Saturday, June 27, 2020

Sandy and Sue Spanked at College (M/FF)

This story was sent by a guest author. Enjoy!

It was Easter break for Sandy and she spent it with her sister Sue at Sue’s college.  Now that it was early April, the springtime temperatures, greening trees and lawn, and budding flowers made the campus look beautiful.  Sandy really enjoyed “college life” – being in a dorm, eating at the dining hall, seeing all the college students, and, most of all, attending a couple of parties! 

Unfortunately, the week was coming to an end, and Sandy’s Dad was coming up to bring Sandy home.  It was the middle of Saturday afternoon when Dad arrived, and the three got a late lunch at the college center cafeteria.  The girls were having a great time recounting the activities of the week.  Well, it was fun until Sandy let it slip that she had attended a party where alcohol was flowing freely.  Now, Sue was 20 – technically still too young to drink since the minimum age is 21.  Dad would have been able to overlook that fact – after all, he trusted Sue and knew she was a very responsible young lady – it would be OK for her to drink a little at college.  But it became all too clear that Sandy had also been drinking – at age 18!!

Dad was upset and disappointed with both his daughters – and especially angry with his oldest Sue.  She was supposed to look out for Sandy during the week, and she was to be held responsible.  Of course, Sandy was far from blameless as well.  In fact, Sue had tried to discourage Sandy from drinking, but Sandy insisted.  Sandy tried to tell her Dad that it was all her fault, but Sue remained silent, quietly accepting that she was primarily at fault and that she should be held accountable.

Dad stood up and simply said to Sue and Sandy, “come with me”.  Sandy watched as Dad took a firm grasp of Sue’s upper arm and began escorting her out of the building.  Sandy trailed right behind them.  Once out into the quad area, Dad continued to march Sue briskly along, which caused several  students to take notice.  Sandy saw a few students watching discreetly as they passed by them.  Seeing her sister being marched along like that across campus gave Sandy cause to worry.  It had only been back in November that Sandy had witnessed her sister, home from college on break, being taken upstairs to her bedroom to be punished.  This was all too similar – and even more embarrassing as Sue was being marched along in public.  They were heading back to Sue’s dorm building.  Little did Sandy know at that time that she too would be making similar walks across this same campus with Dad in the future!!

When they arrived at the dorm, Sandy was sure that her sister was going to be punished, given the determination she saw in her Dad’s face.  Sue was escorted straight up the stairs and marched down the hallway to her room.  Sandy watched with a nervous pit in her stomach – once into the dorm room, Dad made it perfectly clear that Sue was going to be punished severely.  Sue’s room was a double, but her roommate was away for the weekend.  There was an outer room, with desks, chairs, stereo, etc., and an inner room where there were two beds, dresser, etc.  Dad told Sandy to take a seat at one of the desks in the outer room.  He then took Sue into the inner room.  Sandy could hear Sue sobbing as the door closed.

Sandy found it eerily reminiscent of Thanksgiving weekend, except that she didn’t have to sneak up the stairs to listen at the door to Sue’s room. All she had to do was stand up and walk quietly over and put her ear to the door. The walls of the dorm were thick enough to muffle most sounds, but the interior doors weren’t. By the time she got her ear in place, Sue was evidently down to her bra and panties, because she heard her sister say, “Please Dad, let me keep my underwear on.”   Her Dad responded, “No young lady, these will be coming off too.”

Sue tried to protest, saying things like “but nothing happened to Sandy,” and “she’s fine,” and “she only had one small beer; I watched her closely.” But none of it forestalled their father. Sandy knew, and probably Sue did as well, that it wouldn’t.  It never did.

Sue must have already draped herself over Dad’s knee without being told, because the next thing Sandy heard was the loud slap of a hand on a bare bottom, followed by a muted yelp. Evidently, Sue was going to try to stifle her usual loud reactions to her father’s punishments. Perhaps she knew Sandy would be listening at the door.

The spanking went on and on and on. Sandy lost count of the times she heard his open hand slap her bare skin.  Eventually, the noises stopped, except for Sue’s sobs. Her begging for their father to stop ceased, as well, but only for a moment. Sandy couldn’t see that her father had taken off his belt — but Sue could. “Oh no, Dad! Pleased don’t do this! PLEASE!!!”  There was a rustle of the bedspread as Sue was placed face down on her bed.  And then came the loud “CRACK” , as the belt was brought down hard.  Sue cried out,  “PLEASE STOP,  Oh Dad,  it HURTS SO MUCH !”    CRACK,   CRACK,  CRACK,  CRACK —  on and on, without stopping, for ten minutes.

Finished with the punishment, Dad said, “I now have to deal with your sister.” Sandy took that as her cue to return to the desk, where she was supposed to be, barely in time before the inside door opened.

When the door opened, Sandy witnessed her Dad escorting her still naked sister into the outer room.  Sandy looked in horror at her sister – her face was a mess – sobbing heavily, hair disheveled, and her buttocks and upper thighs were purple from the spanking and hard strapping.  Sue was escorted to another chair which was placed in front of the window.  She was told to sit and look out at the  students crossing the quad and to think about how students at college should behave.  

Sandy didn’t have much time to think about her 20 year old sister’s shame sitting there naked at the window, having just been punished by her father in her college dorm room.  What she heard was, “Sandra Beth, come with me”.  With head bowed, Sandy walked obediently to her Dad, and was ushered into the bedroom.  “Arms up”.  Sandy did as instructed while her father pulled her top up and over her head and off her arms.  She stood sobbing quietly as her Dad stood behind her, unhooking her bra in the back and pulling the straps down her arms.  Dad placed Sandy’s bra on the bureau, next to her sister’s bra.  Dad then escorted Sandy over to the bed, where he sat down on the edge and positioned his topless girl directly in front of him.  Dad bent over to remove his daughter’s flats from her feet.  She wore no socks.  He then unsnapped her jeans and pulled the zipper down.  With thumbs pushed inside the waistband of her panties, Dad proceeded to pull down both jeans and panties together to Sandy’s ankles, and had her step out of them.  Sandy was now standing in her “birthday suit” in front of her Dad, head still bowed, still sobbing.  Dad took both her hands and held them in his. “Look at me young lady”.  Sandy looked up with tearful eyes at her Dad.  “Clearly, you think you are old enough to be a college student, given your behavior this weekend.  And underage drinking is not acceptable even for college students, let alone an 18 year old.  So, Sandra Beth, since you want to be a big girl now, I am going to punish you the same way I did your sister.”  Sandy could see her Dad’s belt on the bed, and her eyes reflected her distress. “Exactly the same?” asked the sobbing daughter in a whisper.  “Yes, young lady” was the answer, and Sandy was then put over her father’s knee to begin the punishment.


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