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Monday, September 7, 2015

Claire's Fantasy Fulfilled - (M/F)

This story was written by a guest author Paddlr.

Claire sat nervously in her car and looked at the entrance to the local restaurant.  Thinking back it had been exciting to do the email exchange about her desire to be dominated and punished.  But to actually meet was something entirely different.  After several exchanges of emails she had agreed to meet him at a local restaurant.  He had suggested it to help her feel safer for their first meeting.  With a deep breath she got out of the car and walked to the door and entered.  Looking around she saw him sitting in a booth in a secluded section.

As she walked over he rose and said “Hello Claire. It’s nice to see you came.”  Indicating one side of the booth he told her to have a seat and then sat across from her.  “Is there anything that you would like?”  She hesitated and said “Maybe some coffee."

He motioned for the waitress and when she arrived asked for coffee for them both.  After getting their coffee he said “Since this is our first in person meeting let’s just start by talking for a bit.”  He kept the conversation general until he saw that she was finally beginning to calm down.  Finally the conversation died down and he asked “are you still wanting to experience what we have written about?”