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Monday, February 25, 2013

Phi Kappa Psi - Part 3 F/F

Monique was getting nervous. The Board members had been
discussing her punishment in whispered tones for a long time.
The two other girls had already been sentenced and were gone.
In fact Shelly had been sent for immediate punishment in the
other room. Monique wondered what happened to her. The first
girl, Giselle had been sentenced to get paddled. Monique's
stomach had gone topsy-turvy after hearing that sentence.
Everyone, including, herself had gotten spanked now and then,
but the last time she was paddled was during Initiation. She
wished she had never smoked that joint. It was sort of unfair
in a way, she thought. After all, other people in the sorority
had been smoking. It just that when the campus police came in,
she was the one with the joint in hand. The sorority usually
turned a blind eye to the members' party activities but since
she got arrested it was a different story. It was like a black
mark against the sorority, especially since the school paper
would carry the story on Monday. Her roommate bailed her out
but someone already knew because when she came back to her
room there was an official summons to appear before the "D"
board on Sunday. So here she was, waiting for the Board

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Phi Kappa Psi - Part 2 F/F

Monique, Shelly, and Giselle sat apprehensively before
the sorority Disciplinary Panel. They each had broken different
rules but knew they were all in big trouble.
  Usually, when a rule was broken, the guilty person was
assessed a number of demerits. She was then responsible for
reporting the new demerits to her Big Sister. Her Big Sister,
if necessary, would carry out the punishment. At each level of
demerits, different punishments were handed out. These ranged
from spankings to paddlings. At the end of each month, the
demerits were wiped clean. For example, a person who accumulates
10 demerits would be spanked by her Big Sister. If she received
10 more before the month was up, (for a total of 20) she would
get spanked with a brush. And so on. This system was
responsible for keeping all the girls in line and it worked.
However, for more serious offenses, the culprit had to go before
the Disciplinary Board.
After what seemed like an eternity the Board finished
their deliberations.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Phi Kappa Psi - Part 1

Hello everyone. Here's a story I wrote a long time ago. Hope you enjoy.

p.s. For all you lurkers out there, please select a "reaction" at the bottom of my posts. They are anonymous and will help me tailor the stories to your interests as well as giving me a warm fuzzy feeling that someone out there appreciates my work. ;-)

Now on to the story..............

Life in a sorority was good. And if you happened to be
a member of Phi Kappa Psi, it was even better. Phi Kappa Psi
was one of the most exclusive sororities on campus. It boasted
almost a hundred members, each of them beautiful and
intelligent. The sorority's social events were always the most
popular on campus. As a well known contributor of money and
volunteers to various charities, Phi Psi garnered praise from
school administrators. Held in high regard, Phi Psi had no
problem getting its members favorable treatment.
  As a member of Phi Psi, one could expect numerous
perks. Extensions for papers or rescheduled tests were easily
procured using the sorority's influence. Tickets to special
events, lunches with important people or access to restricted
information were also common. Simply being a member was to be
in the limelight of the college.
  Many members lived in the Phi Psi house on sorority
row. The house itself was very stylish. In fact it was
almost luxurious. Rooms were large and clean. There was a
beautiful garden out back and a pool. There were two large
screen televisions with cable in the entertainment room and
study lounges upstairs. The house was kept up very well by the
Yes, life was good in Phi Psi. That is, until
one breaks the rules...

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