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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The future - part 2 (F/M)

"Excellent," replied Alicia. "Now let's see... It says here you were arrested last month for drunk and disorderly conduct, indecent exposure, public urination, disturbing the peace, resisting arrest and assault of a police officer. Furthermore, your blood alcohol level was .15." Alicia arched an eyebrow as she looked up from her iPad. "Is that correct?"

Evan nodded, as much he could in his predicament, miserably. "Yes Miss." He didn't know what to say but he felt it was better not to say too much.

"Ok. Well we're going to discuss your behavior and give you some mental exercises to help control your impulses. First, let's begin with ..." she dialed the graphical dial on her iPad and tapped the screen.

"Noooo. Wait, please," Evan begged. But it didn't matter. When she tapped and looked at him all he saw were her blue eyes like still pools of water.

Then the paddle smacked across his ass.
"OWWWW!" he cried out. The paddle smacked again. Then again. Strangely the cadence wasn't even. He jerked with each blow. The burning was intense on his ass. After 4 swats it stopped. Evan was breathing heavily and tears slowly dripped down his face.

"Let me explain the equipment first," Alicia started brightly. "You're quite lucky. This is the newest model we have. It's equipped with the latest in machine learning and artificial intelligence. We have scanned the faces and bottoms of countless subjects. Using the information provided we are able to apply the minimum swats and yield the maximum pain levels. It's *much* safer on your skin. And there's less bruising. Well depending on the severity of your crimes." She crinkled her nose slightly at that.

"Furthermore, it lets the technicians focus on your treament instead of the punishment. In the past, we found punishments varied depending on the time of day, the technician and his/her condition and other factors. Now that's all accounted for in the computer." Alicia smiled as she considered the efficiency.

"You may have noticed the computer delays application of each swat. This is for several reasons. One is the time told technique of enhancing the effects using surprise. It's always better when the recipient is unaware. Another reason is the safety. After each swat recipients have a tendency to clench. It's a natural muscular response to pain. But applying a swat to a muscle in that condition can increase bruising. And finally, muscles deflect after being struck. The computer uses the camera to watch the motion and apply the next swat just as the deflection has returned to its most natural position."

"Oh I'm sorry. This talk is getting a bit too technical. Anyway, rest assured you're in the best of hands. Let's continue."

Evan listened to all this in a daze. All he knew was his ass burned like it was on fire. He was trying his best to "take it like a man" but couldn't help but cry like a school boy. When would this end?

Alicia looked at her Ipad again. "Do you think drinking in excess makes you more of a man?" she asked. Her eyes regarded him cooly.

"No.. no. Not at all," he replied worried.

Alicia's eyes narrowed. "If I feel you're being condescending it'll be worse on you," she said in a stern voice. "When I ask you a question I expect you to answer truthfully." She glared at him as she tapped twice on the iPad.

Evan struggled but it didn't matter. Soon he was jerking and crying as the paddle burned his ass. He gasped for breath while fresh tears streamed down his face.

"I'll ask you again. When you drink in excess, do you feel like more of a man?" Alicia asked.

"Yes.. " Evan sobbed. "I, I.. feel like the girls are looking at me and I try to show off for them." His head sagged.

"I see," Alicia said disapprovingly. "And please explain why you thought removing your clothing was a good idea."

*                 *               *

Twenty minutes later Alicia stood and stretched her arms and arched her back. Sitting for the entire session was a big change from the old days where she kept limber by swinging a paddle or cane. Progress sometimes wasn't all good. Evan for his part was quivering in his bonds with tears streaming down his face. He had received quite a few smacks during the session. Alicia walked around to check his condition and saw he had a very red ass. It was quite even in color though she noticed admiringly. She touched his back lightly and noticed it was covered in a sheen of sweat. Nodding approvingly at the sign of a good paddling she returned to her seat and picked up her iPad.

"We've made quite a bit progress today Evan," she told him as she read over the iPad. "I think we've covered everything."

Evan was quietly trying to regain his composure after his recent paddling. Not being able to move didn't help and he couldn't even wipe the tears and snot off his face. But his ears perked up at this last statement.

"How do you feel about what we've talked about?" Alicia asked him.

"I've learned a lot," Evan replied carefully. "And I now understand things in a way I didn't think about before."

"Good." Alicia lips pursed in a small smile. "Well we're ready to conclude the session. I'm going to assign you your final grouping. During this I will be filling out paperwork but rest assured I will be here in case of emergency."

Evan heart started racing at her words. Another grouping? Emergency? What was she talking about?? He watched in disbelief as her finger rotated several times on the iPad. Oh my god!!! he thought. He couldn't comprehend what was happening until her finger tapped.

Alicia walked over to her desk. She put on her Beats headphones and sat at her computer typing her report.

..subject was receptive to consultation... expect full rehabilitation...

Behind her Evan was jerking in his bonds as the paddle smacked over and over. Occasionally there was a brief pause and then it would resume again.

*           *             *
Evan stood unsteadily. He had been released from the table after his "final grouping". After crouching on the ground for a few minutes while he recovered his strength he was able to limply wrap his robe around himself.

"Our appointment is concluded," Alicia said. "You'll receive an email with a survey. Please remember, anything less than a 5 is not passing for me." She gave him the briefest of smiles and turned away.

Soon Evan was shuffling down the hallway.


  1. Hi, A great follow up story ! Alicia really did enjoy her task of administering his punishment ,dragging it out to ensure it was as painful as possibble for poor Evan! I could almost feel the horrble paddle whacking across his buttocks! It made me wonder how long the blade of the paddle was and how thick! I feel Alicia was thinking what she could put in his Report to produce a mark of about 4 to ensue she has the pleaure of using the paddle on Evans bottom again! As my wife used to tell me after my pulic punishments, most of the Ladies will have wet knickers, so will Alicia !! GLen

    1. I wonder if Evan will really fill out the survey. Most people don't. ;-)

    2. Hi, Well I am very anti-survey ! Phone inquires ,I just say no thanks ,then slam the phone down! Letters are torn up , after removing any identity information ! Callers are also treated abruptly unless they are good looking young ladies and I tell them I am keen to help them!! Glen

    3. where can I buy one of those machines?

  2. It was worth the wait for part 2. When you can imagine yourself in the same position and also imagine the pain and humiliation, you know it was a good story.
    Let's see more like this in the future.

  3. Now that is my kinda story! No sex, just red bottoms--also I do not like surveys either!