Sunday, October 11, 2020

Another World - F/F, M/F

This is a story from looonngg ago. Enjoy


"Remember," he warned me as we headed down into the holler.  "Remember, it's

a different world out here.  You have to remember your place."

"Place, shmace," I muttered, but then nodded and ressured him, parroting back

what he'd told me about a million times.  "I know, I know.  I'm a woman.

 We're at the bottom of the totem pole.  You're the youngest son and I'm your

wife so I'm the bottom of the women's totem pole.  I have to do whatever you

say.  I have to do whatever your mom says.  I have to just shut up.  I know."

"I hope so."  He shook his head.  "Remember, you asked to meet them. It's

only for a few days.  I hope you can do it."

"I can do it.  For pete's sake, I'm not a shrew.  I'll just be nice to

everyone and they'll like me just fine."

"I hope so," he said again as we drove up to a huge old farmhouse.  The house

was newly painted, the porch and yard were immaculate and the grass was neat,

but, somehow, it had the look of cars parked on the lawn.  I told myself that

was my Northern prejudice coming out and promised myself to give Jim's family

a chance.

We parked in the drive and got out with our bags.  As we stepped onto the

porch and scrawny 55-ish woman opened the door.  She gave me a shrewd look,

glared at my husband and said, "'Bout time you brought yer fancy new wife

home."  I could feel Jim stiffen up, but he just said, "Hello, Mother."  I

smiled tentatively but got no response.

She invited us in and told us to put our bags in Jim's old room and "freshen

up" before coming down.  The other brothers and their wives would be over

soon for supper.

"Jim," I whispered urgently as we headed upstairs.  "She didn't even look at

me.  She didn't speak to me at all.  Now what?" 

 He just shook his head.  "You said you wanted to come here," he said.  "Just

do your best."  That helped a lot.

We spent about 15 minutes upstairs, me making sure my skirt (yes, skirt - no

pants for women in *that* family) was not too short and him warning me again

to be polite and obedient.  I was about to scream with the tension by the

time we were ready to join his mother again.

By the time we came downstairs again his three brothers had arrived with

their wives.  Several kids had headed down to the stream, but one young woman

was carrying a baby swaddled so tight I thought the poor thing would

suffocate.  It wasn't complaining though.  Poor little thing had probably

given up long ago.

We entered the kitchen where the women were working.  "This here's Cynthia,"

Jim said by way of introduction.  Then he pointed round at the other women

and said, "Betty Jo, Irma, Tansy."  Turning to me, he ordered, "Git me a

beer."  Git?  I stared at him.  "I done said, git me a beer, woman!"  Done

said?  Woman?  

Suddenly I recalled myself to the present and said, "Sure, honey."  I looked

around, hoping one of the other wives would help me. 

 Finally Tansy, the one holding the baby, nodded at the refrigerator.  "In

there."  I hurried over, pulled a beer out and handed it to Jim.  He just

stood there.  I was totally clueless, so I just stood there, too.  "Open it!"

he hissed at me.  I stared again.  This was too weird.  "Open it!" he hissed

again.  I took it and opened it, looking around for the garbage to put the

top in.  Tansy nodded again.  I smiled gratefully, but she just tightened her

lips and shook her head.  Then the man I loved left me alone in a strange

country and I was sure I would never love him again.

"Well, then, what you waitin' fer?  Get these corn ears husked!"  It was

Jim's nasty mother and she was talking to me!  "Um, yes, ma'am," I said, as

I'd been taught.  I sat and began to work along with the other women, who

were chatting about their children, their kitchens, their sewing, and

everything else they could think of that had absolutely no connection at all

with my life.  I had finished about a half dozen ears when Jim's mother -

what was I supposed to call her? - picked one up and gave me a scornful


"We supposed to eat all this yere silk, girl?"  She shook the ear at me.

 "Ain't you never been taught?"  Dumbly, I shook my head.  She heaved an

enormous, pained sigh.  "In this yere family, we do our work right."

Irma piped up, "You gonna whup her, Miz McAllister?" I couldn't believe my

ears, but at least I now knew what to call the old witch.  I thought I'd

better talk fast.

"Um, I'm sorry, Miz McAllister.  Please let me try again.  I'll get the silk

off this time, I promise."  The old witch shook her head again.  

"In this yere family, we do our work right, and iff'n we don't, it's a

whuppin'.  Irma, git me that spoon."  Irma gleefully handed over a large

wooden spoon with a handle at least 15" long.  "Awright, girl, over the

table."  Just then we heard a bellowing from the porch where the men were

sitting.  A reprieve!

"Betty Jo!" one of the men shouted.  "Bring me a beer and make if fast,

less'n you want a whuppin'."  Spank happy, I thought.  The whole family is

spank happy.  Betty Jo hurried out with an open beer and attention in the

kitchen returned to me.

"Didn't I tell you to git across the table?  I don't take no lazy work, I

don't take no back talk and I don't take no disobedience.  That's six more."

 I would have obeyed her immediately  if I'd had any idea exactly what she

wanted.  "Stubborn, are ye?  That's tin more."  Tin?  She had a metal spoon?

 Oh, ten.  I tentatively slid my arms over the table and laid the top half of

my body over it.  "That's better.  That Jim - I shoulda knowed he'd git

hisself some useless city wife."  I guess I wasn't the only one with


"Wall, what you waitin' fer?" she grated out.  I hadn't realized it was my

move.  "Git 'em down."  I just looked at her, still a little puzzled,

realization dawning slowly.  Before I could respond, she nodded at Irma, who

lunged at me, flipped up my skirt and pulled my underpants down to my knees.


"Hey!" I started, but never got any farther as the wooden spoon made

immediate and painful contact with my  bare bottom.  Before I knew it, I had

popped up covering my bottom with my hands.  Betty Jo, entering from the

porch, gasped.  The other two giggled.  The vicious old beldam nodded at Irma

again, but Betty Jo begged, "Let me hold her, Miz McAllister.  You know how

strong I am."  Another nod, and Betty Jo had grabbed me, shoved me over the

table again, and, moving quickly to the other side, was holding my again

stretched out arms down tight.  I tried, briefly, to struggle, only to find

Irma holding my shoulders down firmly.  Tansy looked sorry that she was

holding the baby and was left out of the fun.

"Now, then, girl.  Here comes the first tin.  You tell me what they're fer."


I thought furiously, panic clouding my mind, before I remembered.  "Um, for

not obeying right away."  A sharp pain, and I quickly added, "Ma'am."  These

first ten were given rapidly, back and forth between my right and left

cheeks, always hitting exactly the same spot.  She was pro, my new

mother-in-law.  A real pro.  The first four made me yelp.  By the fifth and

sixth I was dancing, chanting, "ow ow ow ow."  The seventh made me scream a

little and eight made me scream a lot.  By the time all ten had been

administered I was apologizing sincerely and promising to do anything I was

told to.

"Tha's good," the shrew said with satisfaction.  "Now, this is for lazyness."

 My sisters-in-law were smirking and nodding.  

"Please, please, no more," I gasped.  "I'll try harder, really I will.  I'll

do anything you want me to and I'll work really hard, I promise."

"In this yere family, we take what we got coming," the matriarch pronounced,

"and we don't try to git out of it, neither."  I gasped again, knowing I

couldn't take any more and hoping desperately that Jim would hear me scream

and come rescue me.  "And we don't holler none, neither," she went on, "like

no baby.  Iff'n I hear too much oughta you, there'll be plenty more."  I

couldn't help it, I just wailed.

The ten for lazyness were administered all over both cheeks, top to bottom,

sides to center.  My wails were broken only by screaches.  When the ten were

over, I panted, desperately trying to get enough air to scream again.  Jim's

mother reminded me that I had ten more for stubborness to come, and, she

added, if I didn't "shet up" I'd be "whupped till the cows come home."  I

turned my head and locked my teeth into my upper arm.  I lost count during

the ten for stubbornness, too hazy with pain to do anything but bite hard and

try to endure.  Through it all I could hear the self-satisfied chuckles of my

sisters-in-law and the running commentary by Tansy on the state of my behind.


"Now that's a right purty color, Miz McAllister," finally said approvingly.

 My tormenter flung the spoon into the sink and wiped her forehead.  

"Now, sit down, " she said to me, "and git them corn ears done.  Mind you do

it right this time, or I'll give you a REAL hidin' this time."  The thought

of sitting almost made me wail again, but I believed with all my heart that

she would spank me again if I did.  Against all instinct, I sat, wincing and

gasping, and began to husk corn.  After a minute or two, I heard another

bellow from outside, this time for me.  I jumped up wildly, grateful beyond

reason for a chance to talk to Jim, and ran out to him.  Well, I started to

run, but it hurt a lot to move, so I just went as fast as I could without

starting to cry again.

Now, I knew I was supposed to come right over to Jim and say, "Yes, honey?"

but I was too far gone to remember that.  I threw myself at him and began to

wail again.  I know all that he could make out from my incoherent blubbering

was "old witch," "shrew," and "goddam fucking bitch of a mother."

 Unfortunately, all the brothers heard it, too.  I was a goner.  I heard Jim

mutter a soft "shit," then "I'm sorry, babe," before I was pulled to my feet


Before I quite understood what had happened, Jim had bent me over the porch

rail.  He whispered quickly in my ear, "Please, babe, please don't move.

 Please."  Then my reddened ass was again exposed, this time to the

interested eyes of the leering brothers, who began to heckle.  "Gonna give it

to her good, li'l bro?"  "Gonna teach her a lisson?" A listen?  Oh, a lesson.

 "You gonna let her git away with talkin' about Momma like that?"

Jim growled, "Shet up.  I'll show you how a real man controls his woman."  I

didn't recognize the sound, but moment later I knew he'd taken his belt off.

 The pain was blinding.  I gripped the porch rails and hung on.  Thwack.  I

grunted.  Another thwack.  I croaked.  A third, and I knew I couldn't hold on

any more.  "Please," I began begging.  "Please, no more.  I'm sorry.  I'm so

sorry.  Please stop."  It didn't work.  He delivered three more heavy thuds

to my already aching bottom.  The pain outstripped the humiliation of being

bare in front of strange men, but as soon as he stopped, the humiliation took

over.  "Don't move," Jim ordered in a tight voice.  I hung over the rail,

crying and hurting.  God, how could I stand two more days of this?  I'd never


Ten minutes later Jim ordered me to get up and to go inside and apologize to

his mother and to ask her to punish me for defying her authority.  My fragile

sanity left me and I flat-out refused.  Jim put one hand on his belt and

tangled the other in my hair as he marched me back inside.  My struggles were

painful and completely ineffectual.  The jeers of the men followed us inside.

We entered the house, but instead of steering us into the kitchen, Jim led me

upstairs.  "Jim, get me out of here.  Please.  Take me home." 

"But, honey, you wanted to meet my family," he began, quite reasonably.

 "Well, I met 'em and I hate 'em and I WANT TO GO HOME!"  I was wailing

again.  Jim did that trademark shake of the head as he packed our things.  We

left to nasty, bitchy comments from both men and women, but what hurt worst

was Jim's only comment.  "I told you so."



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