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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Alice Learns Who's in Charge - Part 3 M/F

It was spankings such as Brenda's that led to Alice fantasizing in her diary about Barbara's ouster. She always referred to Barbara as "dour Barbara" in the diary since Barbara insisted the girls refer to her as Miss Barbara. If she wants a title she can have one! thought Alice gleefully.

Sometimes Alice wondered why she disliked Barbara so much. Alice herself still received spankings from Ronald now and then. But she held him no ill will. If anything she felt a stronger bond due to the intimacy of the punishments and consolation that followed. But with Barbara it was different. Maybe it was because Barbara was much more strict. Or maybe it was because she was a woman. Regardless, Alice and Barbara were like oil and water.

Alice often escaped to the stables when Ronald wasn't around. She didn't want to be forced to participate in any of the girls punishments and she didn't like seeing how Barbara treated them.

One day Ronald summoned her to his study. When Alice entered the study apprehensively she quickly noted Barbara standing there also. Stomach queasy she forced herself to present a relaxed smile as she went to hug Ronald. She noticed he was a bit wooden in his response. She stepped back nervously feeling much like in the lion's den.

"Alice, dear. Barbara has told me you've been attending to the stables quite a bit lately," Ronald said. His eyes always seemed to bore down at her in this room. "I've been hearing things from the servants also."

Alice glanced angrily at Barbara. Spreading rumors about her! She had done nothing wrong! Confidently she replied, "Well yes. I have been. I like the watch the horses and the girls are always busy with their lessons." The last word she emphasized a bit to show her displeasure.

To her side, Barbara's mouth pursed. They had some dispute about the amount of lessons. Alice had preferred the girls to have more free study but Barbara was old fashioned and had them memorizing a lot of facts and history.

Ronald looked at her carefully. "So that is *all* you do?" he asked.

"Of course!" Alice exclaimed angrily. Her face softened. "Love, in spite of what you may have heard I would never be unfaithful." She went up to hold him but his demeanor didn't allow her. She stopped just short of him looking at him imploringly.

"And why did Phillip have this?" Ronald asked plucking a scarf from the table. It was a silk scarf, brightly colored and quite well made. Now it was a bit dirty and worn.

Alice's face colored even as Barbara allowed herself the slightest of triumphant smiles. Phillip was one of the stable boys although not quite a boy. He was a young man with a muscular body from working in the fields and the stables. Quite a handsome fellow also. Truth be told Alice had enjoyed watching him as well as the horses.

"I,.. was just watching the horses last week. One of them bit Phillip and he was bleeding. I used the scarf to tie his arm." Alice's voice wavered just slightly but she steeled herself. She had done nothing wrong! she told herself.

Ronald gazed at her for a moment. "I believe you..." he said slowly. "However, your frequent visitations to the stables and interaction with Phillip have been unseemly. You know better than to raise the spectre of impropriety. And giving him your scarf??".

Alice's face paled. Not again! And with Barbara present! "Ronald, my dearest, please." she implored. "I, I..."

Ronald shook his head. "No, it was very much unseemly." He interrupted her. "You will have to be punished of course."

Alice's eyes teared up. She wrung her hands. "Please, please, dearest. I didn't do anything! I was just watching the horses!" Tears started to well up in her eyes.

To the side Barbara made the slightest noise in her throat. "Sire, pardon the interruption but I feel I must inform you that long ago while working at a finishing school, I learned a technique to divine the minds of women."

Ronald raised an eyebrow. "What do you mean?"

"Well," Barbara replied. "As you know, even women who do not stray in body, may sometimes stray in mind. While not quite the sin of the flesh, some consider it a sin nevertheless." To which Ronald nodded. "It will take me a few moments to prepare but I can be ready while you attend to ... your business. At which point I'll explain."

"Very well," Ronald dismissed Barbara with a wave.

Alice herself was both dismayed at the prospect of her upcoming spanking and relieved that Barbara was leaving. Why would Barbara leave when she could stay and view a humiliated Alice receive another spanking? But all thoughts left her mind in a panic as Barbara closed the door and Alice's attention once again turned towards Ronald's stern visage.

Ronald motioned for her to proceed. Meaning to remove her clothes. "You can do your lines afterwards," he said in half thought as he sat at the desk looking at her.

Slowly Alice removed her dress, and then her bra. she knew Ronald liked to watch and of course she was never in a rush to receive her spanking. Finally she pushed her underwear down her thighs and stood before him. She had been naked in front of Ronald before but it was very different to be naked for the purpose of punishment. Her hands itched to cover her front but she knew from past experience she was to keep her hands crossed behind her back. Even so she hung her head, embarrassed at her nakedness as he drank in the sight of her naked body. She had a lithe, trim body with full breasts. Her skin was a creamy white and contrasted nicely with her dark, almost black hair.

"Wait in the corner," he ordered.

Eyes pleading Alice dragged her feet. "Ronald...please.." she begged. It was incredible that she was pleading to be spanked but she'd much rather it happen now than with Barbara soon returning.

Ronald smiled as he flicked his hand towards the corner. He loved seeing her like this, naked and vulnerable. And with Barbara in the mix she was extra sensitive. It gave him quite a charge, much more than normal.
He drank in the sight of her ass as it quivered in anticipation. Each cheek was a smooth pale moon of perfection begging to be spanked.

In the corner Alice stood quietly her hands now on her head. She fidgeted ever so slightly as she waited, nervous about what was to come. Thoughts flitted through her head but it was hard to think. Stables, Phillip, spanking, Barbara's insufferable smiles, straps, the girls, running away, held close by Ronald, the smell of his shirt, the feel of his hands. Her thoughts broke with a start. The door had opened.

Barbara entered the room, carefully holding a bowl of water in her hands. She glanced to the side and saw Alice, obediently standing in the corner, naked, with her hands on her head. Barbara was careful not to let it show on her face but inside she felt immense satisfaction. That rich spoiled brat was going to get what she deserved! People like Barbara had to toil and work to make a living while girls like Alice grew up privileged and pampered solely due to family status and beauty.

Growing up as a working class girl Barbara had felt her share of the switch. Girls like her had no protection against the bitter nuns of the schools. Wealthy parents paid tithes to the convent to ensure their girls were spared the rod. But Barbara was punished and punished often. Punishment often meant trips to the Mother Superior's office, bottom bared and striped from back to knee. Howling and leg kicking was not permitted and resulted in extra strokes. Yet who could hold in the cries as the fiery switch landed over and over across plump bottoms? Stripes added to more stripes, only dictated by the nun's tiring arm.

The convent had enough rules to fill two books. Girls were often breaking one rule when following another. Daily routines were desperate bids to pass the day without any demerits but to no avail. The rich girls held their noses in the air at the other girls, saying they deserved the spankings and if they didn't want them, they shouldn't break the rules! It was enough to make Barbara's blood boil.

Finally Barbara graduated from those schools and started her slow ascent in society. She finally worked her way up to governess at this esteemed estate and as a gift from God, learned of Ronald's predilections. Alice, the newcomer, whom she hated from the first day quickly fell prey to her hand a year ago and Barbara loved it. And now, it seemed more was sure to come.

Barbara placed the bowl on the table. Ronald had given her a quizzical eye but she told him, "It's best to apply afterwards," while glancing meaningfully at Alice.

Ronald didn't mind. This entire situation was like a fresh take on an already pleasant experience. Dominating Alice before someone else had increased his ardor greatly.

"Alice, come here." Ronald ordered.

Alice turned and shuffled toward him. She couldn't bear to look anywhere near Barbara's direction. The humiliation was palpable.

"Ronald...", Alice begged. It was so humiliating to be naked except her panties stretched across her thighs as she shuffled towards him. Somehow the panties made it seem worse than being naked. Like it signaled she was going to be spanked. And again the hated Barbara was here to watch!

Ronald held a finger across Alice's lips. "No." He said firmly.

A tear dripped down her cheek as the finality of that word rang. And then soon enough Ronald had tugged her across his lap where her hands scrabbled across the floor as he bounced her into position. Finally he had her the way he liked, over his leg, feet off the ground, weight forward. He tugged her panties down a bit, not that they were in the way but just as a gesture as he drank in the sight of her bottom. Oh they looked so tender and inviting.

Barbara quietly stood to the side. From her angle she had a good view of Alice and she was loving it. She felt a twinge of jealousy at the quality of Alice's skin and shape of her bottom. But Barbara dismissed it with a thought. She was going to enjoy this. She watched as Ronald raised his hand and brought it down hard. Smack!

Alice jerked but didn't cry out. There was a pink mark on her cheek. Then spank! Another pink mark and another wordless jerk. Ronald's hand raised and fell. Each time with a loud spank. Soon Alice's bottom turned a bright pink. Then red. She couldn't help but cry out and soon was sobbing. Legs kicked slightly but Ronald smacked her thighs now and then admonishing her, "no kicking!"

Ronald continued spanking Alice. He was loving every bit of this. The feel of her skin, the redness, the sound of the smacks. Soon her bottom was quite red and her cries had turned to sobs.

Finally Ronald was satisfied. He stood Alice up and immediately her hands went to her bottom, rubbing the sting away. She was still sobbing quietly before noticing Barbara watching her with gleaming eyes. Embarrassed, she tried to stifle her sobs but it was difficult. Ronald knew how to deliver a good spanking.

"Now Barbara, what do you have there?" Ronald turned his attention to the bowl.

The bowl! Alice had forgotten about that. What could it be?

"Sire, as I mentioned, this will show if Alice, while faithful, has had any impure thoughts. But for proper application, she will have to be placed in the proper position." Barbara looked at Alice impassively but her eyes betrayed her glee.

"Very well, do as you must." Ronald said. He was intrigued at what was to happen.

Barbara wasted no time in seizing Alice's arm and dragging her to the settee. She pushed the resistant Alice down.

"Ronald,...Ronald, wha.." A shocked Alice soon found herself bent over the settee, bottom indelicately raised. Tears of humiliation started anew at this positioning.

Barbara fetched the bowl and Ronald saw her raise a strangely shaped and colored thing from the water. She displayed it for him.

"This sire, is known as a figg," she announced.


  1. Love this story. You do a great job capturing that sense of embarrassment in everything I've read. Keep it up!

    1. Glad you like it. Next part coming up soon!

  2. Are you figging kidding? :)

    Good story. Keep it going. Love this site!

  3. Part 4? Need to know what Barbara does to her with the fig!

  4. I just hate that Alice is being treated so unfairly. I am all for a stringent spanking when the behavior calls for it. But our dear Alice didn't do anything wrong!

    1. Yes it's too bad but who among us hasn't received an unfair spanking now and then?