Have been spanked with someone else watching


************************************************** Poll 6 ****************************************************
Split decision on corner time!

45 (33%) Must have!
62 (46%) Always good but not required
26 (19%) Not necessary

************************************************** Poll 5 ****************************************************
Most readers have self-spanked before!

114 (75%) self-spanked
  37 (24%) did not

************************************************** Poll 4 ****************************************************
Many of our readers have gotten spankings as  adults! 

76% (150) spanked 21+ yrs old
24%  (45)  not spanked

************************************************** Poll 3 ****************************************************
Most spankos were spanked as children. I guess it's not a big surprise but there were a significant number of
non-spanked spankos.

70% (217) spanked
29% (90) non-spanked

 ************************************************** Poll 2 ****************************************************
Looks like there are more men than women visiting this page. Does that mean more men than women
enjoy spankings or that women are busy having fun IRL?

72% (157) identify as male
27% (59) identify as female

************************************************** Poll 2 ****************************************************
Our next poll shows gender preferences. Our of 700+ respondents chose their favorite top/bottom genders for stories:

44% favored M/F
36% favored F/F
34% favored F/M
5% favored M/M

I expected M/F to be the favorite but am a bit surprised to see F/F tied with F/M with such high numbers.
Looks like I need to write some more F/M stories as those are being neglected.

************************************************** Poll 1 ****************************************************
After more than a 1000 votes the readers have spoken. Apparently people like hard to severe spankings!

The top vote winner was 

45% voted for Hairbrush or paddle is a must! Bottoms must be blistered!

A close second came from 

40% voted for Severe! Lessons must be learned!

And a distant third was 

15% voted for Hand is good enough, spankings hurt!

It's pretty clear people know that for a spanking to be effective, it has to be serious!
Thanks for voting everyone.

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