Have been spanked with someone else watching

Tuesday, April 18, 2017


 A guest author has submitted this story. Enjoy

"Your mother wants to talk with you,"  Auntie May said, handing me the phone.    Aunt May was new in my life,  recently married to my Uncle and she and I did not get along.  Aunt May was only 27, a trophy wife, just nine years older than my 18 years and she thought she was "all that."  Real snide and condescending to me.
  But she was an adult, my "elder" and I was raised to obey and respect all adults...or else.

  Which was why I was shaking when I took the phone, hearing my angry mother's voice, "Rachel! How could you!?"
"But mom..I...."
 "Shoplifting?  You have one minute to explain yourself young lady!"

   My face felt hot. My tongue dry and thick, tears stung my eyes.  What could I say? I was guilty as charged.  I'd spent the day shopping with my two younger cousins, Jade (14 yrs old)  and Julie (16 yrs old) and I had been showing off, acting all grown up, treating them like children.  Even to the point where I decided to snag some make-up, feeling powerful and adult.
  Until I got caught....

  "I'm REALLY sorry Mom!"  was all I could come up with....my mind racing twenty directions...
  "Sorry?",  she laughed, "You  WILL be sorry Rachel trust me! Why did you ever do such a stupid thing?  What were you thinking?"
She actually sounded sincerely puzzled, as I was also...
  "I...I don't..know...I'm sorry so sorry I.."  my meek voice trailed off....and I could see Aunt May smiling at me as I listened to  Mom's long lecture about  responsibility, adult decisions, bringing shame to the family name etc.
   Tears rolled down my red cheeks and I was squirming in shame and fear. Dreading what I was about to hear....

  I'd been raised with pants-down spanking since I was a young girl and even after I turned 18 Mom never slowed down with my spankings. So I KNEW I was "in for it"  and a bad one....but I had NO idea how BAD this spanking would be!
   As my Mother scolded me I flashed back to a few months before, when she had spanked me in front of Aunt May...OMG that was so embarrassing!
That couldn't be happening AGAIN!?

   "Your Aunt and I have discussed it, Missy, and we decided since you were so immature and disrespectful at her house she should be the one to spank you."
   I lost my breath and, almost my mind!
 "Ahh...wha?  MOM!"

 "Don't 'mom' me young lady," she warned, "You do EVERY thing she tells you and take your spanking from her or when I get over there tomorrow I'll spank you silly THEN let your Aunt whip you with a switch. I mean it!"
  I knew she did....frozen in panic...I had nothing to say...
"Do you understand!?"
   "Y..ess Ma'...mm"  I stammered, numb with shock.
"Then give May the phone..."

  I watched as Aunt May listened to my mother,  nodding, as her eyes glimmered at me, until she hung up and gave me a big wicked smile,
"So, what did your mother say to you?"
  I was speechless in fear.   I remember the conversation taking place in the large, clean modern kitchen. Yellow walls, stone tile floors, sturdy wooden furniture.  This could NOT be happening to me!  This woman was more a stranger than an "Aunt."  I'd only known her a year and never liked  her haughty attitude and her treating me like a child no matter that I was a young woman.
   She knew perfectly well what my Mother had said to me...she just wanted to make me say it!  I wish I could say I bravely declined, but really I was just dumb struck at what was happening to me. So I stared sullenly at my feet, not wanting to see her expression, my chin quivering while I berated myself for being so stupid as to shoplift without thinking of the consequences i.e. having my Aunt called and having to sign a confession and be ticketed.

  "Cat got your tongue?" she purred,  "Tell me what your mother said, Rachel, or do I have to call her back?"

  That did it!  "NO!" I yelped..."Okay...okayyy...."  huffing, I gathered my wits and words..."She...she said... I'm going to  get a spanking."
  "Is that all?" May pressed.
  "From you.."  I muttered under my breath.
  "What was that?" she was heartless!
  "From you okay?"  I snapped, with a sudden surge of anger, why was she being such a bitch about this?  But when I looked at her, she almost looked sympathetic,  her soft expression almost sad.

  "I'm sorry  you are taking that tone with me," she said quietly, "I was hoping you would realize what a serious thing stealing is and that you would accept your punishment like a big girl."  Was she being sarcastic? I WAS a "big girl!"
  "But since you are acting the brat," she suddenly turned stern, "then I'll make this easier for both of us."

  "I'll tell YOU exactly what your mother said.  She told you to OBEY me completely and take whatever SPANKING I decide to give you and there's nothing you can do about it.  Isn't that right Missy?"
  Her small smirk was scary and I knew it was hopeless...
 "Yes ma'm "  Tears stung my eyes and I  unconsciously reached back to grab the seat of my shorts like I always did just before I was going to get a spanking....

   "That's better, Missy.  So take off your shoes....and then take your shorts off, right now."

   Blindly I obey, kicking off my shoes then unsnapping my shorts....but I couldn't.  I just couldn't!
 "Please....not like this!?"  I whined.  Foolish, as I was always spanked bare bottom and she knew it. Also, I realized I had no idea what type of spanking she was going to give me!?  Spankings from Mom were fairly predictable, if horrible, but now this ...lady...had full control over me and I was petrified at how she might punish me.
   "I'm going to start counting" Aunt May said,  "One...two..."
I didn't know how "long" I had or what result of being too slow was but her tone of voice was enough to get me moving, zipper down, open pants and start wiggling my tight shorts down.

  My whole body felt warm and prickly, I was light-headed and felt like some trained dog doing a trick as she counted and I pushed my shorts to my ankles, looking up at her anxiously.
   She grabbed my arm, turned me and SLAP SMACK "I...told...you..pants OFF!" she barked, hand slapping the seat of my panties.

 OMG...there it was...a spanking.  It was REALLY happening! I barely felt any pain, just spreading warmth, but I began weeping in helpless disgust and shame....suddenly wanting to obey this powerful woman.
  "Okayokay" I stammered as I stepped out of my shorts under two more slaps.

  "No," she pointed her finger at my face, "NOT okay!"  I was holding my bottom, biting my lip, mesmerized by Aunt May's stern face and voice, feeling vulnerable in just my panties below my waist.
  "Your mother made it clear you must obey me, right quick and with no nonsense!  I can make this spanking as bad as I want, young lady, so you'd best start acting right. And you can start by saying, 'yes ma'm'..."

  "YES MA'M!" I squealed....

    Oddly, May chuckled softly, "You don't to have shout," she said mildly, then lapsed into silent appraisal of me.
I stood shivering, clutching my behind, blushing strawberry red, feeling shy with my tight yellow cotton panties exposed but harboring no illusions that I would get to keep them....
   May's eyes flashed all over me....looking me up and down...pursing her lips in evaluation of me,  a red-faced chin-quivering wet-eyed 18-yr-old girl in tight panties... at her mercy.
   As a "veteran" of spankings, I was in the "just get it over with stage" but because it was not my mother spanking me,  I felt dizzy with dread, wondering what my "Aunt" was thinking....how was she planning to spank me!?

  Finally, she said, "Good. I can tell you are ready to accept your discipline, aren't you?"
  "Yes ma'm."
  "I know this is hard for you, embarrassing, but your behavior really embarrassed your Mother  and we both know she would spank you severely if she were here, right?"
  "Yes ma'm," no way to deny THAT!

   "And you  know you deserve to be spanked, don't you?"
  I felt tears drip down my cheeks, my heart was pounding, my  buttocks clenched, and I  did feel guilty for doing such a stupid thing and I began to slip  into that juvenile feeling of being "bad girl" who needs to be spanked to make things right again.
   But I was 18!  And this ...this...woman...had no right to treat me like this!? A spanking? From HER!  It made me crazy....that she did have PERMISSION!

   I stared at my toes,  unable to face Aunt May's questioning face,  choking out ..."Yes ma'm."

  As if reading my mind, she informed me, "That's good, Rachel, because I want to be able to tell your mother that you obeyed me.  It was HER idea for ME to spank you and I know no matter how much you will hate getting a spanking from me, you want to respect your mother's wishes."
   Completely dejected, I could only nod in "agreement"....then...

  Foot steps pounding down the stairs, girls' voices getting closer......Oh ....My....God!

  Suddenly, small gasps behind me, glancing over my shoulder I could see my cousins, Jade and Julie, standing in the door-less kitchen opening at the foot of the stairs.  I  saw their shocked faces,  Jade covered her mouth in surprise, Julie smiled at me nervously..before I turned to look at Aunt May.
Shamed to be standing in my panties, obviously "in trouble"  I open my eyes wide at Aunt May, silently begging her to spare me this level of embarrassment.

 But "I'm proud of you girls," was all I heard, as May complimented her step daughters for "not being foolish enough to shoplift, as Rachel was."
I trembled and shut my eyes tightly, horrified to be seen like this by two younger girls!
  "You're gonna spank her for it?'  I heard Julie ask.

 "Yes, her mother asked me to give Rachel a spanking and that's what I'm fix'n to do, right here, right now.."
Ooh nnnoooo why why why did I do such a stupid crime!?  Why why why does Aunt May have to embarrass me like this in front of my cousins??
    For a weird moment, total silence except for my soft weeping...Jade and Julie seeing my plump bottom filling my panties....all of us wondering what would happen next..me shivering in shame wishing a hole would open and swallow me up!

  "You girls don't need to see this," Aunt May proclaimed, THANK YOU JESUS! , "just go sit in the living room, I'm sure you'll know when I'm finished spanking Rachel and you can come back."
  Meaning....thru the arched opening...they would hear every spank, squeal, swat, screech, scolding, sobbing -  every loud detail of my bare bottom spanking down to my last howl....
  Oh please god I can't take THIS much embarrassment!

  Strangely, I heard both girls say, "Sorry Rach," as they slowly left, taking one last look at my behind.  Sorry? I wondered....it did make me feel a bit better to believe they meant it...but still, they were about to listen-in while their stepmother bare bottom spanked me long and hard!
  EEwwwwww!  I was suddenly angry with my mother...how could she let this....MAKE this happen to me!?

  "Hush, hush now," I heard Aunt May whisper, and I realized I was crying and muttering, "No..why?...no...why? why...?"
I felt her turn me halfway, one of her hands on the front of my thighs, the other pushing my hands away from my bottom...
  "You KNOW exactly WHY you're being spanked Missy!" she snapped..
SMACK CRACK her palm  plastered the seat of my panties twice, four times...as she ordered, "Stop whining! Pay attention!"

 And I did.

  I could hear my own ragged breathing,  I could feel my bottom squirming under my tight panties, warm from smacks, my naked legs goose bumped and trembling. I could hear Aunt May scolding, "How could you be so immature? You can't imagine how embarrassed your mother is....and how MUCH you deserve to be spanked....long...hard...bare.
   I could feel my heart pounding, my nipples tightening, and that awful girlish voice in the back of my mind...."A SPANKING! I'm going to get a spanking. I'm going to be SPANKED! ....oh little voice  please shut up!"

 Then, holding my breath, squinting my eyes tight, jerking my hips slightly as I felt her fingers slip into the waist band of my panties...IT was happening!

 Down.. I felt my cotton panties sliding off my pert behind, baring my ripe cheeks, and in front...suddenly my bush popped out...a triangle of puffy pubic hair covering my protruding  mound, my dark pink vagina lips poking out between my silky auburn curls, which belied my advanced age, though inside I felt like a sniveling 8-yr-old "bad girl" being bared for a SPANKING!
  Unable to keep from glancing down...there...seeing my own nudity and Aunt May staring right at my most private parts from inches away..
 SWACK Ouch SPLAT....oooh...

  I felt Aunt  May's palm against my front thigh, steadying me in place, as her OTHER palm smacked cracked and slapped my wiggling bare buns over and over hard and fast as I lurched forward and back at the hot slaps turning my behind hot pink, ...whack smack...more and more until I was moaning "okay...o...K! Okay! Awww owawww OKAYOKAY OKAY..."
  Finally the spanking stopped, leaving me huffing and puffing, tears streaming down my face as I did a little stepping up and down, trying to shake the pain from my freshly spanked behind hearing myself whining "...owwwno ohKAY please please please I don't wanna spanking please I don't want to be spanked!"

  Because I knew,  my Aunt knew, my cousins knew....my spanking was just beginning...

   Aunt May let me wind down a bit.  I could hear the clock ticking and catch my cousins' murmurs from the next room.

   "I realize you don't want to spanked.  Especially by me....   But you know it's what your mother wants and I respect her enough to give you the kind of serious discipline you DESERVE...do YOU respect her enough to take your spanking like a young lady instead of a bratty girl?"
   I was seething in shame and a bit shocked at her rough talk, and feeling VERY helpless....trapped...by my own childish stupidity and my mother's strong will....
  And I was certainly no stranger to sound spankings!  But ...like this?  From HER?...and with my cousins' listening?
Oh damn damn damn....I gulped and decided to at least try to retain some dignity....to resist  dissolving into a begging little girl like I felt deep inside..

"O...y..ok...okay....I..."  was all I could stammer, but it was enough for May to huff, "'Alright then," and she yanked my panties to my ankles, "Step out!"
Crying, I lifted my feet, one then the other, suddenly totally bare below the waist..cherry red spanked buns...furry front....my panties left on on the floor.
   "Go to oven," Aunt May said, as calm as I was panicked, "see that black plastic spatula hanging by the stove?  Bring me that."

 In a daze, I scurried over, lifted the light but thick and stiff hard plastic spatula, with a slot down the middle of the palm-sized-rectangle head...looking at Aunt May thru my blurry tears, "Please. It's gonna hurt..."
   "Over here," she patted her lap....Oh no...no...noooo...noooooo.....my stomach lurched with each step closer to her, my free  hand clasping my warm bottom, my mind racing my heart pounding my grim face already a mess of tears....acutely aware of my half-nudity and what was happening to ME...right NOW!

   Handing her the horrible spatula, my whole body trembling, I saw  the sparkle in her eyes....no sympathy at all....and her barely suppressed smirk...and as she casually tap-tap-tapped the sturdy spatula against her palm,  I realized that besides "respecting my mother's wishes,"  Aunt May was looking forward to spanking my bare bottom as much as I was fearing it.....
   "Now," she nodded at me, all business. "You tell me exactly why you deserve to be disciplined with these spankings."
I wasn't surprised she was making me confess, she was asserting her control, but it scared me that she said "spankingS" plural !
   I managed to sputter out how I was sorry for shoplifting and how I knew I was going to get spanked for it and that I deserved it,"  breaking into fresh tears at the end, adding, "Just please not too much!  Not too hard please I'm REALLY sorry you don't have to spank me much..."  as I had no idea what kind of spanker Aunt May was.
   But from how she'd prepared me, her expression and stern demeanor,  I feared she meant it when she said, "I'm going to give you a spanking you'll never forget young lady....over my lap..."

  Suddenly face at the floor,  toes touching behind,  my rather petite body draped easily across her sturdy thighs....my face heated-up as I felt my completely bare bottom sticking out and that spooky juvenile helpless feeling of being over-the-lap for a spanking rushed through my body, goosebumps all over and making my bottom tremble and tingle.
   An 18-yr-old young woman, but emotionally reduced to a bad girl getting a bare bottom spanking...oh no no no nooooooo!

SMACK! WHACK! the stiff plastic spatula burst across my skin,  cold/hot at once, that  shock of suddenly remembering how MUCH a spanking can STING!...gritting my teeth, clamping my legs tightly together, willing myself to think only that it would soon be over, trying not to make a spectacle of myself.
CRACK SPLATT...on and on she paddled my bare bottom,  cheek to cheek, then three or four to one side then the other...loud...burning....I could feel my behind swelling as I began to flutter my legs, moaning and groaning.

  Ohgod ohgod ohgod ouwWWWCCHH..."OKAY.."  huffing and panting "O- KAY!"  I was squealing like a child  "Okaystop PULEEESE  it stings oh pllleeezzzz"
 not even thinking what I must have sounded like to my cousins in the next room,  as all I could hear was the steady SLAP SLAP SLAP of the spatula bouncing off my bare bottom and my own begging and bawling.
   Finally it stopped.  Crying and crying I dangled over Aunt May's lap,  my butt throbbing, demoralized, embarrassed but oh so glad the intense pain had finally ended!

  Aunt May began rubbing my heated hinie with her palm...scary but soothing, and she said, "You keep saying 'okay' and stop stop and it stings and such but you don't sound very sorry for your inexcusable behavior."
  A flash of anger...why was she being so mean!?     But draped over her lap,  freshly spanked, I realized she was right.  I had NOT "given in" to this spanking even though I KNEW I deserved to be punished.
  If it had been Mom spanking me, in private, I would certainly have quickly been apologizing and promising "mommy" I'd be sooo good,  fully reduced to a sniveling little girl being spanked.

  But it was Aunt May's, lap, spatula, kitchen and my cousins were eavesdropping....so I'd been more worried about all that than what I'd done and what I had to take to make up for it, and really learn my lesson.
   I began crying again,  "I'm sorry Auntie really I am!  It's just....sob sob...so embarrassing like this and ....yes I'm really embarrassed about stealing and especially with Jade and Julie there.  I will NEVER steal again!  I swear!  And...I'm sorry I embarrassed my Mom..and...and sorry you...you.. have to do this."

   Aunt May patted my bare bottom and complimented me, "That's so much better Rachel!  I was beginning to wonder how LONG I'd have to spank you!  Now  that you agree you deserve to be spanked until you are VERY sorry this shouldn't take much longer."
   I held my breath as she quickly re-adjusted my body, so my fanny was poking way up and she locked one of her legs across one of mine, so I had one free leg to kick.
  Oh crap.....  and she wasn't going to make this any easier for me,   "Alright then, let's hear just how sorry you are Miss thief....oh, and don't feel sorry for me.
I have NO problem spanking this bare bottom of yours!"

  Across my tender naked upper thigh...THWACK!  OwwwCHH ... SWACK!..my left thigh burst into pain.... "I'm sorry!  I'm sorryyyy!"  spank crack splat "I'll be goodddd....I'msorryieeeee AwwaWAaaaaa Auntie pleaseeeee  I'll begoodI'll be.ggogg...gggoooodddd".... I was really screeching,  my head was twisting, tears flying, my thigh tops were on FIRE!  That evil spatula SMACKING pure hot STING over and over and I was kicking my one free leg wildly.
    "Auuuntttteeee! I'sorry sorrryyyy sorry WAAWAaaaAAAa begoood will I will I  WILLL!"  until I dissolved into near hysterical babbling so that Aunt May, my cousins, and probably the neighbors did hear a VERY contrite young lady accepting responsibility....and a horrible horrible bare bottom paddle spanking!

   Suddenly the rapid fire paddling stopped and  I squirmed across her lap,  my whole backside still stinging and sobbed out apologies, "I..Immmsorryyyeee...I..I'll NEVER steal again! I sw..swaa...swear wawawah"....
   "There, there Miss Rachel,"  Aunt May cooed,  and I jerked when she began rubbing my burning thighs with her cool palm.  "I can hear that you are starting to learn your lesson.  Your mother would be happy to hear you now."
  Her caresses were distressing,  a bit soothing but awkward, as it felt like she was touching me for her own pleasure rather than to sooth my pain,  but I was finally catching my breath and calming down and VERY happy the damn spatula was NOT spanking me anymore.  So I sobbed and kept promising to be good...
   "But," Aunt May's voice changed, "you are 18-yrs-old and have acted so badly that I'm sure your mother wants me to make SURE you are punished fully"   Oh no.... "So we will finish this little smacking,"  my whole body tightened up as I felt her tapping the spatula on my bottom, "then you will  have some corner time...before.....your strapping.  Understood?"
   My mind went blank.  More of the spatula....corner time?  Strapping?

  "Understood Missy!?"   SNAP a small spatula spank....

   My mind was screaming NO NO NO  but my mouth muttered, "Ye...yesss ma'm"...and I began to cry, hard.

  It was only about 20.  But extra hard and one-a-second, all over my hot butt and thighs, igniting fresh fiery sting over and over as I kicked my leg, jerked my behind back and forth, threw my head back to howl at the ceiling, screeching like a cat in heat...

  Then...I was up!  Free!  But helpless to do anything but dance.  All around the kitchen. Uncontrollable jumping up and down,  hopping foot-to-foot,  hands plastered to my bouncing burning buns, twirling,  bellowing....prancing around, knees up and down, flashing my pussy fur and my agonized face...10 seconds...20....30...close to a minute before I calmed down enough to shift foot-to-foot in one spot, choking out apologies and promises to be good FOREVER...

  Aunt May looked enchanted.  Sparkly-eyed and please with herself.  Then she surprised me by standing up and embracing me in a big hug!  I cried into the side of her neck, she patted my back and whispered, "Okay...okay Rachel.  You did well...go ahead an cry it out now.  I know it was bad but your first spanking is over now.  Be brave for me, okay?"
   I felt myself reach around and hug her back,  letting myself sob against her strong body, my snotty nose pressed against her cinnamon scented throat and I felt her hands slide down my back to cup my blazing buns...gently, tenderly massaging the hot sting away.


  1. That's a great story! I felt every swat on that poor girl's bottom (Been there!)

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    1. Glad you liked it. Hopefully the author will post a continuation.

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  4. Very well written. Made me feel as if I was right there. Super !

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  6. Very good story, but this male was caught stealing from the store. Punishment was not administer by the folks, but the owner of the store. She called, talked with the folks, then I talked with them. She smiled when I hung up and she pointed to the backroom. Worse spanking of my life, she was going to insure I would not do it again. Leaving the store, I got looked at, smiles from the women, I was heard, I knew. The store lady right behind me with the large paddle, going to steal again young man, rubbing my bottom I said no. It really wasn't the spanking that hurt, it was her baring my bottom slowly and scolding me prior to.

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