Have been spanked with someone else watching

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Real Life Story

 Letter from a reader

Dear Eddard,
     My  husband and I have been reading your stories with enjoyment,
but  also with wonderment. I'm confused. I don't know what to think of
my  situation.  I am willing to admit that I  enjoy  reading
these your website very much. I'm not  so  willing  to
admit  some other things that reading these things  make  me
wonder   about.  I  have  always  thought  of  spanking   as
discipline  until lately when my husband found your site online.
I always felt that I deserved a spanking  when I got one. Then it
was always like  an  extra touch  of forgiveness that making up after
the spanking  was so  nice.  I  guess I was simply naive, but I  never  really
thought  about this. Here I am thirty-five and admitting  to
being  such an innocent. Instead of trying to figure it  all
out, I'm going to tell you my story.

     My  most memorable spanking happened several years  ago
about  two days before my wedding. I have three sisters  and
two  of  them were already home with their husbands, waiting
for  the  wedding. One of my sisters and I have a  difficult
time  getting along when the stress is high and believe  me,
right  before a wedding in the home of the bride, stress  is
     My  sister and I got into it. That wasn't too  unusual,
but  in the middle of the fight, and it was getting to be  a
fight, my mother walked in. She said, "Upstairs."
     My  sister and I looked at each other like we  couldn't
believe  what  was happening. I don't know why  we  wouldn't
believe it, since my mother spanked all of us as long as  we
were  at  home and then occasionally has spanked my  married
sisters  after  their  weddings  when  they  were  home   on
vacation. Maybe it was because all the relatives were there.
     We  obeyed  her. It was a long walk upstairs.  We  each
went  to our rooms and left the door open. That was the  way
it  was  done in our house. I heard my mother coming up  the
steps.  I heard her walk down the hall past my room  and  on
into  hers. I couldn't hear her in her room because  of  her
carpet  but I knew she was walking across to her dresser  to
get the dreadful hairbrush.
     I  soon heard her in the hall again. As she got  to  my
room, I held my breath. I don't know if it is worse to  hear
a  spanking first or to get it first, but when mom  has  the
hairbrush and is ready, I never am. I want to put it off  as
long as possible.
     She  passed  by room and went to my sister's.  I  could
hear  her  scolding  my sister like she  was  a  little  kid
instead  of  a twenty-five year old woman who  had  her  own
home. I heard her order my sister to take down her jeans.  I
heard my sister sob and I knew that mom was taking down  her
panties.  We  all do this little gulp when  our  panties  go
     I  could hear the noises that made me know that mom was
putting  Janice  over  her knees and making  her  stick  her
bottom up for a good, sound spanking with her hairbrush.  We
all hate the hairbrush. It really hurts forever.
     Mom  has had us all watch the others get a spanking  in
the  past but generally she has us each wait in our own room
with  our door open so we can hear. While watching the other
sister  get  it  is  embarrassing for the  one  getting  it,
hearing and imagining, and knowing that you are next is much
worse. Mom makes the punishment much more memorable by doing
it this way.
     I  winced  and  jumped and rubbed  my  bottom  as  that
hairbrush slapped against my poor sister's bottom.  I  heard
her cries of pain and knew that I would sound just like her.
I  wiggled and wished that I could just run away. I hated to
be  spanked.  I hated to get one with a sister and  have  to
wait for it. I just hated it.
     Finally  I heard mom ask Janice if she had started  the
fight. Janice cried and begged even as she admitted that she
had. One time one of us didn't admit to being the instigator
and  Mom gave us all such a working over until we told  that
all  of  us  admit to our faults these days. It  just  isn't
worth it not to.
     I  heard Janice coming toward me down the hall. She was
sobbing.  She was also scuffling in her jeans and  hurrying.
She  opened  the bathroom door. I knew what she  was  doing.
Getting  the razor strap. She would be strapped because  she
had started the fight.
     I heard her go back to her room. She was really crying.
We  all hate the strap. I heard Mom tell her to get off  her
jeans  and  panties and get up on the bed with  the  bolster
under  her  tummy. Each of our beds had its own bolster  for
this very purpose.
     I  heard Mom ask her if she would rather have the strap
across  her bottom or hold it. That was terrible. Either  we
got  to look at it or feel it. I never knew which was worse.
I knew that my sister was over that bolster with her rump up
and  her  legs spread as far as she could spread  them.  Her
bottom and everything else was facing the open door. We  all
hated  that  because  anyone who wasn't  being  spanked  was
allowed  to come upstairs and stand in the doorway. In  this
case, I heard Janice's husband come up the steps.
     Then I heard Mom tell Janice that she would be back  to
finish  as  soon as she had talked to me. I knew  what  that
meant.  Janice would lie there and wait and listen.  It  was
terrible to know that Mom was coming back for a session with
the  strap.  I  felt sorry for Janice but I forgot  to  feel
anything but panic as Mom came into my room and I was on the
receiving  end of a scolding and then told to take  down  my
     It  was  just  as bad as it always was. That  hairbrush
doesn't give an inch and the burning sting is enough to make
a  girl  beg and cry from the first stroke. Mom believes  in
making a naughty girl know how displeased she is.
     I  was  crying and stomping when Mom finally let me  up
and  said  she hoped that she didn't have to do  that  again
before  the wedding. She assured me that she would  give  my
husband-to-be  a hairbrush as a gift, just as  she  had  her
other sons-in-law.
     Then I had to keep my panties down around my ankles and
shuffle  out  to the hallway. I faced the wall and  kept  my
bottom  on  display  while  Mom went  back  to  complete  my
sister's  punishment. Janice really screamed  as  the  strap
crossed her cheeks. I wiggled from one foot to the other and
wished  that  my  brother-in-law  wasn't  standing  in   the
hallway. Of course, I knew it was going to get worse. I  was
sure  that  Mom would make us do everything that she  always
made us do. And she did.
     It wasn't long before my sobbing and gulping sister was
leading  the  way down the steps. My Mom had allowed  me  to
pull my pants up far enough to get down the steps. Once down
stairs  with our bottoms as red as apples, we bent over  the
couch  back, side by side. We would be required to  stay  in
this position for the next half an hour. If someone came in,
it  was  only right that we be embarrassed. As Mom explained
it, we didn't mind showing off so that we had to be spanked,
we could just show ourselves afterwards too.
     My  fiance walked in during my half hour over the couch
and I was mortified. I hadn't planned to tell him about this
part  of  my  life.  I was hoping that  he  would  take  the
hairbrush gift as a joke. I had little hope since  my  other
sisters were sure to talk, but I was going to try it.
     Since  so  many of the family were coming  in  for  the
wedding,  I  met all too many of them bottom end first  that
day. It was totally humiliating. Needless to say, I kept  my
stress  under control until after the wedding. Once  spanked
and bottom up on that couch were enough for me.
     I  have  been married about thirteen years now  and  my
husband  does  spank me. Some people would find  it  odd  to
learn that my mother spanks me too. We live far enough  away
that  I don't see her real often but she visits us from time
to time and whenever she stays a week, it never fails, I end
up bottom up.
     My  husband admits that he loves to watch Mom spank me.
I just feel pain and embarrassment when it happens. However,
after  a spanking from Mom, generally toward the end of  the
stay,  we really make love frantically. Often, I get another
spanking because I have been such a bad girl that my  mother
had  to  spank me. It would seem that my bad behavior  is  a
reflection on my husband.
     Reading  your website makes me wonder if I would  like
to  find  a "mom" who likes spanking who could play spanking
games  with  my husband and me. But I don't know,  when  you
play these games, do you really get a hard spanking like  my
Mom gives?
     I  guess  what  worries  me  the  most  is,  are  mom's
spankings some kind of perverted sexual thing? I don't  know
what to think.
     Anyway, I do get some easier spankings now that we  are
reading  your stories. I'm glad we found them. A  spanking
that  isn't so hard really makes me wet, especially  when  I
know  that the whole purpose of this spanking is to turn  me
on. It is all so amazing!

Dear Karen,
     There  are  all kinds of spankings. Why not just  enjoy
the ones you can and not worry!



  1. What a delightful post! Enjoy your spanking life wherever it originates!

    Best wishes to you and your husband. and thank you too, Eddard.

  2. Like you my mother will spank me anytime she thinks its necessary and use an old hairbrush on me. My husband witnessed me getting put over moms knee for a bare bottom blistering. He laughed and urged mom on. When she finished with me she said to my husband "Think its funny' and before he knew he was bare bottomed and across mom's lap getting a real taste of the hairbrush bawling like a naughty little boy. I have received a few good spankings since then but my husband gets it from me and mom both.

    1. Thanks for sharing! Sounds like your husband should have kept his mouth shut. How about sending in a story.

  3. lovely (and scary!) story Karen.. OMG, aside from the physical sting of feeling that hairbrush burn into your bottom, I can only imagine how over the top embarrassing it would be to be bare bottomed like that in front of your brothers-in-law.. while likely feeling sorry for you, I am sure they were just relishing in the site of a pretty bride to be with her pants and panties down at her ankles, bare bottom shamelessly raised and mooning away awaiting to be spanked.... phew!!! how many male friends of yours have ever seen you in a similar situation?