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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Shannon's Spankings - Part 2

Forcing one foot in front of the other, a step at a
time she finally made it down the stairs and to the dining
room doorway; she paused outside and desperately
gathered her flagging courage before stepping into the
room.  She blinked back the tears forming in her eyes,
determined not to lose her last shred of dignity and cry in
front of everyone.  Finally she entered the room, and all
eyes turned towards her.  She could feel her face flaming
just at the thought that they knew what was coming.
She focused her attention on Henry, who held the
power of both pain and mercy over her.  She approached
him on legs gone rubbery and held out the brush.  "Here it
is, sir," she said softly, forcing the words past the
tightness in her throat.  She had never called him Dad, and
usually called him Henry, but when she was under
punishment all he would accept was "sir".

He took the brush and laid it down by his plate, then
said, "You will remove your dress and petticoats, and your
shoes and stockings, then go stand in the corner while I
finish eating."
Still holding onto her resolve not to cry, she
murmured, "Yessir," then, staring at the floor to avoid
having to see her audience, she reached around and
untied the bow on her dress, then fumbled with the zipper,
hating her awkwardness as she imagined everyone
watching her.  Finally she slid the dress off her shoulders
and stepped out of it.  Henry held out his hand for it and
she gave it to him, then stepped out of her petticoats.
Lastly she removed her shoes and stockings, then stood
before Henry in camisole and pantalets.
"What's that you're wearing?" Henry demanded.
"It's ... it's my underwear, sir," she replied, terrified
that he would ask her to remove those last articles of
clothing, also.  As it was, at least she was decently
To her relief, Henry merely said, "Hang your
clothes on the hatrack, then to the corner with you."
She took back her clothes from him and hung them
as directed, then went to stand in the corner.  She stared at
the wallpaper pattern that was quite familiar to her.  For
infractions at the dinner table she was always sent to
stand in this very corner and wait for Henry to finish his
dinner before paddling her.
She tried to get her mind off her upcoming ordeal,
but there wasn't much chance of that with the turn the
dinner table conversation took at that point.  "Henry," Uncle
Ron said, "I take it you mean to spank the girl with that
"That's right," Henry agreed.
"I would have thought she was too old for that."
"If she acts like a child, I punish her like one.
Anyway, I really  don't see why I should quit using a
method that really works just because Shannon's had a
few birthdays in the meantime.  Spankings have been
extremely effective in making her better behaved."
"I wouldn't think a teenager would be too impressed
by a few swats on the rear."
"Well, you're probably right about that.  The
punishment has to be severe to make the proper
impression.  Which is why, as you're about to see, I spank
her hard and long.  And most important, I always spank her
on the bare bottom."
Shannon's last hope of preserving a shred of
modesty flew out the window, and she bit her lip hard to
keep the tears back.  It was awful, listening to them chat
about her as if she wasn't even there, in a tone of voice
that might be used to discuss the weather.
Kevin, the thirteen-year-old, broke in excitedly.
"You mean she'll have to pull her pants down?" he
"That's right," Henry agreed.
"Can I watch?"  His eagerness was obvious.
"If it's okay with your parents, it's okay with me.
The humiliation of baring her bottom is part of Shannon's
punishment.  And of course, the strokes just plain hurt
more on bare skin.  Plus, I like to be able to see the effect
the swats are having.  I never tell her ahead of time how
many she'll get, I just paddle her until her bottom is the
shade of red I think she deserves."
Shannon was practically choking on her humiliation
by this time.  It was all she could do to keep from running
out of the room.
"Well," Ron acknowledged, "I guess it would be
instructive for Kevin -- for all of us, for that matter -- to take
a lesson in how to discipline a willful girl like Shannon.
Not that I'll ever have to use what I've learned, of course;
Kevin's too sensitive to need more than a scolding, and I
don't remember that last time Lizzie has misbehaved."
If only you knew, thought Shannon mournfully.
The dinner conversation turned to other things and
Shannon experienced that peculiar ambiguity that always
accompanied an anticipated thrashing:  she wanted to get it
over with, so time dragged, but she wanted to avoid it as
long as possible, so time flew by too fast.  So it seemed
like forever, and yet no time at all, before Henry gave a
sigh of satisfaction and said, "Great dinner, my dear," to
Shannon's mother.
She heard the scrape of his chair legs then, and
finally he said, "Shannon, front and center."
With her gaze carefully fixed on the floor, Shannon
approached him, her innards twisting with fear and shame.
He had pulled his chair well back from the table and sat
there awaiting her.  "Stand over here," he said, motioning
to a spot in front of him.  She went to the indicated spot and
stood facing him, head hanging, still fighting tears and
trying to control her trembling.
"Shannon, I've warned you about using foul
language, and today I hear you using the foulest.  You've
insulted our guests and ruined a dinner party that your
mother worked very hard to prepare for.  What do you have
to say for yourself?"
"I'm very sorry, sir,"  she mumbled.
"Speak up, so everyone can hear you."
"I'm s-sorry, sir,"  she repeated more loudly,
anxiety making her start to stutter.
"And what do you think I should do about it?" he
Her earlier obedience training held true, and as she
had been taught she said, "I think you sh-should use the b-
brush to spank me v-very h-h-hard ---" she paused, fighting
for control -- "very h-hard on the b-bare bottom."  She could
hear a snicker behind her, Kevin's or Liz's.
"I intend to do just that," Henry replied sternly.  "I
intend to teach you a good lesson and spank you until you
are scarlet.  Do you understand?"
"Y-yes, sir."  Her stomach clenched as Henry had
just made it clear that this would be an unusually severe
"Very well.  Fetch the brush."
She had to turn back to face her audience in order
to go get the brush off the table, but she kept her eyes
lowered as she picked it up and brought it back to Henry.
He took it, then said,  "Hands on your head."
She laced her fingers and put them on her head.
She was shivering now from fear, but she tried to control it.
Henry balanced the brush on one knee, then reached
forward for the waistband of her drawers.
            It was just too much to think of being bared in front
of the assembled guests.  Shannon's self-control broke,
and she took a step backwards.
A look of amazement crossed Henry's face; he'd
become so accustomed to total obedience that this breech
truly surprised him.  "Step back here this minute!" he
Shannon knew she had made a mistake, but she
was still paralyzed with anxiety.  She couldn't seem to
keep herself from saying, "Please, sir, let me keep them
on! "
"I can see that you need a refresher course in
obedience, and I intend to give you one!" Henry exclaimed.
"Rest assured that you'll pay for your defiance!  Now get
back here!"
It was hopeless; there was to be no mercy.  She
faced her fate and stepped back towards him.  He reached
for her underpants, and she held still, shivering and
sniffling.  She closed her eyes and felt the waistband of her
drawers sliding down her bottom and then down her thighs,
finally forming a loose hobble around her ankles,  She felt
the cool air on her newly exposed parts.
"Open your eyes," Henry ordered.  She did, to find
him looking steadily but impassively at her body, naked
from the navel down.  There didn't seem to be anything
sexual in his perusal; when he was stripping her for
punishment, he seemed to see her strictly as a naughty,
spankable girl -- but it was still hotly embarassing to her to
be so exposed before him.  And she could just imagine the
many eyes gazing at her bared backside.  At the thought of
it two big tears finally overflowed from her eyes and made
their way down her face.
Henry picked up the brush again and said, "Now
bend over my knee, young lady,  and present your bottom
for its punishment."
Choking back a sob, she lowered herself across his
legs in an agony of reluctance.  Her bottom was the highest
point of her body, in perfect position for receiving the full
brunt of the hairbrush; her head hung low so that her hair
brushed the floor.  She grabbed the chair legs with a white-
knuckled grip and bit her lip.  She hoped desperately she
could keep from crying out or squirming around in front of
Liz and family, but knew from past experience that it would
be quite a challenge to keep still and quiet under one of
Henry's hairbrush assaults.
"Are you ready?" Henry asked.  This was a ritual
question; the only acceptable answer was the one she
gave:  "Yes, sir."
With that he raised the hairbrush high and brought
it cracking down on her left cheek.  The smack of wood
against flesh sounded like a pistol shot and pain exploded
at the site of contact.  As many times as she had been
paddled, Shannon was always surprised -- and horrified --
at the pain, and despite her resolve not to cry out, she
couldn't hold back a small, strangled yelp.  But there was
no time to gather herself together:   the next blow came
quickly, followed by the next, as Henry applied one hard
stroke after another  to the firm, round globe of her left
cheek, every smack landing in pretty much the same place.
             He had never spanked her this way before, all the
swats landing on the same site, and Shannon was
dismayed at the effect his new technique was having.
There was no time for the fiery sting to diminish between
smacks, so it just kept building.  Shannon's resolutions to
preserve modesty and dignity were quickly forgotten and
she began to twist and buck desperately -- not with an
intent to escape Henry's lap, which was absolutely
forbidden, but with the intent of at least diminishing the
pain of the strokes.  The hairbrush easily followed her
every movement, though, and the scalding pain grew until
Shannon was sure that the punished spot was going to
burst into flame.  She couldn't hold the tears back, either,
and although she obeyed Henry's standing rule that she
must not ask him to stop, the loud smacks of the brush
were accompanied by her yelps and sobs as her tears
made a small pool on the floor beneath her face.
Her sobs were the only sound in the room for a few
moments when the strokes finally ceased, and then Kevin
breathed, "Wow!  Thirty-seven swats!  All hard ones, too!
Is she ever red -- on one side, at least!  Are you going to do
the other side?"
"Yes, after we've had our dessert," Henry
answered, his friendly tone of voice belying the fact that
he'd just delivered a scalding spanking to the weeping girl
draped across his lap.  Shannon's tears came even faster
upon hearing that she was going to have to go through this
all over again in just a little while.  And she still had no
idea what her punishment for disobedience would be.
"I'll bet that spot where you hit her is hot!" Kevin
Through her misery  Shannon heard Liz's chuckle.
"Hot and red on one side, milky white on the other," she
said.  "Puts me in the mood for some cherry pie a la
There was more laughter at that, and then Henry
said, "Kevin, do you want to feel how hot her skin is?"
Shannon thought she would choke from the
humiliation when she heard that, but she didn't dare say a
word.  Kevin said, "Sure!" and she could hear him getting
up and coming over.  She couldn't hold back a gasp as she
felt his hand on her freshly spanked bottom -- both from the
pain of having anything touch such her raw skin, and from
the acute shame of having a thirteen-year-old boy's hand
on her bare bottom.
"It's hot, all right!" Kevin agreed as he returned to
his seat.
"All right, time for dessert," Henry continued.
"Shannon, back to your corner." Shannon stood stiffly and
reached down to pull up her drawers.  "Leave those where
they are," Henry ordered, leaving Shannon to shuffle
awkwardly back to the corner, hobbled by her underwear,
her well-spanked bottom on display to all.
She stood there wiping her eyes and sniffling as
she listened to the sounds of dessert being served,
gritting her teeth against the urge to reach back and rub
some of the sting from her bottom.  Aside from the fact that
she was forbidden to do so, she certainly didn't want to do
it in front of an audience, so she just had to stand there
and bear the pain.  It gave her a feeling of unreality to
listen to the normal, everyday noises of silverware clinking
and dinner conversation going on while she stood half-
naked and hurting.
Once again came the conflicting urges to have the
punishment done with and to delay it indefinitely, but just
like last time the moment finally came when Henry once
again repositioned his chair and summoned her over.  This
time she had to face the assembly with her lower half
naked, and she folded her hands in front of her pubis as,
still manacled by her underwear, she minced up to the
table to fetch the brush.   He made her put her hands on
her head and repeat her request to be spanked hard, then
once again she laid across his lap, deliberately placing her
bottom back in harm's way.  And again Henry applied the
brush sharply and repeatedly to the pert round posterior of
his stepdaughter as she writhed and squirmed under the
sizzling smacks, digging her toes into the rug, bouncing
her hips against his thigh, yelping and moaning in pain.
This second spanking was just as hard and long as the
first, the spanks laid on soundly and crisply, creating a
glowing scarlet oval at the fullest, roundest part of
Shannon's right buttock.
Again her sobs and gasps continued after the
resounding slaps ceased; again Kevin was invited up to
feel the heat of the punished spot, which he pronounced to
be perhaps even warmer than the previous one.
Shannon was allowed to stand and ease her
underwear back up.  She gasped in pain as the waistband
scraped against her tender flesh and then she faced Henry,
uncertain as to whether he was finished.
He set her straight right away.  "I'm not through with
you yet.  You've been punished for using foul language in
front of guests, but you still haven't been punished for
being deliberately rude to your cousin -- or, might I add, for
disobeying me."
Shannon wanted to sink to the floor and sob, but
she just stood there in a haze of misery as he turned to
their guests and said, "Let's go out on the sun porch for a
bit, while Shannon performs an errand for me."

To be continued...


  1. Thank you for posting such great stories! Can't wait until you post the rest of all of them. And I'm hoping for Shannon's sake that Liz gets what she deserves :)

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    BTW What colour were her pantalets and since she had to remove her stockings were they held up by a suspender/garter belt and if so what colour and did she have to remove that as well? All very humiliating.

    1. Pantalets were white. The rest I'll leave up to your imagination. ;-)

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