Have been spanked with someone else watching

Friday, July 24, 2015

Cheyenne's Barn Thrashing - M/F

Cheyenne walked as fast as she could but couldn't help stumbling. It just wasn't easy since Edward had a firm grasp on her ear as he marched toward the barn. She would have willingly followed him, meek as a lamb to slaughter if only he allowed it. But being dragged by the ear was part of the punishment. A humiliating display to anyone watching that she was being led to the barn for a spanking. In fact, some of the ranch hands were nearby and snickered. They had seen this before. Her face flushed hot even though she couldn't see them. No matter how often she was led to the barn it was as embarrassing as the first time.

Finally she was released in the shade of the barn. Cheyenne rubbed her throbbing ear as Edward closed the door. Tears had already formed in her eyes as she looked around at the familiar surroundings. 

"Cheyenne, look at me," Edward said in a stern voice. He lifted her face with a touch under her chin so that she had to look at him. "Tell me why we're here."

Cheyenne trembled under that gaze and swallowed. She tried to look away but his hand stopped her. "Um mm. I'm sorry!" She managed to squeak out. Her voice trailed off.

Edward looked at her sternly. "Cheyenne..." 

Cheyenne finally found her voice. "I, I, tried to get rid of you. I'm sorry!" She covered her face in shame. How could she have done that? But she was so afraid sometimes she pushed people away.

Edward sighed. "Ok, you know the drill. Get ready."

Cheyenne swallowed and turned to the center of the barn.  She knew what was there but was afraid to actually see it. As expected there were a few bales of hay stacked with a cloth thrown over. Next to that was a sheaf of switches laying on a newspaper on the ground. She almost fainted. Somehow it seemed worse actually seeing the switches even though she knew they going to be there.

Glancing back she briefly thought of flight but Edward was standing squarely in front of the door. Considering she'd eventually be found on the ranch it really wasn't a solution but she wanted more than anything to just get away!

There was nothing to do but slowly loosen her sun dress and pull it off. Next came her bra and panties and soon everything was hung on the railing. Once au naturel Edward led her by her arm over to the hay bales. She was grateful not having to face him in her current state and almost clambered gratefully over the bales just to hide  her face. Embarrassment turned to that sickening feeling in her stomach as she felt her bare ass in its vulnerable position. She was in an all fours position over the top hay bale which was atop the other two bales. She heard Edward pick up the switches from the ground. Gritting her teeth she waited.

Soon there was a whistling sound and then a sharp line of fire sprang across her ass. Startled she yelped and jerked. But she held position as the fiery pain spread. Then another whistle and stripe. And another. Soon she was crying out unabashedly, bucking and squirming.

Thankfully the switch wore out and there was a pause as Edward fetched another. Cheyenne sobbed into the cloth covering the hay bale. She was relieved it stopped, even if it was for just a moment. Her ass cheeks felt like they were on fire and there were stripes all over. More than anything she regretted making those statements to Edward earlier.

But all too soon Edward was lining up again. Her alabaster skin was now criss-crossed with thin red stripes. They covered her ass all over, from the end of her tailbone down to her thighs. A few errant stripes marked her thighs and some extended to her hips. As much as he'd like to stop he felt she needed to learn a lesson. He raised the switch again.

Copyright 2015 


  1. I just stumbled across your blog and love this story. Are you going to continue it?

    1. Definitely. Its in progress now. Glad you liked it

  2. I really enjoy all of your writing. Love the discipline, thanks