Monday, January 23, 2017

The future - Part I (F/M)

Hi Everyone,
   A poll I ran last year indicated many people are interested in F/M stories. Here's my latest attempt. Please  excuse me as it's a bit long winded and the "action" barely starts at the end of the story. If there's sufficient interest I will continue.

*                                         *                                        *

Evan walked awkwardly down the hall. He was dressed in one of those gowns they give you at the hospital. Thin, flimsy cloth that loosely draped in front down to his knees. In the back, tied closed by a few narrow strips of cloth. Definitely embarrassing. Most the times he kept his head down, embarrassed at his appearance. But he was forced to look up from time to time as he searched for office C5. When he raised his head, he'd catch a glance at the others occasionally passing him. Some were like him, dressed in ill fitting gowns and keeping their heads down. Some seemed to be walking gingerly. There were others walking about in suits or office wear. It was a busy hall.

Finally he spotted it. C5. A plain wooden door in the middle of a white wall. The other doors seemed spaced far apart. He paused at the doorhandle and then with a deep breath opened it and stepped inside. It was not at all what he expected.

Well to be honest, he didn't know what to expect. This was his first time after all. It was a large room and there were numerous cabinets and equipment on the walls. Things he didn't know but they looked like medical equipment with hoses and knobs and shiny metal parts. Slightly off to one side but near the middle of the room was a padded  lectern or something. What confused him even more was the assortment of attachments and cables. He didn't know what to make of it. Some of it had the same medical type equipment. There were a row of knobs on one side and things that looked like plugs.

Even more perplexing was the woman standing to the other side. She was in front of the desk and extended a hand.

"Hello. You must be my two o'clock," she said.

"Um. I think I'm the wrong room.." Evan replied nervously. This had to be the wrong room. *She* couldn't be... Well she was too young, too attractive. Did he think woman before? She was more like a girl. And a very attractive one at that. He tried very hard not to let his gaze drop to her body.

She didn't reply but turned her hand palm up with a slight smile. After a brief pause he gave her the sheet he was carrying. As she turned to walk over to her computer he allowed himself a good look at her body. Yes, just as he thought. Very fit, lithe form under that starched uniform. He shook his gaze off as he remembered he was dressed in a gown with *nothing underneath*.

A few taps on the keyboard and then she looked up. "This is the correct room Evan." Again that slightly reassuring smile. Friendly, but not too friendly. "My name is Alicia. I'll be your technician."

Evan blinked as sweat suddenly beaded his brow. This was it. It was really going to happen. And with her as his technician! He didn't know what to say.

"Let's get started," Alicia said as she stood up. "Please step over to the examination table."

The "table" was the padded lectern type thing Evan saw when he first entered. He didn't think anyone would call this a table. It had four legs and a top and that's as close as the resemblence went. As Evan approached he saw an X marked with red tape.

"Please lean forward with your chest on the X, your feet in the stirrups, and rest your face there," Alicia said as she pointed to the higher end. It had a semicircular padded extension.

Evan was momentarily confused. Put his chest on the X? He'd have to be half standing and bent over. That didn't make sense. But it did. He just didn't want to believe it. There was an intense desire to run out of the room and down the hall. But he knew that wouldn't work. He'd be brought back. Or worse, maybe taken somewhere else. Numbly he complied. With his chin in the stand he found he was forced to look straight ahead and into the large mirror. He could see Alicia as she went about her work.

Alicia walked around and efficiently secured him with a number of straps. The first was large and wide and went across the small of his back. She wrapped one end somewhere underneath the table and with a slight whirring sound the strap was pulled tight by some mechanism. The next was a small one around the back of his next keeping his face firmly in the padded holder.  Then his wrists, elbows. Finally she knelt down and fastened some straps across the backs of his feet, doubling them back and wrapping them around to the front.

As she worked she made some small talk. "I'm glad you showed up. I thought it was going to be a slow day," she said conversationally. Evan was wiggled a bit but he couldn't do much more. Alicia walked around checking the straps and straightening loose ends. She wedged her hand underneath his stomach and then his hip, measuring the gap. Snug. "Oh you're quite fit. You must work out a lot. Let me guess, cross training?" He mumbled a reply. Next she walked behind him. There was a low ripping sound as she tugged off the lower part of his gown that was held by velcro. Suddently he felt a very bare and very vulnerable.

"How is that? Comfortable?" asked Alicia without the slightest hint of irony.

Evan didn't know what to say but apparently an answer wasn't needed. Alicia walked to the side and pressed a few buttons. Apparently the legs were all on hydraulics because he felt himself lifted up, then his front raised, lowered, and his hips raised and then lowered. It was odd being in realigned like a puppet.

There was another hydraulic hiss. Next his feet started moving outward with a whirring sound. He gave a startled gasp as they spread, farther, farther. It seemed indecent that his feet were so far apart and his penis dangled helplessly like a miniature symbol of his predicament. Feet firmly encased in the stirrups soon angled toe-in resulting in hips being splayed out. This forced his butt cheeks apart leaving no part of him vulernable to prying eyes. If he felt embarrassed walking in the room, that feeling was multiplied a hundredfold in his current predicament. He gasped a little with surprise but otherwise didn't say anything. The entire situation was quite surreal.

"I'm going to take your vitals now," Alicia said somewhere behind him. With a shock, Evan felt something cold briefly touch his anus and then he realized Alicia must have put a thermometer into him. His face flushed.

Evan was vaguelly aware that his penis was starting to stiffen. The humiliation of his predicament were causing an involuntary hard-on. This further increased his humiliation which seemed to exacerbate the situation. He wiggled helplessly.

Leaving the thermometer in, Alicia wrapped a blood pressure meter on his arm and then pressed a button on the side of the table. There was a pneumatic pumping sound as the armlet inflated. While this was going on Alicia returned behind him and Evan felt the thermometer removed. "Normal temperature," she said matter-of-factly. She returned to the side. "Blood pressure looks good." She fetched an ipad from the wall and tapped on the screen a few times.

"Now for the hard part," Alicia said.

Evan could see her frown slightly as she replaced the ipad on the wall. She then went to the side and manuevered with some difficulty a flattish, oblong, metal cannister across the room. It seemed quite heavy and the flat bottom evidently hid some wheels as she pushed and pulled it across the room to finally end up between his legs and underneath him. He could barely see the end of it in the mirror in that position but he did see some knobs and buttons on the side as she wiggled it exact position. Once placed she flipped a switch and there was whirring sound as it shuddered ever so slightly and then sank flat on the ground. Now there was no evidence of the wheels underneath it and it seemed secured below him.

Alicia exhaled audibly. "Great! Now..." Evan felt something pinch slightly on his bare butt cheek. "5.3" he heard Alicia mumble to herself. "I'm going to guess a C3," she said brightly to herself. Checking the ipad her face brightened. "A ha! I was right!" She gave him a wink in the mirror and walked to the wall cabinet putting down the calipers. From there she extracted a large wooden paddle attached to a long, curved metal handle. She took this and inserted the metal handle into the base of the machine underneath him. There was a loud click. Then Alicia put her foot on a pedal near the handle and moved the paddle back and forth carefully watching the angle of its surface. She moved it back and forth several times and made some kind of adjustment as she measured the surface with his butt cheeks. Finally she seemed happy with it and gave his butt a light smack with the paddle. "Perfect!" she exclaimed. She released the foot pedal and the paddle snapped into place and held firm.

Meanwhile Evan was watching the proceedings with an increased sense of doom. It was clear what the contraption was set up to do and he imagined it like a giant scorpion just beneath him with a venomed stinger rising up between his legs and angled at his ass.

Alicia was walking around him one final time. "Ok, I think we're ready to get started... Uh oh. Oh no, no, no. This will never do." Evan blushed as he realized she was staring at his erection. She gave him a disapproving look in the mirror. He awkwardly looked away.

Shaking her head slightly, Alicia went to the side and fetched a long handled device from the wall. On one end it had a cuplike scoop and the other was connected to the wall with a cable. Into the cuplike scoop she put a plastic looking sleeve. Then she held it out and slid the cup over his erect penis. She pressed a button.

Evan was trying not to look but it was hard not to see what was going on in the mirror. When she placed the device over his penis he felt an intense feeling of shame. When she clicked the button he felt the inside of the cup expand to snugly surround his hard-on and vibrate in pulsating waves. It didn't take long for him to cum and if he felt shameful before, now he felt incredibly embarrassed.

Alicia left the device in place for a few moments to make sure Evan was milked dry. Removing it from his penis,  she then held the end over the medical waste cannister and when the lid opened she released the sleeve into it. She returned the device onto the wall and fetched the ipad. After a quick glance at the clock she sat on stool in front of the mirror so she was facing him.

"Well finally! We're just slightly behind schedule but there's always a few minutes extra so we're good," she said.
Her voice took on a more serious, businesslike tone as she read out a prepared script.

"My name is Miss Leigh and I will be your technician. Henceforth you will address me as Ma'am, Miss Leigh or Miss. Do not speak unless to answer a question. When asked a question you must answer immediately and clearly. Any attempt to lie, mislead or misrepresent will result in additional proceedings. Do not attempt to disrupt the proceedings in any way. Profanity will not be tolerated." She paused. "Do you understand all that I have told you?"

Evan swallowed. "Um yes."

Alician pursed her lips. There was a few clicks as she rotated a graphical dial on her ipad. Then she tapped on the screen. Immediately there was a loud *smack* as the paddle swung up from between his legs and landed heavily on his ass.

"Owwwww!!!!" Evan exclaimed.

The paddle lowered and then snapped back up. *Smack*. And then again. Each time Evan screwed his eyes shut and gasped. When he opened them tears momentarily blurred his vision. They soon cleared and he faced an impassive expresssion on Alicia's face.

"You will address me as Ma'am, Miss Leigh or Miss," she repeated plainly. "Do you understand all that I have told you?"

Evan winced. "Yes ma'am," he replied quickly. "Yes ma'am."


  1. Great start, can't wait for the next part!!!!

  2. Great story thus far. I find myself wanting to be on that table, secured and ready for discipline.
    I'm already in need of that milking cup.

    1. Wow! Great post I 'm Glen and feel glad that although I suffered many spankings and canings over the years they were from my Mum even if quite a few were in front of a couple of her friends and my Aunties! I had a Gap year and came back to go to univesity!At least I thought no more caning etc but how wrong can one be! She reminded me of her House Rules when she caught me smoking the garden-a major rule broken! She put me in detention and srranged for my caning on the Saturday afternoon! The usual relations and her couple of friends sat watching as Mum undressed me from the waist down , and carefully removed my underpants which confirmed the bulge in my trousers was my erect penis ! They all gasped and cheered as mum sent m for he cane ,I trying to cover my 'front'! I handed her the long pliable rattan cane and then bent over a chair back ! I quickly felt the first stinging stroke in over a year ! It was very sharp and I gasped from the pain and was soon feeling my buttocks and thighs burning and hurting as the caning continued! I must have had about 16 painful cuts and felt close to tears! I had to do corner time then they all came to examine my bum an legs, giving me slaps and squeezing my bum .Eventualy Mumm sent me to my room and triedto sothe my really very painful bum! Glen

    2. Thanks for sharing. Guess you thought you were all grown up and mum had to put you in your place

    3. Hi again! Thanks for your comment. It certainly did put me in my place!I found sitting down, even next day ,was uncomfortable so she insisted on looking at my bottom and dismissed my complaints about the caning being so hard!I can cane you harder, she snapped, and I am going to reintroduce your monthly Reviews! So she did and my next caning was two months later! I felt awful as I went into the lounge! Her two friends, aunty and my older cousin, Anthea were present!I protestd at this public caning again but she ignored my moan and I was undressed, blushing deeply as my penis sprung out as Mum took my underpants off making my cousin giggle and the others laughed! I had to bend down reaching for my toes which made the caning seem harder! I shot upright after several of the sharp strokes , crying out loudly ,my hnds flying to my bum! I felt the tears in my eyes after about ten strokes but she kept on until I had received 16 strokes , as before! What a cry baby, an aunt called but I could not help myself,it had been a very sharp caning which they felt I fully deserved! My bottom and thighs felt on fire as I did corner time , but my cousin was sympathetic and gently rubbed my bum as she examined my bum .feeling the red ridges !Glen

    4. Maybe you should submit a full story.

    5. Hi, My Mum surprised me by apologising for giving me such a hard caning! The marks were there for about three weeks! She said that I would still be caned and spanked but they would be 'normal' canings!! Another week saw the return of my Girl friend ,Fiona who had been away working for her Firm for 5 months in Europe and the Gulf! We had a wonderful two weeks and her Mum , was very understanding telling us she would be 'out late', on several nights!! However she was told about my last caning by Mum and they decided to have a meeting about my future punishments !Fiona, and some other Family came up with normal caning contiuing but more serious offences, eg smoking . would attract two canings and that fitted into Fiona's view that I needed more frequent canings!She had already spanked me several times and was 2 years older then me! A month later Fiona and Mum gave me a 'public'caning in front of the usual family mebers! Fiona gave me my pre caning spanking! This stung me before she handed over to Mum who gave me 6 cuts of her cane with Fiona giving me another 6, but milder cuts ,to finish the caning! THe future was here I thought going into the corner for 20 minutes collecting some slaps, for rubbing my stinging bottom ! Fiona and I decided to get engaged and did so a month later but she promised she would continue to discipline me on my bare bum, including some public canings ! Glen

    6. Looks like Fiona has your number...

    7. Hi,Fiona was keen that her Mum should have permission to cane me! Her Mum and I had been wary of each other since Fiona had introduced us and Pamela had been delighted to hear Fiona tell her that she caned me! I argued about it but Fiona had brushed aside my comcerns and objections and had she recently invited her to see me have a painful caning! She had enjoyed watching snd had given me several hard slaps on my bum and legs!Pam cetainly could slap hard and I feared her caning me but I realised I would soon feel the cane from her, on my bare bum !

    8. Hi, Fiona tried to get me to sign a Spanking Agremment with Pam! She is in her early forties and Fiona remnded me my monthly Review was due but my very moderate masochistict tendency was over whelmed by my disilike of her! Fiona was disappointed but gave me a lecture dealing with my several breaches of her rules etc and arranged for me to be punished Saturday ! 'Guest caner' was to be her Mum -who else! She had been practicing every day on a cushion! Four of the usual ladies were there and Fiona asked her Antea to give me a warm up spanking !Then Fiona took the cane and gave me six sharp strokes ! There was more excitment when Fiona passed the cane to Pam who toyed with it then tapped it very firmly on my bottom then drew it back and swished it down on my bare buttocks! I gasped at the painful cut which was followed by another 9 strokes given slowly , as she enjoyed every moment and each stroke of the very sharp caning ! My bum felt on fire as the pain built up until Fioma felt I had been well and soundly punished !I had to stand inthe corner for abut 15 minutes before I was allowed to and sooth my pain wracked bottom and thighs ! Ever body agreed I had a good well deserved caning and all came over and felt my bum and the raised weals. ! Glen

    9. My experience is not far from Glenn's. My mother was from England and on a visit there, bought a tawse for me when I was 14. She took me to a leather shop and selected one for my bottom. The couple running the store was giving her suggestions, like "this one should sort the young man out" and even suggested a cane for me. My mother wanted one, did not buy it because my father would see it. He did not know of her "experiments" with spanking me and her home discipline methods. I was over her knee at least once a week from age 12 to 19 when I left for a few years. I got it again when I visited home for the holidays. When I moved back the routine continued. By then my mother had a cane and used it just sometimes, preferring her hairbrush and tawse for me. Mummies Boy

  3. I keep checking for part 2 of this great story. Hope it's in progress and here soon

    1. Glad you enjoyed it. The follow up is top on the list of to-dos!

  4. Anxiously awaiting! Much like your stories victim.

  5. Well I seem to have a bit of writer's block. Maybe some of you could send me suggestions.

    1. Hi, It was time for my Monthly Review and Wednesday was their coffee evening. I managed to listen to the conversation via a slightly open door! It was about me and my Review! !I could not believe some of the ideas for my punihment! Two adopted were to punish my Penis for always being erect and the other wss for caning into my bottom cleft! Both were adopted and they had some laughs and crscked some jokes about my buttocks getting bigger! Fiiday evening the gathered and Fiona let her Mum Pam, undress me and yes it was! Fiona took theto ofmy prnis and stretched it out whislt Pma used a thin supple switch to give me the stinging 4 strokes! on top and held up my penis for 5 more on the underside ! THen the six stingers into my bum cleft really stung me!
      my bottom was then caned by 4 of the laadies giving me 3 strokes each, and Fiona and her Mum each followed, with 4 sharper cuts each! My bottom was sore and painful but Fiona still gave me private dose of the strap and 'comforting' later! Glen.

    2. We regret not writing but have been very busy with business matters ! However summer has given us a break ad today we were gcing on picnick in some fields and wood land owned by Fionas Aunt ! WE drove about 3 miles and found a spot that Fi knew well! It was reasonably isolted in the grounds and Fi said it was just as she wanted, at least 150 yards from the road ! She had already toold me she was going to give me spanking and canign with somethng new!I was qite looking forward to my punishment and Fi said that her Aunt did walk nerby!!THat added an addditional Frisson to the events-what if we were caught or seen by her Aunty!Mmy excitment grew as we finished our meal and Fiona lectured me ,going over her records of my bad behaviour etc ! Down came my trousers and I was left doing pre punishmen tcorner in my shirt and underpants ! she went back to the car ! I was excited and turned as she returned to see her carying a long rattan cane and a birch! My hands flew to my bum as she ordered me to bend down and take my underpants right off !she whipped the cane down a few times on my poor bum . making me cry out from the almost forgotton n stinging pain! Then she told me to bend over the backo of a chair we had brought ! I felt with a gasp the firt whack of the birch and it hurt,a lot ! She loved hearing my cry of pain which was soon being repeated as she struck my bum time afte time , It was realy painful and I was gasping and crying out loudly as the pain buil up and my hands were flying back to rub my burning buttocks and thighs!At last she stopped and I had a very painful corner time of 10 minutes! Shorly after we made for home. wher shegave me comfort for my still burning bottom ! Glen

    3. My above post was in fact drafted 5 weeks ago but I only now had I found the time to finish it! Now I was fscing another birching after I had vowed not to invite another but I was finding it difficult to give up smoking1 I was careless and was seen puffing away in our our garden ,when my wife was away for day! So today I paying for it ! She examined my bottom, tutted and gave me a couple of slaps ,then sent me for her strap and I had one on each hand ! Afternoon came and I had to greet her guests! They smiiled at me and and made sympathtic comments and asked how I felt about being birched! She carried in the birch and removed my PJ trouser! My thingy was erect, why was it when I knew the pain the birch would cause me but it always did in front of the ladies! I lay over the arm of a chair and her Mum slapped my bum to warm it up! THe first cut swished down and I gasped as I felt the pain!She then looked at my face, then gave me the birching sloawly, each stroke hurt as she carefully gave the strokes as she chose wherete strke wouldfall on bum or thighs and varied light to sharper strokes but each cut added to the pain raging through my buttocks and thighs! She made sure the birchig was hurting meand I confirmed it by louder cries, as she continued!She paused and looked at my bottom ,patting it asking me if it was hurting me -yes it was very painful by then and it was, making me kicked my legs, closing and openning my bum cleft, as I mov ed about to avoid the birch! At last as Iwas staring to shed tears she stopped! Every one came up to see close to! my bum was covered in painful stripes and it felt on fire!I had 15 nminutes of painful corner time before I went to my room! I went to the bathroom and showered my bum with cold water! Oh it hurt for ages ,and she did come to comfort me, saying' I did warn you'! Glen

  6. Way too sexy for my taste--but of course that's just my preference, spanking for a deserved punishment with no sex!