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Monday, September 7, 2015

Claire's Fantasy Fulfilled - (M/F)

This story was written by a guest author Paddlr.

Claire sat nervously in her car and looked at the entrance to the local restaurant.  Thinking back it had been exciting to do the email exchange about her desire to be dominated and punished.  But to actually meet was something entirely different.  After several exchanges of emails she had agreed to meet him at a local restaurant.  He had suggested it to help her feel safer for their first meeting.  With a deep breath she got out of the car and walked to the door and entered.  Looking around she saw him sitting in a booth in a secluded section.

As she walked over he rose and said “Hello Claire. It’s nice to see you came.”  Indicating one side of the booth he told her to have a seat and then sat across from her.  “Is there anything that you would like?”  She hesitated and said “Maybe some coffee."

He motioned for the waitress and when she arrived asked for coffee for them both.  After getting their coffee he said “Since this is our first in person meeting let’s just start by talking for a bit.”  He kept the conversation general until he saw that she was finally beginning to calm down.  Finally the conversation died down and he asked “are you still wanting to experience what we have written about?”

Claire took a deep breath and replied “yes I do.”

“Very well “ he said “if that is truly what you would like then from this point on you will do anything  I say without hesitation. Are you willing to do that?”

Claire meekly nodded her head.

Reaching down to the seat beside him he picked up a small bag and placed it in front of her.

“I see that you complied by wearing the blouse and knee length skirt I told you to wear. To show me that you are willing you are to take this bag into the restroom. Inside you will find a leather collar and two wrist cuffs. After you put those on you are to remove your bra and panties, fold them and put them in the bag. Then return to the booth and give me the bag.”

Claire slowly slid out of the booth and stood up.  Reaching over she picked up the bag and walked hesitantly to the restroom.  After entering she looked to make sure she was alone.  Going to one of the stalls she placed the bag on the tank and closed the door.  She paused for a bit and finally taking a deep breath opened the bag and removed the collar and cuffs.  Taking the collar she held it to her nose and smelled the musky leather odor.  Slowly she put the collar and cuffs on.  She unbuttoned the front of her blouse and removed it.  Reaching behind her back she unhooked her bra.  Feeling the pressure relieved from her breasts she reached up and slid the bra straps down her arms and laid it on the tank top.  Looking down she saw that her nipples were starting to harden from the excitement of what she was doing.  She then pulled up her skirt and hooked her thumbs in the sides of the waistband of her French style panties.  She slowly slid them down her legs and stepped out of them.  Letting her skirt drop back down she picked up her louse and put it back on and tucked it in to her skirt.  Folding her bra and panties she put them in the bag and stepped out of the stall.  Looking in the mirror she looked at her reflection.  Her white blouse was sheer enough to make it obvious she was braless and her nipples were pushing the material out.   She turned and opened the door and returned to the booth.  Standing at the booth she offered the bag to him. Taking it he opened it and looked in to see her panties and bra within.

After getting out of the booth he picked up the bag and escorted her out to his car.  Opening the passenger door he indicated for her to get in.  She slid in to the front seat and he closed the door.  He then went to the driver’s side and got in the car he then started the car.  Reaching into the bag he removed the bra and panties and laid them on the front seat between them.

“Raise the hem of your skirt to show your thighs and unbutton the front of your blouse.”  Watching her hesitantly doing as he directed he nodded approval.  “Now take me to you house after we are done I will bring you back for your car.”

As he took her home she was terrified that someone might see how exposed she was but also couldn’t help but feel how wet she was starting to get.  Upon arriving at her house he pulled into her driveway and back toward the rear of the house.  He turned off the car and picked up the bra and panties.  He then got out and walked around to the passenger door and opened it.

“Get out and don’t let your skirt fall down or your blouse to close.”

As she got out and stood there he closed the car door.

“Hold your hands behind your back and open your mouth.”

When she had done this he took her panties and used them to gag her.   Taking her by the arm he led her to the back door and left her standing as he returned to the car and got her purse.  Returning to the door he got her door key out and open the door.  He then had her lead him to the living room. Upon arriving there he went to the windows and closed the blinds. Turning he stood and looked at Claire standing in the middle of the room.  Her blouse hung open exposing her from her belly button to her chin and exposed the edge of her brown aereolas.  Dropping his eyes down he saw the hem of her skirt was bunched up to where her thighs met her hip and there was a slight hint of darkness at the center of her legs. Her thighs and legs were lightly tanned.  Telling Claire to remain in position without moving he returned to his car and brought back a black satchel.  Placing the satchel near the coffee table he opened it and started removing various spanking items.  He could hear her making small gasps as he laid the items on the table where she could see each item.

 Turning to Claire he started to explain what was to happen.

 “First you will remove all of your clothes and fold them neatly. Then you may remove the panties from your mouth and place them on the coffee table in case we should need to gag you again. Your spanking will consist of a warm up by hand and three items from the table that you will select. There must be at least one wooden and one leather item. The choice will be yours. I will select the final item dependent on your choices. After you have selected the implements you will place them on the floor by the chair then stand facing me and ask to please have your bare bottom spanked. I will decide what position you are to be in and how much spanking you will receive. Do you understand what is required of you and are you ready to go on?”

With tears already starting to form in her eyes Claire paused and finally shook her head to signify yes.  She was already shaken from the humiliation of her exposure to this point and could hardly imagine having to strip naked and beg to be given a log hard spanking with the items she could see on the table.

Seeing her shake her head he told her to remove all her clothes and face him.  He watched as she dropped her skirt to the floor and stepped out of it.  As the skirt dropped  the bottom of her blouse dropped down to conceal her from the waist to her thighs.  As she bent to pick up her skirt from the floor he got a good view of her tight alabaster ass cheeks.  He thought how much fun it was going to be making them bright red and hot to the touch.

After folding her skirt and putting it on the table she straightened and raised her hands to the last two buttons at the bottom of her blouse.  She hesitated knowing she was about to completely expose herself to him.  When she had undone the last two buttons and raised her hands to the neck of her blouse in preparation of removing it the bottom spread open exposing a tight triangle of brown pubic hair with an indentation at the very center of her hips.  Shrugging her shoulders she pulled her blouse down and off her shoulders and arms.  After folding her blouse she removed the gag and turned to face him. In shy embarrassment she used one arm to cover her breasts and the other hand to conceal her pubic area.

Looking directly at her he told her to cross her arms at the small of her back and to slowly turn in a circle till he told her so stop.  As she turned he stepped closer so he could get a good look at her body.  He saw the large brown aereolas with the hardening nipples and the smooth white expanse of skin dropping to the brown pubic hair.  He watched as she slowly turned so he could see that her breasts were full and still relatively firm.  Looking from the side he saw how her firm full ass stood out as if made to be spanked.  After two rotations he had her stop and face him as he sat in a chair.  Looking at Claire he sat in the chair and told her to go and select the implements she wanted him to use and bring them over to him.

Claire walked over to the end table and looked at the various items on display.  She reached down and picked up a crop and then a wooden spoon.  Finally after a long pause she selected a wooden hairbrush.  She then returned to stand in front of him.  Then she laid them on the floor at his feet.

He told her to lay across his lap so he could give her a good warm up spanking.  Claire stepped to his side and draped herself bottom up across his thighs with her hands and toes touching the floor.

“This will be the area that I will be spanking” he said as he rubbed his hand across her bare ass.  His hand moved from the top of her cheeks down across the sit spot where her bottom and thighs met and dropped halfway down her thighs.  Drawing his hand back he hesitated for a moment and brought it back smacking her right cheek then immediately repeated on the left cheek.  Caught by surprise Claire yelped and kicked her feet.   He continued alternating spanks from cheek to cheek spacing them from the top of her bottom to the sit spot.  Slowly her bottom began to turn a light pink from the repeated spanks.  After several minutes he stopped and looked at the light pink shade starting on her bottom.

“Reach down and pick up the hairbrush Claire. You are to offer it to me and ask me to please continue spanking your bare bottom with it.”  Reaching out she picked up the hairbrush and held it up for him.

“Please use this hairbrush to continue my spanking.”  Taking the brush from her he began to lightly tap her cheeks with it and asked “how old are you?”

Catching her breath see replied “32 sir.”  “Then that is how many spanks you will receive from the implements you have chosen.”

Claire moaned thinking of what was to happen.

“Are you ready for me to continue?”

 Taking several deep breaths she replied “Yes  sir please continue my spanking.”

Drawing back the brush he brought it down on her right cheek watching as her flesh wiggled from the impact.  After leaving it in place for several seconds he repeated the spank on her left cheek.  After 10 strokes alternated between her cheeks Claire had begun to kick her feet up after each hit.

“Keep your hands and toes touching the floor or you will get an additional 10 spanks. Do you understand what you must do?”

“Yes sir” she replied.  Claire remained in positon for the remaining 22 smacks even tho it was beginning to feel as if she were sitting on a hot bed of coals.  After the 32nd smack he dropped the hairbrush and looked at how her bottom was reddening. As he ran his hand around her ass cheeks he felt the warmth and heard her moan.  He had purposely concentrated on the upper portion only giving a few on her sit spot.

“Hand me the spoon” he told her.  Reaching down she picked up the wooden spoon and held it out behind her back for him.

“Please sir use this to continue my spanking” she asked.

Taking the spoon in his hand he drew it back and smacked her on the left cheek at her sit spot then followed on the right side sit spot.  Claire drew in a deep breath as the pain radiated up through her bottom.  After waiting seconds he applied strokes to each upper thigh.  Claire jerked violently and almost slid off his lap but caught herself in time to stay in place.

“I am going to use the spoon on your sit spots and upper thighs in order to get them as red as your bottom” he told her.

Clair took a deep breath and held it as the spanks began to fall around her sit spot and thighs.  After 32 spanks he stopped and examined the effects on her bottom.  He placed the spoon on the floor beside the brush and rubbed her raw bottom with his hand.  Claire flinched with pain each time he moved his hand across her inflamed bottom and thighs.

“Alright Claire get up” he told her.  She got off his lap and stood facing him. He also got up and walked behind her saying “Bend over and lean with your arms on the seat of the chair.” Once she had gotten into this position he told her to pass him the crop and then to spread her feet further apart. She reached down and picked up the crop and handed it back to him.  Once back in position she blushed thinking of the picture she must be presenting. Bent over naked with a well spanked bottom presented for anyone to see.  Stepping to her side he asked her how many spanks was she to receive.

Taking a deep breath and closing her eyes she replied “32 please sir on my bare ass.”

“Very good Claire. They are going to be spread across your bottom from thigh to cheek top so as to even out the redness. You are not to get out of this position until I tell you to. If you reach back to try to protect yourself I will start over as if you had not received any spanks.”  He started to use the crop on her applying spanks where her bare flesh wasn’t as red as the rest.

As the spanks rained down on her bare flesh Claire began to move her hips to try to work out the burning sting.  He would wait until she settled back in place before choosing a spot for the next spank.  Finally he delivered the final blow and stood looking at her reddening bottom cheeks.  He had her stay in position for 5 minutes to let the pain settle in before telling her to stand up.

“Go over to the sofa and lay down on your back” he told her.  With each step to the sofa she took her bottom flashed with pain.  When she sat on the sofa and rotated to lie on her back it felt to her as if her bottom was on fire. He watched her wince with each step and movement on the couch.  Once she was on her back he went to the table and picked up the leather two tongue tawse. When she saw which implement he had picked up she let out a low whimper at the thought of it striking her already raw bare bottom.

Turning toward her he said “raise your knees up toward your head and reach your arms around behind your knees. Hold your arms so that your legs do not drop.”

Once she had gotten into this position she realized how on display she was.  She was completely naked and her entire body except for her back was open for display.  She felt a shiver run though her and felt her face hot from the blush on her cheeks.

“I am going to strap you in this position. If you let go of your arms and your legs drop we will put you back in position and tie your wrists so you cannot drop them. If you start to scream to loudly I will gag you with your panties. I will be giving you 4 strokes of the strap starting where your cheeks are closest to the sofa and moving each next one up toward your thighs. After the 4th one I will wait for you to request for me to repeat the sequence again. This will repeat until you have been given the 32 strokes. The amount of time it will take to do this is entirely dependent on you requesting the next series of 4 strokes. When you feel you are ready to start you are to ask me to please apply the first strapping to your bare bottom. For each next round you are to ask me to please continue strapping your bare bottom.”

 Claire lay there thinking about what he had said.  It was humiliating enough to be fully exposed to him she was expected to request her bare bottom be strapped also. But then this was the exact scenario she had dreamed about ever since starting to email with him.  In between the surges of pain from her bottom and thighs she could feel that her nipples were solid and that she was getting really wet.  She felt sure he could see that her nipples were standing up and probably there was a glisten of light between her legs.  Taking a several deep breaths she said “Please give me the first 4 strappings on my bare bottom sit spots and thighs.”

 Taking aim he brought the strap down across the swell of her exposed bottom striking across both cheeks with a loud crack. She felt the strap strike her sensitive cheeks and then there was a rush of pain flowing thru her as she registered the sound of leather on bare flesh.  She immediately jerked upward in reaction but managed to hold her arms behind her knees. He applied the next stroke so that it was one strap width higher on her bottom cheeks. Once again she felt the wave of pain just prior to hearing the crack of leather on her bare bottom.  Watching her struggle to get back into position he waited and then applied a stroke that was centered on her sit spots entirely.  As it landed he watched the flesh compress from the impact. Then he heard the crack of the leather on her exposed skin followed by her scream from the wave of pain.  He waited for her to settle and applied the 4th stroke across her upper thighs.

Claire lay on the sofa as waves of pain coursed through her from her bare bottom and thighs. She wondered how she was going to ever be able to ask for this to continue.  She took several deep breaths and with tears forming in her eyes she looked up at him and said “May I have 4 more strokes of the strap on my bare bottom and thighs?”

He drew the strap back and began applying it to her as he had on the first set of 4. This repeated through 4 sets with Claire needing longer time between each to request he continue. During the 4th set she had not been able to keep her arms locked behind her knees so at the end while she was recovering enough to continue he searched his bag and removed a small length of rope.  I am going to tie your arms and knees together he told her.  She lay watching him through tear stained eyes as he tied her arms to her legs so that they could not part.

“Shall we continue?” he asked her.

Claire took a long pause before answering. “I don’t know if I can take the rest but let’s go on.”

The series was repeated 3 more times and then he paused while she lay sobbing in pain.  Her bottom’s sit spots and thighs were brilliant red. They would probably be tender for the next few days whenever she sat and there would be several markings on display.

“Claire we have reached the final 4 strokes on your bottom.  For these you are to request I give you each one and also indicate where it is to be applied. After each one you are to thank me for it before requesting the next one. Do you understand what you have to do?”

Through choked sobs she said she understood.

“Very well let’s continue” he said.

“Please strap my bare bottom where it is closest to the sofa making sure it gets both sides.” Raising the strap he applied a strong smack as requested.  Claire bucked and squirmed as the pain washed through her.

After a couple minutes to regain herself she said ”Thank you for spanking my bare bottom and will you please give me a smack with the strap that lands across the middle of my exposed bare bottom cheeks?”

He drew back the strap and landed it with a loud crack directly across the middle of her bare exposed cheeks. Once again Claire thrashed about trying to deal with the intense pain she felt coursing thru her.

Whimpering and sobbing for a few minutes to gather her nerve she finally asked “Will you please use the strap on me so that it strikes directly across my exposed bare sit spots?”  Without pause he drew the strap back and smacked her so that it landed directly across her lower cheeks and sit spots. Claire thrashed about trying to alleviate the intense pain from that stroke.

Laying there while the burning pain from her bottom thought about the one stroke she had left to request.  Her entire bottom felt as if she had sat on a hot stove burner.  The ongoing pain going thru like waves at the beach.  She knew that this last strap stroke was going to be the worst since it would be entirely on her bare exposed thighs that had already suffered from strapping.  Drawing on the last ounce of will she had she looked over at him.

“Please use the strap to strike me on the back of my thighs just where they meet my sit spot.”  Nodding his head he drew the strap back and struck her on the thighs just below her bottom cheeks.  There was a loud crack followed by her loud howl of pain.  After giving her a few minutes to settle back down he untied her arms.

“Roll over on to your stomach he told her as he went to his bag and took out a bottle of skin lotion. Returning he stood and looked at the bright red skin that ran from the top of her cheeks to 4 inches down her thighs. The entire area from side to side was scarlet red.  When he dribbled some lotion on her bottom she flinched.  As gently as possible he slowly rubbed it into her skin applying more as it was absorbed. For the next hour he gently massaged and applied lotion to her burning bottom area.

Finally he told her to get up that it was time for him to return her to her car.  When she got up he told her to put on her blouse and skirt but no underwear.  Slightly puzzled she did as told and wondered why as he watched her get dressed.  Taking her by the arm he led her to the back door.   After opening the door and taking her out to the landing he stepped behind her.  Taking the hem of her skirt in the rear he raised it until her bare red bottom was totally exposed.  Tucking it in her waist line so it would not fall he admired the view.  Feeling totally embarrassed she wondered what he intended.

 “You are too walk to the car with your spanked bottom on display.  Once to the car you will sit in the seat with you bare spanked bottom in contact with the seat fabric  As for your blouse I will just enjoy how it is making your nipples harden from contact.  Looking around Claire wondered if anyone would be able to see her bright red bare bottom as she walked to the car and got in.  Taking the first step she reluctantly headed for the car as he followed enjoying watching her bare red bottom on display.  When they got to the car he opened the door and she tried to gently slide in but any movement was like getting another spanking.  Sitting on the coarse cloth seat was causing her to squirm.  It seemed to take forever to return to the parking lot and there must have been a million bumps on the way.  Everyone felt like another spank on her sore exposed bottom.

After they arrived at her car they sat and talked about what they had done. He was comforting and making sure she was ok with the way it went. She confirmed that it was what she had hoped for.  He told her he would continue to email with her and when she was ready for another experience he was more than willing to help her.  She was totally flattered by this and agreed they should continue their emails.  After saying goodbye she got out of the car and let her skirt drop as she got into hers.  Sitting in her car as he drove off she revised the day and knew she would be setting up a repeat after her bottom recovered.


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