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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Alice Learn's Who's in Charge - Part 2

This is my own followup to the previous story.  Comments welcome.

Alice closed her diary with a smile. She had just finished writing another fantasy where she managed to get "dour Barbara" fired as governess and run out of town. Alice closed her eyes savoring the feeling but reality crept in as always and tainted her thoughts. The reality was Barbara was still firmly ensconced in the household affairs. Ronald, while deeply in love with Alice, never entertained the thought of firing Barbara and in fact, Alice was careful never to run afoul of Barbara herself.

It had been almost a year since that fateful day when Alice was humiliatingly spanked by Barbara in front of the girls but the memory still brought a blush of red to her cheeks. Afterwards, her relationship with Barbara had been civil but strained. She felt Barbara was too demanding of the girls even though she had learned to hold her tongue. Barbara, however, had no fear of mentioning out loud that she thought Alice could well benefit from a finishing school. Luckily for Alice, Ronald enjoyed her company much too often to send her away to such a place, if they even took girls her age! Even so, Alice was loathe to be around Barbara too often. In the past she had thought to support the girls with her presence but after withnessing a few spankings she had lost her nerve and often spent time wandering the stables and viewing the horses.

Just last week Brenda had received quite a spanking from Barbara. Alice had been around to witness that one. Although she had only walked in on the situation halfway through she had learned the details afterwards. Barbara had been teaching the girls geography and assigned them to memorize the many capitals, states and countries. And of course, true to her fashion, Barbara also had them memorizing the local leaders, their political leanings and other things. The girls tried their best but their thoughts at that age had more to boys than dreary capitals and states!

After failing to recite an adequate stream of facts to Barbara's satisfaction, Brenda had thrown up her hands in exasperation and exclaimed that geography was a "waste of time" and that "she wasn't going to do it anymore". Barbara had sternly told her to that she had a poor attitude and had "better shape up". At that Brenda threw her papers to the ground. In the shocked silence that followed, Barbara told Brenda to wait in Barbara's antechamber. Everyone knew what that meant. A spanking.

Sputtering and suddenly afraid for her backside, Brenda declared she was eighteen now and no longer a child. Then she ran off. 

Nonplussed, Barbara told Alice to follow her. Told! Like a servant girl! Alice gritted her teeth but followed. They went to Brenda's room and Barbara used her master key to unlock the door. Inside Brenda was weeping on the bed. She knew what would happen. Sternly Barbara told her to be in the antechamber at 5pm. She was to be dressed in her nightgown only. And if she didn't, then a punishment would be arranged before the entire household and perhaps the stableboys would be enlisted to fetch her. 

Brenda weepingly nodded. She met Alice's eyes in hopeful desperation. Save me! they begged. But Alice could only look back with sadness. There was nothing she could do. They left the room.

Once outside Barbara mentioned she would see Alice at 5pm to assist her. 

Alice nodded stoically while inside she was seething. To be ordered about by the children's governess! She left head swimming with fresh schemes to rid the household of the governess. If only she could catch her in some kind of scandal. Embezzlement? An improper relationship? Drinking? Unfortunately Barbara had never shown any indications of impropriety.

5pm came soon enough and Alice and Barbara silently waited as Brenda arrived. As instructed she was clad in a simple white nightgown with a lace border. She stood quietly in front of Barbara with her head down.

"Do you have anything to say for yourself?" Barbara asked her in a stern tone.

Brenda shook her head.

"Speak up! A lady answers properly when addressed." Barbara snapped.

"No Miss Barbara," replied Brenda. She looked around and gave Alice the briefest of pleading glances before looking down again.

"You may not understand why I give you assignments but regardless you are to work as hard as you can at them. Your father wishes you married off to someone of importance. For that to happen you must be well versed in the geography of this nation, it's leaders and the political landscape." Barbara lectured.

Brenda shuffled her feet as was silent. 

"Furthermore, talking back to me is unacceptable. Un-accept-able." Barbara put a finger under Brenda's chin and forced her face up. "I will not tolerate this childish behavior from someone as yourself. You think you're all grown up at 18 but then you act like a 12 year old girl! Well you'll be treated as one!" With that Barbara motioned to Alice to move the chair to the center of the room.

Alice seethed with anger but did as she was instructed. The chair was rather heavy in spite of being armless. It was a solid dark wood with a single cushion for the seat. She barely managed to drag it to the center of the room. When she looked up, she saw Barbara had Brenda by the ear. 

Barbara strode to the chair and with a practiced twist had Brenda falling across her lap with a grunt. Brenda's hands scrabbled at the ground as Barbara adjusted her weight across her lap. The dress was quickly pulled up and thrown loosely down her back to gather at her underarms. She was bare from her toes to the middle of her back, legs desperately clasped together. 

Barbara bounced her a few more times on her lap as she adjusted Brenda's bottom to the proper position. One had stroked Brenda's ass cheek. It was a milky white and had the firm plumpness of youth. 

Alice, standing off to the side was sympathetic but mesmerized. 

Without delay Barbara brought her hand down with a smack. Brenda let out a gasp. There was another spank. And another. Barbara wasted no time in landing a volley of hard spanks. Brenda's legs kicked and she squirmed but to no avail. Soon her bottom was bright red. And still Barbara spanked. Brenda was crying unabashedly now. Barbara paused. 

"Are you going to do your studies properly?" she asked.

Brenda sobbed out a yes. 

"I'm not sure if I believe you," Barbara replied. "You don't sound like you mean it." She then followed up with another series of hard spanks. Brenda's legs bucked and kicked at this new onslaught.

"Please please please. I promise. Really." she begged. Brenda twisted and squirmed but Barbara easily held her over her lap. 

"When. I. Give. You. An. Assignment. I. Expect. You. To. Do. It. Properly." Each word was punctuated with a hard spank. "Do. You. Under. Stand?" 

"Yes yes yess yyyesss.." Brenda was besides herself.

"I think a real lesson is needed here." Barbara said grimly. She motioned for Alice to fetch the hairbrush on the sofa.

Reluctantly Alice fetched it. She felt sorry for Brenda and doubly so now that Barbara had the hairbrush.

Sure enough, Barbara brought the hairbrush cracking down on Brenda's bottom. Left, right, left. She alternated cheeks with loud spanks. Brenda was really kicking and bucking now. Her cries turned to howls as the spanking continued. Barbara didn't bother asking more questions as she focused on covering every inch of Brenda's bottom with burning spanks. 

Off to the side Alice quailed. This is what she didn't like Barbara. She wasn't just a disciplinarian. She was a strict disciplinarian. The hand spanking should have been enough but Barbara always made sure to get the message through.

"I hope you're learning to be more respectful," Barbara lectured. She didn't wait for a response and with Brenda's crying and hollering it didn't seem like any was coming.

Finally when Alice really thought she couldn't take any more of this spectacle the spanking was over. A sobbing Brenda was draped over Barbara's lap with a scarlet bottom. Barbara was breathing a bit heavily from the exertion and Alice herself was teary eyed at witnessing the punishment.

Later that night, Brenda was allowed to eat dinner in her nightgown. However, unable to sit she had to shamefully eat off the mantle. While that was embarrasing enough, there was more to come.

"Brenda," started Barbara as everyone had finished dinner was enjoying coffee and tea with dessert. "Do you remember how earlier you proclaimed you were eighteen and an adult?"

"Yes Miss Barbara," replied Brenda cautiously.

"You were correct. While that doesn't mean you may disobey and rules set forth in this household, you are an adult in eyes of the state."

Brenda didn't reply.

Barbara continued with a sinister look in her eyes. "When you were a child, your punishment ended with your spanking. But now that you are adult I'm afraid stronger measures are required. Therefore..."

Brenda stomach flipflopped as the words sank in.

"You'll remove your gown and stand facing the wall for the rest of the evening." Barbara continued levely. 

Brenda's mouth dropped as tears started to fill her eyes.

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