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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Quiet Room - FF/F

Mackenzie struggled vainly against her mother's grip. Mother was in no mood and was marching steadfastly towards customer service, dragging the reluctant girl behind her. Even though Mackenzie was 18, she was no match for her angry and determined mother. As they approached the counter Mackenzie spotted the girl working the front, Wendy, and blushed.

"Good afternoon. How can I help you?" asked Wendy with a customer service smile.

"I'd like to use one of your Quiet Rooms," replied Mackenzie's mother plainly.
There was a brief pause as Wendy's face clouded with puzzlement. "Quiet Rooms" were a nickname actually. The official names were something much more dry, like "Customer Attitude Adjustment and Comfort Rooms". No one actually remembered the real names of the rooms because everyone called them Quiet Rooms. Regardless, the Quiet Rooms were invented years back as a solution to parents and kids shopping for back to school clothes. The many arguments and tantrums over clothes inevitably led to threats of punishment and early departures. Shopping malls had reasoned if customers could take care of spankings on the spot, customers would stay and sales wouldn't be lost. Hence Quiet Rooms were invented and were quite a success.

What briefly puzzled Wendy was Quiet Rooms were usually used for younger children and she didn't spot any with the two ladies. But her eyes flitted about and she quickly saw the stern mother, red faced Mackenzie and put two and two together. In a flash, she masked her thoughts and put forth her best customer service face forward.

"Certainly, ma'am," she replied. She clicked on her computer to check the schedule.

Meanwhile, Mackenzie was petrified with humiliation. Wendy and she were peers actually and attended the same junior college. She because of her grades. Wendy because her parents couldn't afford to send her to a four year university. Moreover, it was just a few days ago that Mackenzie was standing in front of this exact counter but in a different manner. She had "borrowed" her mother's credit card and had come for some early clothes shopping. Because the name on the card didn't match hers, she was denied when she tried to make her purchases. Then she came downstairs to customer service to demand they accept the card. Wendy had been working at the time. Wendy was a sweet, unassuming girl and struggled to manage the situation. Sensing Wendy's weak stance, Mackenzie had raised her voice and soon had been ranting and raving about not being treated right, the credit card should be accepted, and then started into personal attacks at Wendy filled with obscenities. Flustered and bound by her job, Wendy could only politely ask that Mackenzie refrain from the comments and that maybe Mackenzie could place the clothes on hold and come back with another card. Mackenzie didn't like that solution and kept on her rant. Ultimately, Wendy had stood firm behind her refusal to accept the credit card and Mackenzie had stormed off after unleashing another round of obscenities and personal attacks at Wendy.

Now back in front of Wendy with her mother's iron grip on her wrist she was mortified at her predicament. To be soon spanked and have Wendy know about it was too much! As Mackenzie's eyes flitted about she could swear the other workers had heard "Quiet Room" and with perked ears were glancing in her direction. She could feel her face getting redder by the minute and her stomach started doing flip flops.

"I'm soo sorry ma'am. We have two rooms and one is being used. The other one, which is actually better for you because it's bigger..." Wendy cleared her throat a little embarrassed. "is not often used so there's some merchandise in it. But I can have it cleared in just a few minutes. I'm so sorry."

Mackenzie's mother nodded. "That's quite alright. We'll wait."

Wendy glanced at Mackenzie again and their eyes briefly met before Mackenzie ducked her head down in embarrassment. Wendy picked up the phone. "Mr. Johnson, please come to the Quiet Rooms. Mr. Johnson, please come to the Quiet Rooms."

Mackenzie's flush spread all the way to her ears. OMG! Everyone must have heard that, she thought.

Wendy walked Mackenzie and her mom over to the side of the room where there were two doors. She unlocked the second door and the three of them waited for Mr. Johnson to arrive.

While waiting Wendy, true to her customer service self, engaged Mackenzie's mom in some small talk.

"There's quite a few good sales," Wendy said to Mackenzie's mom.

"Oh yes," Mackenzie's mom agreed. "I'm just thrilled."

Mackenzie wasn't bothering to listen to Wendy and her mom talk about sales and weather. She was focused on the sounds coming from the other door. Slaps and cries were quiet but clearly emanating from the other door. WTF! She thought as she started to perspire. I thought these rooms were Quiet Rooms!

Mackenzie was actually no stranger to spanking. Her mother was a firm believer. But the reason for Mackenzie's spoiled attitude was actually her father, whom she had wrapped around her finger. She probably only got half the punishments she deserved which fed her attitude of self importance. Granted when she did get a spanking from her mother it was a doozy. Her mother spared no instrument of correction when needed. While her hand was good enough to get Mackenzie bawling there was the occasional brush or belt. When the belt was needed Mackenzie was instructed to strip down to her birthday suit and lay over her bed. She was to lay at the end, with her head and arms over the edge. In this fashion, it was more difficult to reach back to protect her butt from mother's onslaught. The last time had been when she had been caught smoking. Even her father hadn't deigned to countermand her mother for that offense. After the strapping had her bawling and hiccuping, her mother had put Mackenzie over her lap for some more spanking. On a freshly strapped ass those hand spanks were extra painful. Moreover, it had the added affect of the embarrassment of squirming and bucking over her mother's lap like a child, rather than the serious punishment of a strapping.

Mackenzie's thoughts were interrupted as Mr. Johnson arrived. He excused his tardiness and after a brief glance and grin at Mackenzie, started moving boxes out of the room. As the room emptied Wendy and Mackenzie's conversation dried up.

Meanwhile, the other door opened up and out came a stern looking lady with a crying boy in tow. He was sniffling and rubbing the tears from his eyes. The lady stopped briefly before the three ladies.

"All finished?" asked Wendy.

"Why yes, thank you. I am so glad you have these rooms," the lady replied.

"Yes of course. We like to keep our customer's happy. Well the paying ones of course," Wendy replied with a laugh. All the ladies except Mackenzie laughed at that joke.

Before departing, the lady looked at Mackenzie and her mother. Although her boy was much younger than Mackenzie there was a knowing smile on her face as she left.

Mackenzie flushed again. This was so humiliating. It seemed like everyone knew about her upcoming spanking and worse yet, she was forced to stand waiting for the damm room to be cleared. She wished she could run away but her mother had already warned her, any more resistance and she'd spank her right in front of everyone. Mackenzie didn't dare test her.

Finally the room was cleared out. Wendy held the door open for Mackenzie and her mom. Mackenzie's legs felt rubbery and her mother jerked her forward by her wrist. Wendy closed the door with a smile. "I'll leave you two alone now."

The room was quite bare. Besides a short bench on the wall, it had a padded, armless chair in the corner. The mirror on the wall made it look like a dressing room.

Gods! Mackenzie thought. Was this just a converted dressing room? What about the insulation for noise? What about the privacy?? Her thoughts disappeared in a panic as her mother swung her around by her wrist to face her.

"Mackenzie! This has taken long enough. Get those pants down! Now!" her mother told her in a stern voice.

"Mommmm, please," Mackenzie pleaded. She lowered her head and tried to look as endearing as possible. Her eyes started tearing up over the indignity of the upcoming spanking and the awareness of the situation. "I'm sorrrryyy."

"Oh stop it!" her mother replied. "I've had it with your behavior and you've had this coming for awhile! Now stop dawdling or I'll call in someone to help get you undressed!"

A tear dribbled down Mackenzie's face as she contemplated her fate. She slowly unbuckled her belt and started lowering her pants. They were quite tight and she had to wriggle but took her time. No need to hurry for a spanking!

Suddenly the right side of her face burned. Her mother had smacked her. "Don't make me any madder than I am Mackenzie Lorraine Etherington! Get those down now!"

Sorrowfully Mackenzie complied. Soon her shoes and socks were put aside. Her pants were hung on the wall and her panties stuffed in a pocket. She could swear it was quieter outside. Were the workers keeping silent so they could hear the proceedings? The door seemed much too thin and the room much too close to the office for her liking. She stood in front of her mother hands clasped to protect her modesty.

Her mother firmly grasped her ear and sat down, tugging Mackenzie over her lap. This was part of the ritual. She had actually preferred to be ordered across her mother's lap and to comply. But her mother had decided it was more humiliating to be dragged across by the ear like a child. And so even if Mackenzie was a willing participant, she was treated as an unwilling one. Sometimes if her mother was unsatisfied she was made to stand, farther from the chair and then dragged over by the ear and across the lap. Her ear always throbbed afterwards.

Now she was bare bottomed over her mother's lap. She had to wait as her mother adjusted Mackenzie's position to her liking. Blouse was pulled up farther so nothing was in the way. Like a thin layer of silk would provide any protection from the spanking that was to come. Nevertheless, it was soon bunched around her underarms. Now that she was older her hands could reach the ground and her toes also. But the rule was no pushing off either. Failure to comply was a certain strapping. Her mother usually had her forward so that her toes barely touched anyway and more weight was on her arms. That increased her helplessness quite effectively.

Smack! The spanking had begun! She muffled her cries. The first spanks always burned sharply. More spanks came down. Soon her butt was burning all over. She started squirming and breathing hard. She was doing her best not to make any noise, conscious of the outside workers. But it wasn't easy. Her mother was an expert spanker and had quite the strong arm thanks to her tennis club. Smack! Smack! The spanking continued. Soon she couldn't stop from crying out. Ow! Ow! Ow! No mercy. Her mother continued. Pretty soon she was crying unabashedly. She had given up stifling her cries. Legs kicked helplessly. Her mother paused momentarily. Mackenzie was bawling. Her butt was on fire. No more did she worry about anyone outside, or stifling her cries or her pride. Now she was just trying to survive, gasping for breath. Just when it seemed like she recovered her breath her mother started again. Smack! Smack! Owww! Owww!

"Are you going to complain when I buy you clothes?" her mother asked.

"Owww! Owww! Noo! Please! I'll be good," Mackenzie sobbed out uncontrollably. "Owww! Owww!!"

"When I tell you something's too slutty, I don't want to hear another word next time! You're lucky to be getting new clothes at all. Some kids wear their things until they fall apart!" Mackenzie's mother seemed to have unboundless energy as she continued spanking. The smacks resonated off the walls.

"Uhh! Owww! Yes,yes, please, please, mom stop, please," Mackenzie was besides herself. She twisted and squirmed but her mother easily held her over her lap. Legs kicked until mother smacked her thighs.

"None of that! Mackenzie! You know the rules."

Mackenzie continued her sobbing. Each spank was like a branding iron. After a few more minutes there was a knock on the door. Mackenzie's mom paused and Mackenzie slumped over her lap.

"I'm sorry ma'am," Wendy spoke from outside.

Mackenzie's mom pulled her up and pushed Mackenzie into the corner. "Hands on head!" she sternly told Mackenzie.

The sobbing Mackenzie obeyed. The fading embarrassment of earlier flared anew as she heard the door open.

"I'm so sorry ma'am. But this is usually in the room and I thought you might want it." Wendy held something out. It was a strap of dark leather about the length of an arm and it was attached to a handle.

Mackenzie's mom took the strap. "Why thank you Wendy! This is indeed exactly what I need. My hand was getting sore." She laughed a little at that and Wendy smiled. Mackenzie's mom stood aside so that Wendy could see Mackenzie in the corner.

"You're certainly doing a thorough job ma'am," Wendy said appreciatively as she gazed at the red cheeks of Mackenzie's ass. Inwardly she shivered at little at the thought of being on the receiving end of such a spanking.

"Well we're not done yet!" Mackenzie's mom declared. Closing the door after the nodding Wendy she turned towards Mackenzie who was standing in the corner with her hands on her head. With her arms in this position her blouse covered just the top third of her butt.

Mackenzie's mom strode over and grabbed her ear. She then led her stumbling to the bench on the wall where she placed Mackenzie knees on the bench, hands on head. She tucked the blouse into Mackenzie's bra strap so now there was nothing between her shoulders. Mackenzie was sobbing at what was to come. She knew the drill.

"Stand upright!" Mackenzie's mom ordered. "Don't you dare kneel down!"

Mackenzie obeyed. Kneeling on the bench, she "stood" upright with her hand laced on her head, bare from the shoulders down. No chance of any protection from an errant wisp of silk. Her mom stood to the side and firmly grasped the handle of the strap. Raising her arm high she let loose a wicked stroke.

Mackenzie's hips thrust forward from the blow and the crack echoed in the room. She let out a howl at the newly ignited fire on her ass. That strap hurt! She was sobbing and crying before the second spank arrived. And it soon came, as did another. Crack after crack the spanks sizzled down. She was helpless in this position. Kneeling as she did with her hands on her head, she could only kick her feet with each spank. Back was arched with each stroke and at times she pressed forward against the wall. There was no escape, no squirming possible, no jumping that might relieve the pain, if just for a second. A few times when the pain got too great she knelt down and lowered her ass to her feet. But her mother yanked her up by her hair.

"That one doesn't count," she'd say. And then she'd continue.

Midway through the strapping her mother started asking her questions. Like how often did she steal her credit card. Why did she think she could get away with it? What else has she bought? That was when Mackenzie realized why her spanking had more to do than her bratty attitude earlier. Her mother knew about the credit card episode! Someone must have called her mom. But she didn't say anything at home. Possibly because she didn't want Mackenzie to run to her dad with some excuse. Get a reprieve.

Smack! Another stroke across both cheeks. She howled again. "I'm sorry! I'm sorry. I'll never do it again! I swear!" She begged for it to stop. It didn't.

A few more strokes cracked across her ass. The fire burned like never before. The tops of her thighs were reddened too. Finally her mother stopped.

Mackenzie was panting heavily. Sweaty hands maintained their position on top of her head. She sank down and hunched forward a little as best she could on the bench to regain her strength. Behind her, she heard the door open.

"Wendy? Can you come here please?" Mackenzie's mom called out.

Mackenzie could barely think. Wendy? Why Wendy? Must regain composure. Can't let her see me like this. Any feelings of embarrassment at her current state was eclipsed by the fire in her ass. But she was keenly aware of any possible future encounters and the humiliation that might ensue. However, she couldn't think of any way to present a more dignified stance given that she was stripped, bare bottomed, freshly spanked and strapped and still slightly sobbing. At least she could hide her face.

"Yes ma'am?" Wendy's voice could be heard quite close. It was evident she was inside the room.

The door closed. "Wendy, I understand Mackenzie was quite rude to you a few days ago. When she came in with my credit card."

"Oh ma'am. Well it's nothing." Wendy sounded a bit embarrassed.

"Nonsense, dear. Here, take this." She handed the shocked Wendy the strap. "Mackenzie!"

Mackenzie was pricked up by her mom's command. She relaced her hands at the top of her head and straightened her thighs lifting her butt into position. Inwardly she quailed at what was sure to happen.

"Mackenzie, you stay in position!" her mom sternly said.

"Now Wendy," her mom's tone changed to a more pleasant one. "You're going to give Mackenzie the rest of her spanking."

Wendy was momentarily shocked. She looked at the strap in her hand and then at Mackenzie's red ass. Beside her Mackenzie's mom nodded comfortingly. "Go ahead."

After a brief pause, Wendy smiled. She then advanced into position and lifted the strap.

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  1. nice story line is there a continuation with mom coaching Wendy on the proper way to spank ?

    1. I thought it better to leave something to the imagination. ;-)

  2. One word: superb!

    1. Glad you liked it! Thx for the comment.

  3. put together a continuation. would like to send you a copy for feedback. is there a way to send you a text file directly?

    1. Email is on the contact page... thehand231@gmail.com

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    1. What a brilliant idea. When I was at uni there were two girls (Claire and Sally) who were lovers and it was a well known fact that Claire often spanked Sally. Claire was really dominant and Sally could often be seen wandering around campus rubbing her bottom!

  6. Loved it The rest of the story please lol no thanks to leaving it to the imagination that's what the stories are for It's all in our heads interpreted by our imagination

    Great story love the humiliation but kind of less thrilled by end lol but I'm just wanting more

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  9. Revenge, a dish best served cold, except in this case "HOT"

    1. Seems like there needs to be more. Right?

  10. Nice, deserved spanking, but I wouldn't want to be in Mackenzie's shoes! Of course, hopefully I would never do anything as stupid as stealing my mother's credit card and losing my temper in the store!!

  11. To steal the Mum's credit card was a very foolish thing to do. The spanking Mackenzie received was well deserved. A little surprising she was spanked so soundly in a store. But I hope she learned her lesson, don't take the credit card and don't be rude. It could come back to haunt you!

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