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The Schedule - F/F

Here's a story from another author of long ago.

How many of you had other non-spanking friends find out about your spankings?

*                   *                   *

Karen was so proud of herself.  Her young cousin, Cindy, was
visiting and Karen wanted to show off a bit.  Karen bragged about her
life of freedom at college, of her late nights on campus, of the
parties, and of the "all nighters" she was involved.  Indeed, Karen even
whispered to Cindy, who of course was totally inexperienced, of her nights
with her boyfriend--all night going all the way (as she thought her young cousin
would understand it).  Sometimes, Karen did use the phrase "making love"
to impress the young girl.

Karen was just so grown up, especially through the eyes of her
fifteen year old cousin.  She was off at college, no longer under the
direct supervision of her parents.  She smoked, drank when she felt
like it, went to wild parties (her descriptions were so vivid), and slept over at her
boyfriend's.  Her life was so "adult".  Karen's continued description
of her new life away from home seemed almost utopian to young Cindy.
The more Karen talked, indeed bragged, to her young cousin, she became
increasingly self-confident and brazen in her conduct.  She was, after all, a grown
up, a woman, and certainly not subject to her parents expectations of
youngster's behavior.  Karen was so unwise, during the extended stay of her
cousin, to at times verbalize--within the earshot of her mother--of her
distain for the household rules.  Little did young Cindy know that this
would be her big cousin's comeuppance.

Karen, aged nineteen, was for the most part oblivious to the
wooden backed hairbrush which still lay face down on the dresser in her
bedroom.  Yes, Karen did have vivid--very graphic--memories of that
brush from her younger days.  Yet these "younger days" were only a few months ago.
Karen's mother was very strict, very strict indeed, and had used that
same hairbrush several times--indeed, right up until Karen had
graduated from high school only a year before--to spank Karen as she
lay draped over her mother's knee!  Yes, this very grown up young lady
had been subject to lengthy (bare bottomed!) hairbrush spankings as a teenager.
Luckily (so Karen thought), those days were behind her (no pun intended).
Once, early in Cindy's visit, Karen did look--stare, in fact--at that brush
remembering the last time it was used.  Karen shuddered at the
remembrance--that spanking was simply excruciating, embarrassing, and
lengthy.  Mother spanked and spanked, and spanked as Karen lay over
mother's knee pleading, hollering, shreiking, and promising under the rigid
influence of the spanking brush.  And mother made her stand, blubbering and
sobbing in the corner afterwards--for an hour!!  THAT was horrible, particularly
at that age, but at least that would never, never be repeated.  Karen even picked
that horrible brush up and weighed it in her hand; it was so heavy and she knew, oh she
knew, how it hurt when Mother had applied it to her soft pinkish-white
bare rear cheeks AND HER UPPER THIGHS.

Karen comforted herself with the knowledge that those episodes
her long since over.  (Yet, how could Karen ignore the simple fact that
her older sister had had spankings to contend with right up until she
graduated from college, if her behavior was inappropriate in mother's eyes?) 

Did she imagine (chuckling to herself) that poor Cindy--only
fifteen--was probably the frequent recipient of similar kinds of
punishment.  Karen did know, from Mother's lectures, that grandmom had
spanked both her girls (Karen's mom and Cindy's mom) when they "needed" it
and that was frequently.  Cindy's mom had also taken a substantial share of bare
behind spankings in her youth and had no doubt (so Karen believed)
taken up this form of discipline on her girls as well.  Actually, Karen was
wrong.  Cindy and her sister had actually been spared the terror of corporal
punishment precisely because their mother had been subject to spanking
as a youngster and knew its effects that she had decided that this exceedingly painful
form of discipline was not going to be used on her offspring.  Cindy
had never felt the pain and suffering of a bare behind hairbrush
spanking, and none of her friends had either.  Karen wished she could say that.
Not only had she and her older sister taken frequent trips over Mother's knee
when they were growing up, the nature of their discipline was exceedingly hot
gossip among their acquaintances.  They were among a very small minority
(they only knew two other families where corporal punishment was used)
who had to suffer the pain and humiliation of spanking.

Cindy, the visitor, had something is store for her.

Young Cindy was to be a (lucky) witness of her much older cousin
getting a lengthy and painful session with the hairbrush.  Cindy was to
learn that a big girl of nineteen, in college or not, when subject to
this dreadful form of discipline, was just as much a little girl as herself, maybe
more so.  Karen, when the time came, indeed did plead and beg at just
the threat or announcement of a spanking.  And as the spanking
commenced, Karen shrieked and bucked as the backside of the hairbrush was
healthily applied to her bared and upturned rear cheeks.  Karen's mother used the
method of her mother and lifted the hard wooden backside of the hairbrush high
above her shoulder and then quickly whacked it down as hard as she could on
the bared rear end and upper thighs of Karen who screamed and begged
from the very first thwack of her spanking.

Yet, what could get a nineteen year old in such trouble?  Being
so smitten of herself, and determined to impress her younger cousin,
Karen adopted a course of behavior that simply assured her of another
session over her mother's knee.  Karen took little Cindy to a party, ignored the stated
curfew of her mother ("Who could take a curfew seriously?") by several
hours, enticed Cindy into some drinking (as well as herself), and was
generally bratty upon arrival at home.  Her mother was no less strict than in
the past and informed Karen that tomorrow she was in for it yet again:

"Karen, I don't care how old you are; I will simply not tolerate
this kind of behavior--especially with Cindy here.  I have heard you
talk to Cindy and some of your friends.  Young lady, YOU will obey the
rules of this household and tomorrow I am going to punish you. . ."

"[Karen first muttered Oh, Fuck] N-No, mom, please you don't
mean. . ."

"Young lady, did you curse me?  Tomorrow you are not only going
to be given yet another spanking, yes a good hard spanking, to correct
your appalling behavior; I think we will go to the bathroom afterwards
to deal with that dirty mouth of yours!"

Karen's response--her deepest fear--surfaced immediately and
shocked young Cindy.  Karen begged and pleaded, assured her mother that
this would never happen again.  Reduced to such pleading, Karen was
left with a whole nearly sleepless night to contemplate her renewed acquaintance
with the backside of mother's oval wooden hairbrush.

"Oh, please mom, I'll, I'll never do it again.  Please, I can't
stand the hairbrush, please, please, don't sp-spank me.  Please, mom,
oh it hurts, IT  HUUUURRRTS; please, I'll do anything."

Clear, unmistakable memories of her last session, and fleeting
recollections of many past sessions, bare bottomed draped over mother's
knee, flooded Karen's consciousness.  How can this be happening?

That sleepless night Karen spent on the hideaway bed in the den.
She was forbidden to go upstairs and enter her room.  Karen's
whereabouts from this moment until punishment time would be very
closely monitored.  Why? thought little Cindy was Karen kept out of her
very own room?  The answer later became obvious.

The next afternoon, Karen was finally sent to her room to prepare
herself for mother's arrival.  Karen had to lower her tight jeans and
panties to mid-thigh and stand in the corner.  She had already moved
the straight backed desk chair to the middle of the room awaiting mother's

All the while, young Cindy was a witness, and a most willing one,
intensely interested in the predicament of her older cousin.  Cindy's
mom had told her girls about how she and her sister had been spanked
with the backside of a hairbrush on their bare bottoms as they lay draped over
grandma's knee.  Cindy and her sister knew that their cousins were
subject to this same form of punishment, but neither Cindy nor her
sister had actually witnessed such a punishment.  Today, that was to change,
much to Cindy's delight and interest.  What excellent gossip this would
make--to sister and all her friends back home.  Indeed, even at this young
age, Cindy knew that careful (if clandestine) note-taking would enable
her to provide her sister and friends an especially graphic account of these
events.  As it ended up, Cindy left her cousin's room several times during the
preparation and aftermath of the spanking to make such notes.  They came in handy
once she was back home.

Mother soon arrived, but not to administer the spanking she has
promised poor Karen, but to deliver a carefully handwritten "schedule"
of events for the afternoon, events which amount to a mortifying
juvenile and exceedingly painful punishment for Karen.

The schedule was a set of events which add up to Karen's complete
and lengthy punishment:

2:00 - 2:30  Karen's corner standing, bare bottomed
2:30 - 3:00  Discovery and discussion
3:00 - 3:15  Spanking
3:15 - 3:45  After spanking corner standing, bare bottomed
3:45 - 4:00  Trip to bathroom to wash out Karen's dirty mouth
4:00 - 5:00  Karen will write apology to Mother and write out
plan to improve behavior
5:00 - 5:30  Discussion of apology and essay; plan of action

The fifteen year old was free to read this schedule and took the
occasion to ask Karen several questions as she stood in the corner
after 2:00 P.M.

"Does this happen often, Karen?  I mean do you have to get
spanked all the time?"

"No", hissed Karen from her corner, humilitated at her
predicament.  [Actually, Karen's attitude towards her younger cousin,
who she so recently wanted to impress, was overheard by mother who made
a mental note that Karen must be especially sore at the conclusion of this session.
Indeed, thought mother, Karen needs a rather regular dose of hairbrushings to
get and keep her in line.]

"What does 'discovery' mean?", innocently asked Cindy.

Slowly and cautiously Karen explains.  (She deparately wants to
leave this cursed corner, despite her half-naked state to quickly
search her belongings to retrieve and carefully hide offending items).
"Well, uh, my mom, searches around to see if there is anything I'm not
supposed to have."  Karen does not explain further, but does she dare to have
Cindy help her out and remove some things just knows her mother will find?
This part of her punishment, Karen explains, encourages Mother to dramatically
increase her "dosage"--i.e., the number of strokes she will have to
take with the paddle or hairbrush.  God, she hates this.

"When your mother gives you a spanking, does it, well, does it
really hurt?"

With this, even this haughty nineteen year old college girl,
breaks down.  What self respecting college freshman would admit to her
much younger cousin that this is an unbearable experience?  But Karen
does!  Karen starts to blubber, anticipating the effects of the hairbrush:
"God, it hurts, it huuuuurts. I can't stand it; I just can't stand it. Oh, God;
Oh. God, I'm go-ooooing to get a spanking!!!"  Karen starts to cry in
earnest at this reminder of her upcoming hairbrush spanking.

Mother soon enters the room, noting the anticipated fate of her
daughter, especially since her young neice is there to witness (and no
doubt, report) the events of Karen's punishment.

Discovery begins.

Mother searchs through Karen's purse and personal belongings.
My, my she finds several illegitimate items:  cigarettes, a joint, a
diaphram (oh-oh), a picture of a young man who no doubt is the
beneficiary of this sexual device, and some letters between the two.
[Would he imagine that his lover is still the recipient of juvenile bare
behind hairbrush spankings and corner standing?]  Mother based her
final decision on the length of the spanking on discovery.  Yes, poor Karen
certainly has four dozen strokes of the back of the hairbrush to contend
with, but the discovery of these items assures an additional two dozen,
bringing her dose for the day to six dozen hard strokes with the brush.
Mother mentally notes that this will have to be a very hard and painful
session--worse than Karen is accustomed--each stroke delivered from
high above the head and bringing the wooden backed hairbrush down as
hard as possible.  Blisters might very well be raised on Karen's rear cheeks
and upper thighs, but that is the consequence of intentional disobedience
to mother's strict code of behavior.

And, as she announces to the fifteen year old cousin, Karen will
be subject to this kind of discipline for at least three more years,
until she leaves the household.  Her older sister had to deal with the
same and Karen can expect nothing less.  Indeed, mother continues, if Karen insists
upon such poor behavior Daddy has a thick razor strap that can help
straighten Karen out.  (Karen had conveniently forgotten these

Karen emits a loud wail at such a public pronouncement of her
continued juvenile status.

As awful as the anticipation and discussion of a spanking is,
especially in the company of a young giggling cousin, the actual event
is much, much worse, and many times worse than the most vivid memory.
Karen is called from the corner.  She as to waddle slowly and sheepishly
over to her mother's waiting lap.  Mother has nicely flattened out her skirt and
waits with the dreaded hairbrush in her hand.  Under these
circumstances, mother actually smiles nicely to her nineteen year old who
is about to be disciplined in the old- fashioned manner.

One last moment of begging signals the true beginning of Karen's
punishment for her disobedience.

Draped over her mother's knee, with her precious pinkish-white
bare rear cheeks staring at the ceiling, Karen finally has to contend
with the backside of the hairbrush.  Patting those soft clenching butt
cheeks with the hard thick wooden backside of the hairbrush, mother raised
the spanking brush off Karen's backside, up high above her head, and waited until
her sorrowful nineteen year old daughter relaxed her behind; then,

TH-WHack!!! TH-WHack!!!

Almost instantaneously, Karen reacted with the loud pleading and
bellowing much more like a young teenager than the mature young woman
she liked to pretend she was.

"Yee-owhhhhow, Please mommy, please, I cannnnn't stand it. It
huuuuuu-rrrrrtsss!!!!  God, oh please, it huuurttts.  I can't stand it;
I can't stand it."

Karen had much more that she had to "stand"; again and again, the
loud splats of the hairbrush reverberated throughout her bedroom, and
Cindy was a witness.


"Please, Mommy,  please, please", she pleaded, "stop, I can't
st-stand it.  IT HURTTS. PLEE-ASE. . ."

"Ye-ohw; oh, God, please, M-mommy, please, stop, IT HUUUURTSS. 
IT-T HUUUUUU-URR-TTTTS.  Please, I can't stand it.  I can't stand it.
I can't st-stand it.  IT HUUU-UUURTSS."





Karen repeated this refrain again and again.  Her pleading,
begging, and promising are heard throughout the neighborhood.  Many
nearby parents and teenagers smirk to themselves at Karen's
predicament.  They KNOW that a spanking is taking place in the Greenway
residence yet again, just like has happened many many times before.  Karen
and her older sister Millie before her had several occasions to treat the
nearby community to the unmistakeable and delightful sounds of teenage
(and older!) young ladies taking their punishments in the old fashioned way.
The loud THWACKS of the wooden hairbrush (and sometimes paddle)
could be clearly heard several houses away, of course quickly accompanied
by even louder shreiks of pain and perhaps even louder promises of good,
very good, perhaps angelic behavior.

Sometimes, when the neighboring girls (and sometimes boys) were
especially devious, they would use binoculars to peer into the Greenway
house in the aftermath of all this delightful punishment noice and
discover the wonderful sight of a freshly spanked young lady standing in the corner
displaying her burning and crimson bare rear end.

Cindy takes the opportunity as her older cousin is standing in
the corner sobbing and blubbering (before she is taken into the
bathroom to have her naughty mouth washed out) to begin to write home:

August 4, 1991

Dear Andrea:

You will never imagine what I just saw.  Our cousin Karen has
just gotten a spanking!! yes a spanking just like mom described she and
Aunt used to get from grandmom.  Karen was guilty of curfew violation
(as well as having some dope and a--get  this--diaphram) and Aunt informed her last
night that she would get a hairbrush spanking today as a result.
Christ, Karen pleaded and begged last night almost as bad as she pleaded once
Aunt started to spank her.

From her reaction, it must have really hurt. And, I believe it
did.  The loud thwacks of the hairbrush could be heard throughout  the
neighborhood, and Karen carried on like her behind was on fire.  Maybe
it was; her bottom cheeks turned red and crimson really fast and Aunt
spanked her upper thighs as well--and Karen did yell a lot and loudly as Aunt
turned her attention to those soft upper thighs.  Andrea, Karen got six
dozen hard whacks with the backside of the oval wooden backed hairbrush.
She kicked and howled from the very first and increased her yelling (at least the
volume) as she took her spanking.  And, get this, Aunt assured me that
Karen would be subject to spanking as the form of discipline for the next three

I think we should be glad mom never used this kind of punishment
on us, particularly since she and her sister got it from grandmom.
Christ it must really have hurt the way Karen carried on before,
during, and after her spanking.  Karen had to stand in the corner for a
half an hour before she got it and is now standing again, blubbering and
crying, in the aftermath of her punishment.  (She is not, by the way, permitted to rub
or touch her crimson enflamed bottom and upper thighs--Aunt wants her to feel
nothing but the continued stinging and burning from the spanking

I think, if my eyes were not decieving me, that Karen ended up
with a crop of blisters!! on her lower butt cheeks and some on her
thighs as well.  Aunt calmly informed me that Karen will be standing
for her meals and sleeping on her stomach for a week.  I believe her after
seeing the state of Karen's behind.

In a few minutes, Karen is going to be taken to the bathroom and
have her nineteen year old mouth washed out with soap! for cursing.  I
think this is particularly juvenile, but Aunt apparently thinks that it
is appropriate.  (You know I think mom didn't tell us of this practice that
grandmom must have used on her and Aunt.)

I can hear Aunt escorting our haughty cousin into the bathroom
now and I want to make sure to see this.  Bye.  I give you more details
when I get home.


Cindy raced down the hallway to see Karen bend over the sink (her
pants and panties still down) as Aunt latered up a wet soppy washcloth.
 Somehow, Aunt created quite a lather and repeatedly shoved the
washcloth into the crying girl's open mouth.  Again, and again Aunt repeated the
lathering and insertion of the washcloth to the crimson bottomed
college girl.  The exceedingly unpleasant tasting soap suds poured from
poor Karen's outstreched mouth (Aunt actually, and cruelly, holds her nostrils closed to
assure that Karen will keep her mouth wide open.)  Karen did try to
plead, beg, and no doubt promise good behavior, but her words were
simply incoherent.

As Mother held poor Karen over the sink, still blubbering and
spitting out the foul tasting soap suds, Karen's Mom took the
opportunity to talk to young Cindy:

"Cindy, you have now seen how Karen and her older sister have
been disciplined as they were youngsters and now as teenagers.  Your
mom and myself were subject to exactly the same as we were growing up.
Indeed, as I regrettably remember it, both your mom and myself were
subject to lengthy, and I will assure memorable, hairbrush spankings over
our mother's knee averaging four times a year until we were nearly
twenty two!  Karen, as I have announced, well be subject to the hairbrush
for at least three more years to correct her (at times) abominable behavior."

Cindy thought that she and her sister were very lucky not to have
to have spankings.  And, she knew that in her Aunt's household, one was
never too old to get punished in the old fashioned way.

What a relevation.  Later, once she was home, Cindy would tell of
all the events she witnessed.  The cause of the spanking was discussed
(Christ, if I were Aunt's daughter, I too would have been guilty and I
too would have gotten the hairbrush!); the "schedule" of punishment was talked
about again and again (what do I have in my room which would augment a
punishment?); Karen's behavior while being spanked was reinterated over
and over (how would we behave while getting it?).  All in all, Cindy and her
sister were glad their mom wasn't a spanking mom.


  1. Nice story, but not as much detail as normal. The story doesn't draw you in, and make you feel as though you're one of the characters like all good stories do.

  2. I love when Karen breaks down and starts to blubber in front of her younger cousin, only ANTICIPATING ! It lets imagine how unbearable the upcoming spanking will be !

    1. Yep. I haven't explored anticipation aspect of spankings too much but I should write more on that.