Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Margie's Spanking - F/f

I didn't write this story. I got it from some forum years ago and it has the ring of authenticity.

Margie and I both lived in the same apartment house in Boston.
I with my Mother and she with her Father and Aunt Jean.
We were both sixteen at the time of the following event.
In the 50's spanking was still a frequently used form of punishment.
Even the schools used canes on students hands and backsides.

Margie and I had been out on a date. We had attended a CYO dance.
After the dance we went to a local hangout. A White Tower Hamburger
joint. Like most young people we lost all sense of the time. When Margie
realized the time it was past midnight. I was supposed to have her back home
by eleven. We immediately left the hangout and started walking the few blocks
back to the apartment house.

When we arrived and were walking down the corridor towards the apartment that
Margie lived in, the door opened and her aunt was standing there. We had
expected her aunt to be upset, however she was calm and invited me in "for a
few moments".

The door led into the kitchen and I closed it behind us. Aunt Jean asked if
we would like some hot chocolate. We both declined. I sat in a chair at the
end of the kitchen table. Now came the first sign that not all was going
well. Aunt Jean asked if we realized what time it was. I responded that it
was my fault, that I had lost track of the time. She then asked Margie if
that was true. Margie stated that she also was to blame.

Aunt Jean now started to get serious. She asked Margie what a fitting
punishment might be. Margie did not answer. I was starting to feel ill at
ease and got up to leave. Aunt Jean asked me where I thought that I was
going. I responded upstairs to my apartment. Her response was "oh no you
don't, I want you to see what you caused Margie to receive".

Aunt Jean now left the room and Margie look at me and shrugged her shoulders.
When Aunt Jean returned she was carrying a big old wooden hairbrush. She
a chair around and put it in the middle of the floor and sat on it. Now
Margie looked very surprised. Aunt Jean then told Margie to take down her
panties and step out of them. Margie asked that I be allowed to leave but the
response was no!

Margie was wearing a poodle type skirt with a fluffy petticoat underneath.
She reached up under and lowered her panties, stepping out of them as they
reached her shoe tops. She was then ordered to stand to the right of her
aunt. Aunt Jean was wearing a floor length housecoat and told Margie to drape
herself over her lap. Margie balked at this and Aunt Jean had to grab her and
force her across her lap.

I sat taking this scene in with, at that time unexplainable,
mounting excitement. I had never witnessed a girl being spanked. I was seated
so that was only a few feet from legs.

Next Aunt Jean lifted Margie's skirt all the way to her waist. Margie was now
pleading that I was present and that she should not be bared for the
spanking. Well, Aunt Jean stated that she was sure that in would not be
seeing anything that I had not seen before. This was untrue, I had only felt
Margie's breasts through her sweater
on a few occasions, nothing else. Well, the petticoat was yanked up and
Margie was bare from the waist to her socks. The toes of her shoes barely
touched the floor as she tried to keep her legs together.

Aunt Jean now asked me to bring her the hairbrush witch she had placed on the
table. I handed her the brush and returned to my chair. Margie was still
pleading that I be allowed to leave when SMACK! the first spank landed.
Margie reached back with her hand to protect her rear. Aunt Jean grabbed the
hand and held it against Margie's back. I had never noticed what a full and
shapely rear Margie had. This time I watch as Aunt Jeans hand rose up high
and then SMACK-SMACK-SMACK-SMACK the flat side of the hairbrush fell. Margie
was now kicking her legs and begging for the spanking to stop. Her aunt
informed her that she was only beginning and in a moment she would be crying
to hard to beg. SMACK-SMACK-SMACK-SMACK-SMACK-SMACK. Aunt Jean was correct,
Margie was now crying and kicking her legs wildly into the air. I had never
seen between a girls legs before. What a sight!
SMACK-SMACK-SMACK-SMACK-SMACK-SMACK! Now her rear was becoming very red and
the sobbing was becoming very loud. Her aunt was telling her that the worst
was yet to come and that she would now begin the real spanking.
SMACK-SMACK-SMACK-SMACK she continued raining the spanks onto the now beet
red rear. I realized how strong Aunt Jean was, Margie was thrashing around
but was never in danger of falling off of her aunt's lap. After many spanks
had landed her aunt paused and looked at me. She said that she hoped that I
realized that I was the cause of all this. " I am going to give Margie what you
should be receiving." Again the blows rained down SMACK-SMACK-SMACK for what
seemed like an eternity.
Margie was screaming now that she would never stay out late again. Aunt Jean
said good. Now I will give you five more on each cheek as a reminder. \These
were the hardest yet.
SMACK!!!SMACK!!!SMACK!!! Margie was now totally incoherent.

Aunt Jean now announced that the spanking was over. Margie stood up very
shakely .and let her skirt and petticoats fall into place. Aunt Jean said
goodnight and went to her bedroom. I told a now whimpering Margie how sorry I
was. She asked me if I enjoyed the show. I stood up to tell her no, then I
realized that I had an erection.
After hugging her I ran upstairs somewhat confused over my reaction to it all.

Needless to say Margie and I became very intimate a few days later when she
showed me her still bruised rear.


  1. Is this real or this this a erotic sadistic story to arouse people?

  2. Does it matter?

  3. That was hot as hell . Well written too

  4. Yes, I had an aunt that used to do the same to me.

  5. What a way to start a boys sex education!!

  6. A very good crisp hiney warming!

    1. Hey that's cute. My grandma always referred to our spankings as a "hiney warming". I remember her warning me about throwing the ball in the house is something got broken "your mother will warm your hiney good and proper with the hairbrush!"

      You can email me for more about this:

  7. How come this never happens to me?

    1. The reverse happened to me when I was 8 years old. My mom caught me playing doctor with Emily (girl next door) with no clothes on. I was inserting a rectal thermometer in her when my mom walked in and caught us. Right in front of Emily my mom put me over her lap and blistered my little hiney with the hairbrush like there was no tomorrow.

      if you want more about my spankings please email:

    2. Have you posted that story on the "Laura's Spanking Corner website? I remember reading it, I think it was there.

  8. Too sexy for my taste--cheap writing style

  9. Don't really see the sex in it--the boy should have asked to take a spanking as well--poor girl got it and he didn't!