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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Amy Learns to Serve - F/F

I didn't write this story. It came from a BBS a loooooonng time ago. How many of you even know what a BBS is? ;-)

Let me tell you a little bit about me.  When my great adventure began,
I was young (age 23) and not very experienced.  Oh, I had sex any
number of times, in a number of different ways, but I never felt the
wild excitement in actually doing those things that I imagined in
advance. I had a million different, very kinky fantasies, things
that I really wanted to do but was afraid to try, even if I had the
opportunity to try, which I really didn't have.  Mostly, my fantasies
involved me as a sort of slave girl, captured by some strong
individual.  Some days I imagined my master to be male and sometimes
a female, with special events for each one. What I thought I really
wanted was a strong master or mistress, one who also had wild sexual
fantasies, and who would take charge of me and would then act out
those fantasies, obviously with me playing out the part of slavegirl,
used by a master (or maybe better yet, mistress) in strange and
delicious ways, hopefully with an audience watching, and most delicious
of all, whether I liked it or not. I wanted strange and sexy things
to happen and not have any say as to the agenda, to be used, perhaps
even to be a little bit abused.

Monday, January 21, 2013

The Test - part 2 M/FF

"Well who wants to go first?" he asked. Both of them
were understandably silent. It was very quiet as he let them
stand there for a moment. Neither of them could look him in the
eye. They were like students in a classroom, trying not to
attract attention and be called on. Unfortunately there were
only two "students" in this classroom.
"Ok, then," Dave said easily, "Mary you'll go first.
Why don't you go to the kitchen and bring back a chair."
With downcast eyes Mary left the room. Her heels
clicked on the hardwood floors as she dragged back the plain
white pine chair. Although armless, it was a sturdy chair that
would serve Dave's purpose well. Mary placed the chair in front
of the desk near the center of the room. She looked at Dave for
her next instruction. All she wanted was for this to be over
but Dave seemed intent on taking his time.

Monday, January 14, 2013

The Test - Part 1 M/FF

"So do you know what to do?" Mary asked Heidi.

"Yeah. I guess so. Are you still sure you want me to do
this?  I mean, what if he does go for me? Not that I'm saying
he will, but just in case?" Heidi asked. She sipped her coffee
with a little smile dancing on her pretty face.

Mary frowned momentarily and then relaxed. "Well he
won't," she said airily. "And if he does, then my test worked
and I'll dump him!" She pushed her food around her plate. After
a moment of silence she smiled mischeviously again and the two
started to giggle. They resumed their talk.

Mary and Heidi were sitting in a coffee shop downtown.
What they were discussing was a plan to test Mary's fiancee,
Dave. It was all Mary's idea. She was very much in love with
Dave, but she was a little insecure. You see, Dave was a real
find. He was a young executive at an advertising firm.  His
good lucks and natural charm swept her off her feet when they
met. Unfortunately, he was a little too charming. It seemed
that there was always some other woman talking to him or
looking at him wherever they went. Now nothing ever happened
that wasn't innocent but Mary's insecurity gnawed at her.
Although she was very pretty, possibly even beautiful, she knew
that many men liked variety and that was one thing she couldn't
compete with. Her own earlier experiences at seducing other
women's men now sat on her shoulder's like an immense weight.
So even though there was no indication that Dave would ever
cheat on her, she concocted a plan to test his fidelity.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Margie's Spanking - F/f

I didn't write this story. I got it from some forum years ago and it has the ring of authenticity.

Margie and I both lived in the same apartment house in Boston.
I with my Mother and she with her Father and Aunt Jean.
We were both sixteen at the time of the following event.
In the 50's spanking was still a frequently used form of punishment.
Even the schools used canes on students hands and backsides.

Margie and I had been out on a date. We had attended a CYO dance.
After the dance we went to a local hangout. A White Tower Hamburger
joint. Like most young people we lost all sense of the time. When Margie
realized the time it was past midnight. I was supposed to have her back home
by eleven. We immediately left the hangout and started walking the few blocks
back to the apartment house.

When we arrived and were walking down the corridor towards the apartment that
Margie lived in, the door opened and her aunt was standing there. We had
expected her aunt to be upset, however she was calm and invited me in "for a
few moments".

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Brenda - Part 3 M/F

Professor Theron turned to face Brenda. She was still in the corner, hands on her head, panties about her knees like he placed her. He half smiled. She looked so cute like that. Then his face went hard again. Cheating, lying, those were two things that really got his blood boiling. He spent twice as much time as other professors in office hours because he really cared for his students. There was every opportunity to ask for help. Many a time before he had arranged for extra tutoring or even had tutoring sessions himself to help a student particularly stumped with his material. So in his mind, there was no excuse for cheating.

And lying was a sin that he placed high on his list of sins. He always felt that integrity was not emphasized enough to todays younger. Well it looked like he would be doing a bit of his special "tutoring" today.

"Brenda, turn around," he said in a stern voice. She seemed smaller as she turned to face him. Maybe it was because she she was wearing socks and panties and the slimmest of blouses. That blouse had looked so cute in the morning but suddenly felt precariously about to float away. Brenda felt very weak. The ordeal of standing in the corner in plain sight of the other students had taken it's toll. There was no attempt at subterfuge, no scheming. She just wanted this to be over. But she also dreaded what was to come.

Brenda - Part 2 M/F

Inside the office, Professor Theron was busy answering questions. It alwasy got busy right before midterms. He even helped some students with their projects for other classes. That's just the type of person he was. He glanced at the clock and noticed the hour.

"I'm sorry everyone, but todays office hours is over. I'd be happy to answer more questions but I have some business to attend to. If you like, you can wait outside while I take care of this. It'll  probably take about half an hour."

The students glanced at each other with perplexed looks. Shrugging, they walked outside still discussing amongst themselves the different homeworks. Outside, Brenda shrank down in embarrassment. One of the male students had glanced down at her with a questioning look. Was *she* the business to attend to? Brenda hoped they'd go away. Maybe to the cafe for a coffee. Surely, they wouldn't wait outside!

She didn't have a chance to watch them further as she heard Dr. Theron come outside. His stern gaze motioned her inside. With her head down in embarrassment she quickly scurried in, her arms holding her books tightly across her chest. She barely noticed the other students watching the whole event with wide eyed wonder.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Brenda - part 1 M/F

Brenda glumly sat on the bench in the hall while chattering students rushed about. She closed her eyes in an effort to calm her stomach. She didn't know what was in store for her but she knew it was bad. She closed her eyes in an attempt to calm her stomach and reflected on the the events which she regretted oh so much.


Last month her statistics professor, Dr. Theron, had assigned the class a midterm project. It wasn't all that difficult, even though Brenda hated math. But it was tedious, which she hated even more. Of course, it was exactly the type of project that Dr. Theron liked to assign.

Dr. Theron was a relatively new member of the faculty. He was younger than the average professor. At least, younger looking. Brenda didn't quite know how old he was. All she knew was that she was hopelessly infatuated with him. She wasn't usually attracted to faculty, but something about him was different. He was handsome of course, but there was something about him that really drew her. Maybe it was because most of the guys she dated were brainless frat boys, always loud and boisterous. Each one trying to out do the other, and loudly telling outrageous stories in obvious attempts to impress her. Dr. Theron on the other hand was quite the opposite. He carried himself with an understated self confidence. In class, he lectured quite efficiently, expressing all the mathematical theorems in ways that the liberal arts majors could understand quite well. He spoke with quiet authority but would raise his voice when needed. Woe be the student who forgot her homework. A raised tone and a hard look was all it took to reduce the student to an blushing apologetic mess. But he was fair and an enthusiastic teacher and so well liked.


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