before their eyes!  They tried to look elsewhere in the
room, but Ronald said, "Keep your eyes on Barbara, girls.  I want you to
se what happens in this family when anyone encourages you to disobey the
rules.  If I catch you looking anywhere else, you'll get some of the same
treatment Alice is going to receive."

Barbara went to work immediately.  She firmly pried Alice's thighs
apart, pushed her hand into Alice's crotch, and moved Alice into a
convenient position to be spanked.  Alice hung there over Barbara's lap,
waiting for her punishment to begin.  Then, without warning, the blows

SPANK1  SMACK1  SPANK1  SMACK1  The sound of Barbara's palm on
Alice's naked fanny echoed through the room.  After only a few spanks,
Alice was writhing in pain and struggling to avoid the blows.

"Alice, keep still!" Barbara barked.  "If you don't lie there and
take your spanking properly, this spanking is going to be a whole lot
longer and a whole lot harder, do you understand?"

Alice stopped her struggling, but said nothing.

"I said, DO YOU UNDERSTAND, Alice?"

"Yes," sobbed Alice.

"Well now that we have that established, let's get on with the
rest of your spanking.  Tell me what's going to happen if you kick and
struggle again."

"I'll get a harder and longer spanking," Alice answered

"That's right, Alice," said Barbara sweetly.  Immediately Barbara
went back to work, smacking Alice's bare, vulnerable bottom again and
again.  Alice felt an indescribable shame as she thought of Brenda and
Christie watching her get spanked.  But she exerted all of her willpower
to remain lying submissively over Barbara's lap as the spanks continued to
land on her exposed fanny.

Finally it was over.  "Are you going to encourage the girls to
ignore my authority any more, Alice?"  she heard Barbara ask sharply.

"No, I won't," answered Alice through her sobs.

"OK Alice," said Ronald.  "You can get up and recite your
sentences for us again."

Alice struggled up off Barbara's lap, then turned and faced Ronald
and the girls.  "I was spanked because I was undermining Miss Barbara's
authority over Brenda and Christie.  I will not do it again.  I am ashamed
of myself."  She looked pleadingly at Ronald, hoping she would be excused
to go to the bedroom for the rest of the day.  She didn't want to have to
face the girls, or Barbara or Ronald, for the rest of the day.

Her hopes were in vain.  "I think you and the girls need a
reminder of what has happened here this afternoon, Alice," said Ronald
decisively.  "So I want you to remain naked, with the panties around your
legs, for the rest of the day.  That way everyone will remember what
happens to someone who encourages others to ignore the rules."

Alice bowed her head in resignation and shame.  It seemed that her
punishment would never end.


  1. Not quite what I expected. Good story though.

    1. Glad you liked it. What did you think was going to happen?

  2. An excellent story! Wish there was more about Barbara and the girls!

    1. There will be more. Who do you think should be next?

  3. As a spanko-Dom, I actually was hoping that, somehow, the tables would be turned and Ronald would be severely caned by Alice and the girls. He, naked, his bare ass getting stroke after stroke from a thick punishment cane. Then, Alice would use a heavy martinet on the obnoxious 'nanny".

    1. Thx for the suggestion Aunt Pat! There's a whole lot of interaction that can be done between Ronald, Barbara, and Alice. I just need to get some time!

  4. Mr. C here. As a male dom, I loved the story. I would like to see spankings/canings between the females. Great job.

    1. Thx. I've got some ideas on how to continue this story. Stay tuned!