Have been spanked with someone else watching

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Alice Learn's Who's in Charge - Part 2

This is my own followup to the previous story.  Comments welcome.

Alice closed her diary with a smile. She had just finished writing another fantasy where she managed to get "dour Barbara" fired as governess and run out of town. Alice closed her eyes savoring the feeling but reality crept in as always and tainted her thoughts. The reality was Barbara was still firmly ensconced in the household affairs. Ronald, while deeply in love with Alice, never entertained the thought of firing Barbara and in fact, Alice was careful never to run afoul of Barbara herself.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Claire's Fantasy Fulfilled - (M/F)

This story was written by a guest author Paddlr.

Claire sat nervously in her car and looked at the entrance to the local restaurant.  Thinking back it had been exciting to do the email exchange about her desire to be dominated and punished.  But to actually meet was something entirely different.  After several exchanges of emails she had agreed to meet him at a local restaurant.  He had suggested it to help her feel safer for their first meeting.  With a deep breath she got out of the car and walked to the door and entered.  Looking around she saw him sitting in a booth in a secluded section.

As she walked over he rose and said “Hello Claire. It’s nice to see you came.”  Indicating one side of the booth he told her to have a seat and then sat across from her.  “Is there anything that you would like?”  She hesitated and said “Maybe some coffee."

He motioned for the waitress and when she arrived asked for coffee for them both.  After getting their coffee he said “Since this is our first in person meeting let’s just start by talking for a bit.”  He kept the conversation general until he saw that she was finally beginning to calm down.  Finally the conversation died down and he asked “are you still wanting to experience what we have written about?”

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Amelia’s Induction (F/F)

A guest author has submitted this excerpt from her latest submission to Amazon. Read and enjoy!


“Miss Baxter, you are frankly a disgrace.”

The judge’s words rang in Amelia’s ears. She could feel her face flushing and the dewy hint of tears forming in the corner of her eyes. But the adversary was undeterred. Women in authority always scared Amelia that little bit more. To overcome such a passively institutionalised patriarchy and rise to that rank implied a strength of will that quelled any thoughts of misbehaviour in her.

She shut her eyes tight as she prepared to hear her sentence. Images of getting caught shoplifting flooded back; that horrific moment of being led away, gently but firmly, by the police officers. The look on everyone's face. Even now, she could feel the eyes in the room boring into her. It was the worst thing she could think of, to be a spectacle, to be seen in an embarrassing predicament.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Cheyenne's Barn Thrashing - M/F

Cheyenne walked as fast as she could but couldn't help stumbling. It just wasn't easy since Edward had a firm grasp on her ear as he marched toward the barn. She would have willingly followed him, meek as a lamb to slaughter if only he allowed it. But being dragged by the ear was part of the punishment. A humiliating display to anyone watching that she was being led to the barn for a spanking. In fact, some of the ranch hands were nearby and snickered. They had seen this before. Her face flushed hot even though she couldn't see them. No matter how often she was led to the barn it was as embarrassing as the first time.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Spanking 101

For those of you interested in learning about how to spank, I recommend reading this blog called Spanking 101

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Alice Learn's Who's in Charge (F/F)

I didn't write this but got it from somewhere long ago... enjoy.

"I'm really glad you're going to be our new Mom," said Christie
happily.  "That governess of ours hardly lets us do anything, and she's
really mean.  Do you know she makes us call her 'Miss Barbara'?  And
whenever we break one of her stupid rules, she spanks us just as if we
were little girls.  She even makes me take my panties down and spanks me
on my bare fanny.  She does the same thing to Brenda, and she's seventeen!
 I think we're too old to be spanked."