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Friday, February 24, 2017

Rachel's quick lesson - M/F

"I've been busy!" Rachel fumed.

"Don't sass me young lady!" Ed retorted. "You've had plenty of time to get it done."

Rachel angrily knocked some magazines off the table. "If you want it so bad, do it yourself!" Suddenly her ear smarted. Ed had grabbed it and was dragging her to the kitchen!

"Let go!" she cried with her anger now tempered with fear.

"It seems like you need a lesson. You've been getting too big for your britches lately."

Rachel was dragged unsteadily by her ear to the kitchen. Her stomach started to flipflop. Had she gone too far?

"Ok, ok.. I'm sorry", she started whining. But Ed's hand didn't loosen. He pushed her towards the counter and in a second had yanked down her shorts. Then her panties.
"Eeek!" Rachel jumped and tried to cover herself with her hands.

"Get those hands on the counter," Ed sternly instructed her. "You know where."
Where, was two square tiles with tape marks by the microwave.

Rachel stood there angrily, her hands on the two Xs marked with tape. When was the last time this happened? She didn't want to dwell on it but it was never pleasant. Her eyes followed his hand as he reached up to the top of the fridge for the wooden spoon. Surprised she saw his hand go *over* the spoon and fetch something behind it. It was a paddle.

Fear gripped her heart. When had he gotten that? The spoon was bad, but this paddle looked ominous. It was short but thick. The face of it looked about 6 inches long and 4 inches wide. And it had lots of little holes drilled in it. She couldn't tell what kind of wood it was because it was painted red and varnished. Her heart beat rapidly.

"Nooooo," she cried. "Where did you get that?? Please don't spank me with that. I'm sorry." She wriggled desperately in place but kept her hands on the tiles.

Ed's reply was a fast and hard swat on her right cheek.

"Owww!" Rachel yelped and leaped in shock. Hands flashed down to desperately massage the fiery pain blazing on her ass.

"Hands. On. Tiles." Ed ordered. Weeping, Rachel complied.

The paddle swept up again and landed with a loud smack. This time on her left cheek.

"OWWWWWW!" Rachel cried out. Tears sprang from her eyes and she rose up on her tiptoes but managed to keep her hands on the counter.

"Tell me why you're getting this spanking." Ed ordered.

Tearfully Rachel replied, "Because I was sassing you."


"And?..." Ed asked.

"Because I threw the magazines on the ground. Because I didn't do my work on time." Tears were starting to drip down Rachel's face. Those smacks hurt! The spoon was bad but nothing compared to this! It had only been three spanks but already her ass was on fire.

"This isn't the first time you've sassed back. What did I tell you would happen?" Ed asked as he studied her face. It was starting to get red and teary and on her forehead he could see beads of sweat.

Rachel knew better than to rub her bottom but the fire blazed so hot! She hopped from foot to foot trying anything to get relief.

"You said I'd get a barn burner of a spanking," she whispered. She looked over her shoulder as best she could trying to see the paddle. Maybe she could jump out of the way in time...

Ed directed her face the other way with a light touch to her chin. A slight squeal started to emanate from Rachel's lips as she anticipated another swat. She instinctively jerked her bottom forward but nothing had happened. Ed remained perfectly still. More whining from Rachel.

Then out of nowhere a flurry of swats had her eyes screwed and mouth open. "Aaaaah!!" Ed had given her two on each cheek. Hard. They had caught her flush as she wasn't able to see him swing. The sound of the smacks seemed to reverberate in the room.

Now tears were steadily streaming down her face. "Please... I'll be better," she begged.

"Do you think this spanking is teaching you a lesson?" Ed asked.

"Yessss," Rachel replied desperately.

"Well I want to make sure you learn your lesson," Ed replied. He then grabbed her by the waist, forcing her chest down and her bottom out. Then he delivered a dozen hard swats across her bottom.

Rachel was besides herself. She didn't know if she kept her hands on the tiles. All she felt was his iron grip around her waist and the burning spanks landing on her ass. Her legs kicked desperately here and there but she was effectively immobilized. Eventually she realized the spanking had stopped but she was still howling. Ed placed her hands on the tiles again.

"I want you to stand here until this timer goes off. Then I want you clean up the mess you made, go into your room and finish your writing like you promised. Got it?" A hand under her chin forced her to look at him.

Sobbing, she replied "yes sir."

"Oh you can look at this while you're waiting too. Might as well get familiar with it." With that Ed placed to paddle on the counter between her hands. The red, shiny surface looked brand new.


  1. love it !please send me your address so I can join you on the receiving end next time.L.

    1. Lialextra987. Maybe, but it would be fun to find out !